Baldr IR Tactical Light

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New User Extra Benefits:
$10 OFF Order ≥ $59$15 OFF Order ≥ $99Register Now >

●Huge Performance: Up to 1,350 lumens and 260 meters, good for near and far applications. Class 1 eye-safe IR beam sight <0.78mW (850 nm).

●Impressive Runtime Powered by two CR123A batteries, the white light runs up to 4 hours, while the IR runs up to incredibly 80 hours.

●Easy Operation: Activate the light with ambidextrous controls by your fingertips. Easily switch modes with a quick flip

●Wide Compatibility: Quick mount/detach system, Compatible with both GL rail (installed on the product) and Picatinny rail (included in the package)

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      • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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      New User Extra Benefits:
      $10 OFF Order ≥ $59$15 OFF Order ≥ $99Register Now >


      ✔ Olight's First IR Railed-Mounted Tactical Light

      The new Baldr IR is equipped with an IR beam emitter to provide you an undetectable accuracy.

      Baldr IR rechargeable tactical light

      ✔ Power Beyond Imagination

      With a 1,350-lumen max output white light and a class 1 eye-safe IR beam tactical light, Baldr IR will be your best night-hunting companion.

      rechargeable tactical light 1350 lumens

      ✔ Accurate For Stealth Action

      The Invisible IR beam for perfect accuracy paired with NVG goggles helps you precisely target your enemy without any alerts.

      Baldr IR with invisible laser IR

      ✔ Enhanced Safety Feature

      The rotating switch is designed to avoid any accidental activations.

      Rechargeable tactical light with rotary switch

      ✔ Easy & Quick Mount, Smooth As Butter

      Our signature locking swing arm gives you a smooth, quick attaching, and detaching experience.

      Rechargeable tactical light for easy and quick installation

      ✔ Compatible & Reliable

      Rechargeable tactical light is compatible with Glock & 1913 rail adapter and proven to accept high recoil and impact.

      Compatible and reliable Baldr IR



      Baldr IR rechargeable tactical lightrechargeable tactical light 1350 lumensBaldr IR with invisible laser IRRechargeable tactical light with rotary switchRechargeable tactical light for easy and quick installationCompatible and reliable Baldr IROLIGHT PROMISE

      Technical Details
      Beam Distance 853 ft (260 m)
      Max Performance 1,350 lumens
      Compatible Batteries 3V 1600mAh CR123A Battery x 2
      Max Light Intensity 14,400 candela
      Light Source High Performance Neutral White LED
      Mode Operation Tail Switch
      Form / Size Factor Compact Size
      WH High 1,350~500~300 lumens
      1 + 78 + 20 minutes
      WH Low 300 lumens
      4 hours
      IR BEAM MODE less than 0.78 mW
      80 hours
      Strobe Yes
      Waterproof IPX4
      Weight 4.55 oz (129 g)
      Length 3.31 in (84 mm)
      Head Diameter 1.44 in (36.5 mm)
      Body Diameter 1.75 in (44.5 mm)
      LED High Performance Neutral White LED
      Packaging Carton Box
      Use Self-defense, Law Enforcement, Tactical
      • BALDR IR (batteries included) x 1
      • Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) Rail Mount Adapter x 1
      • Rail Mount Adapter Screw x 2
      • H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1
      • Adjustable Screw x 2
      • User Manual x 1

      Olight Certified Holster Manufacturers

      Werkz Holsters

      Just Holster It, LLC

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      Question 1: Why can't I see IR laser?

      Answer 1: IR laser is infrared light, invisible to human eyes.


      Question 2: What rail is Baldr IR compatible with?

      Answer 2: Designed for Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) and Glock rail, Baldr IR is highly durable and provenly recoil-proof. The GL adapter bar is installed by default for the products of Glock company. If it is installed in Picatinny rail (mil-std-1913 rail) equipment, you can complete the replacement of the adapter bar by yourself. The package contains 1913 adapter strip, screw and screw wrench for installation.


      Question 3Why the light mode selection of my flashlight is out of control?

      Answer 3: The light mode selection switch is a magnetic sensitive device. When it is close to the strong magnet, the selection confusion may occur.


      Question 4Why does the flashlight turn off suddenly?

      Answer 4The Baldr IR uses CR123A with a protection board to work, and the output may suddenly shut down due to the battery protection mechanism. (overcurrent protection or undervoltage protection)


      Question 5Why does the flashlight start to flicker?

      Answer 5: When the battery is nearly running out, the flashlight will start to flicker, this is normal phenomenon. Please charge your flashlight as soon as possible.


      Question 6How to replace the battery for the Baldr IR?

      Answer 6: Pull up the battery compartment cover lock marked "PULL/OPEN" at the end, the battery compartment cover will pop up, take out the old battery, and insert the new battery (note that the battery direction is consistent with the polarity symbol marked in the battery compartment cover), close it battery compartment cover, and finally reset the battery compartment cover lock.


      Question 7Why does my flashlight turn dim suddenly, and there is no reaction when I switch the brightness mode?

      Answer 7: When the battery power is low, the LED output is limited to 300 lumens, and a quick double tap (or multiple taps) will not change the brightness.

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      download pdf Baldr IR Manual.pdf 1.15 MB Download
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