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● Extremely compact. The new S1 MINI are the shortest CR123A & RCR123A battery compatible side-switch flashlights.

● The included battery is rechargeable through a built-in Micro-USB port

● Magnetic tail cap. The flashlight attaches securely to any ferrous metal surface for hands free use

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The S1 MINI / HCRI flashlight is developed from the award-winning bestseller S1 Baton.

We made the S1 smaller, brighter, and more functional because that’s what we do.

  • Regular model color temperature: cool white 6500k, 70 CRI, 600 LUMENS

We used a new machining technique to give the body a braided metal look offering maximum grip and extreme comfort when holding for an extensive amount of time.

We brought back our signature magnetic tailcap for hands free use when it is connected to any ferrous metal as well as a red low battery indicator and lockout mode built into the side switch.

The S1 MINI also comes with an RCR123A battery that charges directly with it’s built in micro-usb port so there is no external charger necessary when you are on the go.

At less than 1 ounce in weight (excluding battery), the 2.13 inch S1 Mini is the ultimate rechargeable flashlight to carry with you anywhere you go. 

650mAh RCR123A Rechargeable Battery with microUSB charging port

Package contains: S1 Mini (Regular model: cool white 6500k, 70 CRI, 600 LUMENS), RCR123A 650mAh with micro-USB charging port , 50cm charging cable, Pocket clip, Lanyard, Instruction Manual



Beam Distance (m) 130
Max. Performance (lumens) 600
Charge type Micro-USB
Compatible Batteries 1 x CR123A/RCR123A
Light Intensity (candela) 4200
Light Form Wide/broad hotspot. Perfect for up close illumination.
Lens / Reflector Type TIR reflector (big, defined wide hotspot)
Series Series S (EDC, General Use)
Unique Characteristics
  • HCRI model color temperature: cool white 5500k, 90 CRI. 

  • Regular model color temperature: cool white 6500k, 70 CRI.

  • Extremely compact. The new S1 MINI are the shortest CR123A & RCR123A battery compatible side-switch flashlights.

  • No charger is needed for charging the battery. The included battery is rechargeable through a built-in Micro-USB port, therefore it may share the same charging cable with a phone.

  • HCRI version built for perfect color reproduction with illuminating objects eliminating all unwanted extra tints.

  • Magnetic tailcap. The flashlight attaches securely to any ferrous metal surface for hands free use.

LEVEL 1 (lumens)

600 - S1 Mini

450 - S1 Mini HCRI 

Run-time LEVEL 1

S1 Mini: 600 lumens (~300lm) - 55m (1m);

S1 Mini HCRI: 450 lumens (~250lm) - 55m (1m);

LEVEL 2 (lumens)

300 - S1 Mini

250 - S1 Mini HCRI

Run-time LEVEL 2

S1 Mini: 60m;

S1 Mini HCRI: 60m;

LEVEL 3 (lumens)

60 - S1 Mini

50 - S1 Mini HCRI 

Run-time LEVEL 3

S1 Mini: 6h;

S1 Mini HCRI: 6h;

LEVEL 4 (lumens)

15 - S1 Mini

12 - S1 Mini HCRI 

Run-time LEVEL 4

S1 Mini: 30h;

S1 Mini HCRI: 30h;

LEVEL 5 (lumens)

0,5 - S1 Mini

0,5 - S1 Mini HCRI 

Run-time LEVEL 5

S1 Mini: 15days;

S1 Mini HCRI: 15days;

Strobe Yes
Waterproof IPX8
Weight (g / oz) 43 / 1.52
Length (mm / in) 54 / 2.13
Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
Body Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
Led Cree XM-L2
Packaging Plastic box
Use everyday carry , keychain, car, camping, fishing, edc, special gift
Package Contents

650mAh RCR123A Rechargeble Battery with microUSB charging port

50cm charging cable USB-microUSB

Pocket clip


Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews
  1. A really solid little EDC light
    I really like the two-way clip that Olight uses on many of its flashlights. I also am increasingly liking magnetic tail caps and the flexibility that they offer. I love the ability to attach my flashlight to something magnetic so that I can use both of my hands. It has taken some getting used to the size of the S1 Mini but I really like how well it fits in my pocket, and even in my hand I can still get a good enough grip so as not to feel like I am going to drop it. I have found that the clip actually gives me a little something extra to grip onto during use. The lockout mode is also very neat to me and I find myself using it daily so that I don't accidentally turn it on in my pocket like I have had happen to other lights. The last thing I want to point out is that while I think the user interface is a bit complicated with so many modes and the fact that the light will dim down I really like the inclusion of a moonlight mode.


    It takes a little while to get used to the user interface for this light as I just mentioned. I think a big part of that is the fact that there are five modes plus a strobe option. You can get comfortable with this but like I said it takes some practice to remember exactly what to do. I also dislike memory on flashlights, I prefer for them to always start at a low setting so that I can work my way from there. I like the fact that this is a rechargeable light, but the fact that you have to take out the battery to charge it is a hassle. As is the fact that it uses a CR123A battery. Obviously I knew this when buying the S1 Mini, it is just something I wish was different. The last thing I want to mention here is that at the higher settings this light does tend to warm up in your hand; it does not start to really burn you but you definitely notice the heat.


    The first thing I want to mention here is the Turbo Mode. The S1 Mini will stay at 600 lumens for a minute before dropping down to 300 lumens where it could stay for another 55 minutes. I personally do not see a ton of use for the turbo modes and have not really needed to activate it so I probably will not even have to worry about this in the future. Otherwise, I really like carrying the Mini; I keep it locked in my pocket and after getting used to the size I like that it is always in my pocket.

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  2. Almost a perfect EDC light
    I love this light for its capabilities, and have been carrying it for about 5-6 months now. I like the lumens (its a freaking torch), the rechargability (how awesome is that), and the size (its so tiny, but its still a freaking torch). But I dislike the the power button. The button sits slightly proud of the light, which means it gets pressed by anything else in your pocket or maybe just your leg. It has a lockout function which is engaged by holding down the button for a few seconds, but my keys, pocket knife and leg can both lock it out and back in repeatedly. If its set to low mode, it will turn on and quietly drain the battery in my pocket. If its set on high, I will feel my leg start to itch and then that itch will turn to a burning sensation when I realize it has been illuminating my pocket for some time. Either way, I end up with a really awesome EDC light that does not always work when I need it to because the battery is dead. Olight, you make great stuff and I will continue to buy it. But please find a solution for the power button on this awesome little light.

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  3. Service
    I recieved the S1 mini as a Christmas gift. This light is amazing. I carry the light daily. It is easily bright enough for anything. I also carry a leatherman Rev and both my leatherman and my flashlight fit in the 5th pocket of a pair of jeans. I use my light constantly at work. Ive dropped the light on cement and on tile and into puddles had it out in the rain. The battery has a very long life. I keep a spare in my backpack and dont think Ive ever had to use it.

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  4. Service
    Ordered this light and a few other olights from the Christmas sale. This light is amazingly small and incredibly light. I didn’t think I could love something more than my s2r baton 2 but after a day this thing has got me contemplating what light to carry tomorrow! I got it at a great deal but I would definitely pay the 50 dollar price any day of the week after handling this wonderful little light. Highly recommend this one guys and gals. As with any olight product so far you just can not go wrong

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  5. Service
    I waited a year to write this review because I really wanted to put this light to the test. Long story short, it passed. I work in Law Enforcement, so having a flashlight on me at all times is essential for daily/nightly tasks and officer safety. I keep this light on my shoulder strap, which keeps my hands free for searching vehicles, writing citations, performing SFSTs etc. Adjusting the brightness (which is incredible for the small size) is as simple as double clicking the button, or holding it down. And the ability to recharge it (not having to buy batteries) has made this light pay for itself. This light is well worth every penny paid for it. And shout out to Olight for the fast shipping, and free swag included with my most recent order. 5/5

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  6. Service
    THIS THING IS TINY!! I love it. So much light, such a small package. It's not normal for something this small to be so bright. I can't stop showing my family how small and bright this thing is. Lol

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  7. Service
    Have owned my Olight S1 Mini Baton Rechargeable flashlight for several weeks. Insanely bright and small for an LED packed with so many features. Highly recommend this light is all I can honestly say...

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  8. Service
    This is my EDC light. IMO, it is perfect and very well made. The fact that it takes a battery which is rechargeable is great. BUT it also takes standard CR123's. I love the 5 modes, and actually use the moonlight mode the most. BUT its nice to know I have 600 Lumens at my fingertaps if I need that much light. The hat clip is amazing as ive used that more than I thought I would. This is on me everyday along with the I1R on the keychain. Get this light this weekend on the great sale of 2018, you will love it as much as I do. (I hardly every write reviews online, so for me to do so I really do like the product.) Olight is great, after the sale this weekend, I will have 7 of them total. The I3E are great birthday or Christmas presents as well.

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  9. Service
    I purchased this light about a month ago. I now carry this as my EDC. Very powerful light in a small package. I like the different settings, magnetic tail cap and the two way clip. I really like that it comes with a USB rechargeable battery. My only negative is for someone with fairly oily skin, this can become slick if I am sweaty. I've actually dropped this a number of times and it has not failed me.

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  10. Service
    This light is amazing. I use it in the small pocket in my cargo shorts and I carry it every day. The ability to recharge the battery is a great feature, and the fact that you can just pop in a regular CR123A if you didn't have time to recharge is a bonus as well. It is so small and lightweight that sometimes I forget that it is even there. If you are contemplating which Olight to get, give this one strong consideration. It will fit many different roles VERY well.

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  11. Service
    What a find ! I am a light addict. I have a lot of Olights and some other brands. The Olights have become my go to in every situation now. This light has found a home on the bill of my hat when using thermal to hunt hogs at night. I use it to walk in to property and get set up. When not in use you don't even know its there. Then when you need it you can use the moonlight for adjustments or the double tap to light up the field ! I highly recommend it !

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  12. Service
    I just got this light and it’s amazing. I have over 30 lights ranging from low end to high end and this is the EDC light I have been searching for. The size, the lumens, the dual clip is perfect. It’s so good I ordered another to have as a backup. I also think the interface is great.

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  13. Service
    Has quickly become my go to edc light. After 5 years with the Microstream I’m wanting more options, smaller profile, and more lumens! I’m getting all that and more. Very satisfied. Review to come on my YouTube channel Spec-Tac

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  14. Service
    This light is a “have to have” item for daily carry. The different levels of light make it applicable for any situation. If you want a small light with big brightness, this is it. Built solid!

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  15. Service
    Great edc love the new clip and battery. Wish the magnet was stronger kind of weak sause.

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  16. Service
    So far this thing is awesome! VERY bright for a light in such a small package. I really like the fact that it has the magnetic tail cap because I work on cars and constantly need a light in tight places. This light really seems like it's well made. If I could ask for one more feature it'd have to be a red light function for map reading and such. I'd like to thank sootch00 for this awesome product recommendation! I'm a happy customer.

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  17. Service
    I really like this little guy! The firmware is the best that Olight has in circulation on small lights. It memorizes moonlight and has electronic lockout, both I find to be requirements for me when I EDC a light.

    This light would be a great primary EDC for a business person who does not want something large in their pants pockets. It also looks good and would fit in with a business EDC. I have the NW version and I do not miss the extra lumens in daily use as a network engineer. I appreciate the high CRI output as it makes distinguishing colors of tiny wires easier for an old guy with bad eyes!

    The battery charge system seems to work well and properly. Termination voltages are good, the cell tests out at or slightly above the specs on the cell for capacity.

    If I am allowed to post external links... please see my full review at the Budget Light Forum... http://budgetlightforum.com/node/57862

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  18. Service
    I love this light, it’s great now it has a magnet and a charger built into the battery. All I can say is I love it, but I love all the Olight’s I should because at last count I have 13. I have the S10RII & III, 2 S1R’s, S30RII, S2R, M2R, M2XUT, R50 SMINI CU, SMINI TI, SMINI Baton Rechargeable, and the S1A. They are the best light IMO as you can see. I gave away all my other flashlights and only have these, but I wish Olight would stop making new models so I can quit buying them.

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