Baton 3 Premium Edition Bundle

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● Baton 3 Premium Edition: 20-day max runtime with max 1,200 lumens and can be fully charged up to 3.7 times with the wireless charger

● Open 2: Unique bolt action ballpoint pen with an integrated USB-C rechargeable LED light

● i5T EOS: Max 300 lumens powered by only a single AA battery

● Obulb: Innovative 4-mode orb light for camping, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, and decoration

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    ✔ Designed To Stand Out

    The Baton 3 Premium Edition is the upgraded version of the previous S1R Baton II with a groundbreaking portable wireless charger. Never worry about battery life again!

    ✔ Take Your Pocket Light Up A Notch

    With a max 1,200-lumen output and a 166-meter beam distance, the baton 3 increased by 20% and 14% compared to the previous S1R Baton II.

    ✔ Improved Efficiency And Runtimes

    The battery life of the Baton 3 lasts up to 20 days. With the premium edition, the battery life can reach 94 days with the wireless charging case charging the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times.

    ✔ New Texture, Better Grip

    The Baton 3 has the same compact body as the S1R Baton II, but with a new anti-slip body texture for a more refined look and enhanced grip.

    ✔ Hands -Free Convenience

    The dual-direction pocket clip, as well as the flat magnetic tail cap, can be attached in different circumstances for hands-free work.

    ✔ Baton 3 Wireless Charging

    The premium edition wireless charging case enhances runtimes on-the-go (compatible with Baton 3 and S1R baton II), which includes two indicators to show your power output and input.

    ✔ Wireless Charging On The Go

    The wireless charger includes a 3,500mAh built-in battery that can charge the baton 3 up to 3.7 times. With a compact and portable design, this is perfect for charging on-the-go.

    ✔ A Premium EDC Combo

    Never lose your flashlight again and carry in style with the Baton 3 Premium edition in this bright and beautiful Purple Gradient.

    ✔ Open 2 Desert Tan, Light Or Write

    OPen 2 Desert Tan is a pen and a light union as well, which can help you write in the dark.

    ✔ The i5T EOS Stardust

    With the simple body design, the i5T EOS Stardust brings you a special feeling.

    ✔ Obulb, Light By Your Side

    Olight’s brand new Obulb is the perfect light source companion for each room in the house or the outdoors. Now finally in pink!

    Note: Due to logistic reasons, the items you purchased may not be received before the Mother's Day.

    Note: Due to logistic reasons, the items you purchased may not be received before the Mother's Day

    Beam Distance (ft) 544
    Beam Distance (m) 166
    Max. Performance (lumens) 1,200
    Charge type Type-C USB Charging Cable
    Compatible Batteries Customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR 16340 Rechargeable Battery
    Max Light Intensity (candela) 6,889
    Light Source High-Performance CW LED
    Lens / Reflector Type TIR Optic Lens
    Mode Operation Side Switch
    Form/Size Factor Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
    Series Series Baton (EDC, General Use)
    LEVEL 1 (lumens) 1,200~300
    Run-time LEVEL 1

    1.5 minutes+75 minutes

    LEVEL 2 (lumens) 300
    Run-time LEVEL 2

    95 minutes

    LEVEL 3 (lumens) 60
    Run-time LEVEL 3

    7.5 hours 

    LEVEL 4 (lumens) 12
    Run-time LEVEL 4

    33 hours

    LEVEL 5 (lumens) 0.5
    Run-time LEVEL 5

    20 days

    Strobe Yes
    Waterproof IPX8
    Weight (g / oz) 53 / 1.87
    Length (mm / in) 63 / 2.48
    Head Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    Body Diameter (mm / in) 21 / 0.83
    Led High-Performance LED
    Packaging Carton Box
    Use Camping, Hiking, Mountaineering, Household
    Package Contents
    • Baton 3 Premium Edition Purple Gradient (Battery and Pocket Clip Included) x 1
    • Obulb Pink / i5T Stardust / Open 2 Desert Tan+i5T Stardust+Obulb Pink x 1
    • Baton 3 Wireless Charger x 1
    • Type-C USB Charging Cable x 1
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
    • User Manual x 1
    Customer Reviews
    1. Work light
      I use this at work put the case in the locker and pocket the light and end of the day back into the charger for the next day. Even with large hands I have no problems holding it.

      Review by

      Posted on

    2. Wow
      Such a great purchase, powerful little guy.

      Review by

      Posted on

    3. This is it!
      The Premium offers so much.
      Level 5 (1/2LM) you get 3m (20d*) worth of light.
      Level 4 (12LM) you get 6.5d (33hr*) worth of light.
      Level 3 (60LM) you get 35hr (7.5hr*) worth of light.
      Level 2 (300LM) you get 7.4hr (95min*) worth of light. *times per charge

      This light and charger combo offers days of light in a small package. Debated ordering on the flash sale and something came over me and said do it. Man, am I glad I did. This is an awesome set up that has endless uses and provides long term light options.

      5 enthusiastic stars!

      Review by

      Posted on

    4. The best version of the best EDC light
      No more fiddling with magnetic charging cables. It charges with USB C and the light drops in just like AirPods. This was a pretty ingenious decision. Keep the charging case in a bag or at the house and take the light with you for more portable carry, then you can turn it off from the battery case whenever it’s convenient. I have a loose that flashlight and a flashlight with a charging case. It’s a no brainier: get the charging case if your budget allows it.

      Review by

      Posted on

    5. Big Light, small package, Great Kit.
      The flashlight is battle-tested, tried, and true. The flashlight adds a higher Turbo, better runtimes, and a package that is not only USB C chargeable, but also ensures the light is fully charged and ready at all times. I always carried spare batteries despite the simple and fast Olight charging cable with the S1R II, but the flashlight keeps everything ready in an easy-to-carry compact kit. I love that Olight has been listening to their customers and being responsive.

      Review by

      Posted on

    6. Amazing
      A flashlight that outperforms every other flashlight that I own (that don't come from Olight) - fee or has its own pocket charger - a plus and an extra plus!

      Review by

      Posted on

    7. Awesome Flashlight
      This is a great flashlight. I’m amazed at the features it has. Double click and boom-1200 lumens! 20 days with the moonlight setting and the recharging case makes it 84 days! I was skeptical at first about the price, but I’m a solid Olight fanboy now. With 2 keychain lights and this thing, I won’t be in the dark anytime soon.

      Review by

      Posted on

    8. Awesome light
      Just get one, I am amazed how powerful is this little thing, well worth the money with the charger.

      Review by

      Posted on

    9. Great little light
      Great light nice and small to carry in my pocket and plenty bright enough to do the work that needs done and having the charging case makes it even better I can go a long time without needing to charge at the wall.

      Review by

      Posted on

    10. Little giant!
      Great flashlight, I carry it every day.
      Over the last 6 years, I have purchased over 12 prime flashlights, mostly junk. That was the best flashlight I had ever bought. I have it whenever I go. It has been a great help finding things. Even during the day, it's powerful enough to light up areas making it easier to locate things. This is a little light that lasts a long time on a charge.
      If you are thinking about it but it's more money than you can/want to send. Just Buy it, you will never regret it.

      Review by

      Posted on

    11. Great light
      Just got mine in, man is it a great little light, the charger is a game changer for my EDC bag...

      Review by

      Posted on

    12. Baton 3 Premium
      Olight has knocked it out of the park once again!!

      Review by

      Posted on

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