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August | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

August | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

Sep 06, 2022, 03:20:00

August | Feedback on Customer Suggestions


● Introduction

● Sources of suggestions

● Suggestions Adopted by Olight

● Three improvements made by Olight

● Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

I. Introduction

Olight has always been committed to listening to our customers and creating the best experience for them. Starting this month, Olight will publish a blog every month to give feedback on customer suggestions and opinions. This is the implementation of Olight's corporate philosophy and strategy of "customer-centricity".

II、Sources of Suggestions

We collected customers’ suggestions from email, live chat, and social media platforms. After recording and analyzing them, we published the feedback in a timely manner. Here are the two surveys and feedback we posted in August.

1) August Satisfaction Survey



2) Poll on Areas You’d Like Olight to Focus on



III. Suggestions Adopted by Olight

We adopted 22 suggestions from our customers. For more details, please check the Links to Feedback in the sheet above.

i. Product:

1. The candle flicker mode will be implemented on the upgraded version of Obulb Pro. It is expected to be launched this year.

2. An Arkfeld UV version is expected to be launched in the first half of next year.

3. Will make some adjustments to the clips of the Arkfeld UV version which will be released next year.

4. The development of making Obulb Pro compatible with Alexa/Google Home/Siri and also has the ability to extend or turn off sleep mode. is on our schedule and is potentially expected to be released in the second quarter of next year.

5. Nightour's upgraded version will have more color options and will also include a memory function.

6. The upgraded version of the Nightour will have music mode and a voice wake-up function, which is expected to be launched next year.

7. Will consider applying the Type-C charging cable to more products.

8. New blades for the Otacle will be developed for sale in the future.

9. Will make bluetooth compatible with the updated Olantern Classic 2 Pro.

10. Obulb Pro can be controlled at the low/high level through the button, not only through the APP control will be made in Obulb Plus.

11. Thanks for the” An Obulb with the same size as the pro but the function is the same as the original.” idea, But we don’t have a plan for this at this time.

12. Already have the plan of Rechargeable Imini with a non-magnetic tail switch.

13. We plan to make a Handheld LEP light on the Warrior series.

14. Already have the plan of adding laser color options for lights with lasers.

15. The Newly produced Obulb Pro has the ability to adjust the brightness on the product directly, not solely through the app.

ii. Olight Store:

16. DIY Bundle & Mystery Box will come back soon.

17. We will control the number of after-sales stock better in the future.

18. We have added an estimated restock time in the description section for those out-of-stock products. Those discontinued products have already been marked sold out and removed from the store.

19. Our IT team will always be working on optimizing it to bring a better shopping experience to our customers.

20. Our website can be classified according to series/lumen value/color temperature. Categorized by size/ability to charge or by various series will be subsequently optimized.

iii. Logistic:

21. We already customized a batch of good quality and exquisite appearance boxes and envelope bags and sent them to the VA warehouse.

22. VA Warehouse has improved the shipping process to avoid incorrect orders.

IV. Three improvements made by Olight

Number 1: Changes in O Fan Club

① Redeem O Coins for Coupons

At the end of August, we made it possible to redeem O Coins for coupons, so that our O Fans can consume their unused O Coins and use them in the form of coupons, which means that from now on, our O Fans are free to choose how to spend their O Coins, no matter they want to redeem them for products or coupons.

② Birthday Exclusive Gift for VIP levels Yellow Diamond and above

Apart from the changes of O Coins, we also send an i3T to our O Fans with VIP levels yellow diamond and above as a birthday exclusive gift without postage fee.


③ Changes in Thresholds

Different from the past, when the redemption area was open to members of Bronze level and above, nowadays, only those of Platinum level and above are able to redeem products in the redemption area. Regarding the Redemption Zone, it was previously available only for O Fans with Platinum level or above but is now available as long as you are Bronze level or above.

④ Add a New VIP Level

Now, we have added a new VIP Level called Legend which is the highest level and only those who have 269990 points and above can become Legend!

⑤ New Page of About O Fan Club

We have re-optimized the page about membership benefits and rules, and made this page a separate page, which includes how to become a O Fans, the benefits of each membership level, FAQ etc.

Number 2: Unshipped Orders Cancelable

Previously, it was not possible to request a refund for these unshipped orders unless our customers contact our customer service and explain clearly the refund reason, but now customers can request a refund directly from their personal account orders. In this way, a good shopping online experience for our customers can be ensured well.

Number 3: Optimization of Shopping Cart

Since August, our customers can easily and quickly delete or edit products in their shopping carts. For products without specifications, you can directly click the delete button to delete them, and for products with specifications, you can click the delete button or the edit button as you need.

V. Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

We sincerely invite all of you to join in and follow our improvements. We welcome any opinions and suggestions, simply send an email to or contact any Olight representative on Olight’s official social media platforms. We will follow up, listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.

Let’s conquer the darkness and proudly light up the world, anytime, anywhere!

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