Baton 3 Pro Max Powerful EDC Flashlight With A New Experience
Bright EDC Flashlight Baton 3 Pro Max Outputs 2,500 Lumens
Baton 3 Pro Max Can Run For A Long Time, Up To 60 Days
Baton 3 Pro Max Uses An Upgraded Proximity Sensor
Give Baton 3 Pro Max A Quick Shake To Activate Its Battery Indicator
Baton 3 Pro Max Powerful EDC Flashlight
Powerful EDC Flashlight Baton 3 Pro Max Has A More Friendly User Interface
Baton 3 Pro Max is olight's first magnesium alloy flashlight
Things You Should Know About Magnesium Alloy
Weight Contrast Between Three EDC Flashlight Models
The L-bracket Included With The Baton 3 Pro Max Is Made Of Magnetic Stainless Steel
Three Color Temperature Options For Baton 3 Pro Max
Bright EDC Flashlight Has A Stylish And Comfortable Grip And Is Easy To Carry
Baton 3 Pro Max is IPX8 Waterproof
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baton 3 pro max VS baton 3 pro VS baton 3 VS s2r baton II VS warrior mini 2


Q1: Is the Baton 3 Pro Max clip compatible with the Baton 3 Pro?

A1: No. Due to it's larger size, it is not.

Q2: Does the Baton 3 Pro Max have a proximity sensor?

A2: Yes, it has an optical system in the new sensor that has been optimized.

Body Material
Purple / Orange / Black / OD Green: Aluminum Alloy; Desert Tan: Magnesium Alloy
Beam Distance
475 ft (145 m)
Max Performance
2,500 lumens
Charging Type
MCC3 Charging Cable
Compatible Batteries
Customized 5000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery
Max Light Intensity
CW / NW: 5,295 candela
Light Source
Orange / Black: High Performance Cool / Neutral White LED; Purple / OD Green / Desert Tan: High Performance Cool White LED
Lens / Reflector Type
TIR Optic Lens
Mode Operation
Side Switch
Form / Size Factor
Medium Size
Series Baton
CW / NW: 2,500~800 lumens; WW: 2,000~660 lumens
Run time LEVEL 1
1 + 240 minutes
CW / NW: 800~120 lumens; WW: 660~100 lumens
Run time LEVEL 2
243 + 80 minutes
CW / NW: 120 lumens; WW: 100 lumens
Run time LEVEL 3
23 hours
CW / NW: 15 lumens; WW: 12 lumens
Run time LEVEL 4
180 hours
1 lumen
Run time LEVEL 5
60 days
Yes (CW / NW: 13Hz at 2,500 lumens)
Purple / Orange / Black / OD Green: 5.22 oz (148 g) (Including Battery); Desert Tan: 4.73 oz (134 g) (Including Battery)
4.49 in (114 mm)
Head Diameter
1.02 in (26 mm)
Body Diameter
1.02 in (26 mm)
Carton Box
Camping & Hiking & Mountaineering & Household
Baton 3 Pro Max (Battery Included) x1
MCC3 Charging Cable x 1
L-shape Stand ×1
Pouch ×1
User Manual ×1
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Amazing flashlight, user friendly with multifunction. Highly recommend.

Color : OD Green

Color Temperature: CW


Sep 16, 2023, 06:05:05

CS reply:

Thank you very much for your recognition of our lights, we will release more products and look forward to your positive feedback.

Sep 19, 2023, 04:58:37

My EDC was a Baton 3. So glad i upgraded to a Baton 3 Pro Max.

Color : Purple

Color Temperature: CW


Sep 13, 2023, 22:58:43

CS reply:

Your positive review of our product has made our day! We're grateful for your support and trust in our brand. It inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries.

Sep 14, 2023, 17:32:52

Love this little light and proud to own one! The color is a beautiful blue/green which looks best in daylight. The shake to wake function is handy and the UI is really user friendly.


Sep 01, 2023, 21:44:39

CS reply:

Such an honor to hear that you appreciate the design and layout of the product with its impressive feature. We put a lot of effort into making it visually appealing and functional. Your A+ rating means a lot to us!

Sep 04, 2023, 18:55:32

I've had it for a few weeks and its been great, small enough to fit in the pocket and bright enough for any scenario. Im a machinist and it been great having this light on me at work at all times.


Sep 01, 2023, 12:58:04

CS reply:

Your praise for our product has made our day! We're grateful for your kind words and for choosing our product. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we'll continue to strive for excellence in serving you.

Sep 05, 2023, 21:33:18

Awesome light and colors


Sep 01, 2023, 11:44:55

CS reply:

Thank you for your kind words about the color scheme of this product! We put a lot of thoughts into making it attractive and visually appealing, and we're thrilled that you appreciate our choice.

Sep 04, 2023, 19:06:22

Long life.


Sep 01, 2023, 17:49:55

CS reply:

Thank you for your kind words regarding the product's performance. We're thrilled to hear that it has met your expectations in terms of functionality.

Sep 04, 2023, 19:03:17

My first olight, and I am never looking back will always use this company for lights for every day carry!


Sep 01, 2023, 18:45:02

CS reply:

We're thrilled to hear that our product has become your go-to EDC light! It's great to know that it has earned a permanent place in your everyday carry. Thank you for choosing our product and trusting us to meet your needs.

Sep 04, 2023, 19:00:24

Beautiful color


Sep 01, 2023, 18:28:03

CS reply:

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you find our product design visually appealing.

Sep 04, 2023, 19:02:07

this color combo is beautiful


Sep 03, 2023, 19:54:00

CS reply:

We're grateful for your kind words about our product's design. We believe that a well-designed product enhances the overall user experience.

Sep 04, 2023, 18:44:21

Love the colors


Sep 08, 2023, 19:18:36

CS reply:

We're so happy that you love the new color scheme!

Sep 08, 2023, 21:58:44

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