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Best Black Friday Gifts! Come and See How to Get Yours!

Best Black Friday Gifts! Come and See How to Get Yours!

Nov 18, 2022, 23:00:00

With the 2022 Christmas shopping season fast approaching, Olight's Black Friday Flash Sale is here! There are Login Gifts, Tier Gifts, Lucky Wheel Gifts, Facebook Post Prizes, and Blog Comment Gifts... Now, let's see how we can get them!

Login Gifts

Participation Rules

All customers, please log in before you begin shopping, and your Free Login Gift, based on the criteria discussed below, will be automatically added to your shopping cart: 

1. Only for Diamond and above members: members at the Diamond Membership Level or above as of 11:59:59 PM on 11/16/2022 EST, will get a Free Friendship 2023 starting at 08:00 PM on 11/20/2022 EST.

2. Only for Members below Diamond who previously placed an order for greater than $5: get a Free iTHX (Random Color: Evergreen, Wine Red, or a Mystery Color).

3. Only for New Customers: if you are new to our website, or your previous order was $5 or less, you will get a Free i3E Antique Bronze.

Tier Gifts

Participation Rules 

There are five Tier Gifts in total, and each one has its own corresponding criteria:

Those who place an order for more than $129 but no more than $259 get a Free Nightclaw in random color (Backup Tier Gift: Obulb in random color).

Those who place an order for more than $259 but less than $399 get a Free Olantern in random color.

Those who place an order for more than $399 but less than $499 get a Free Baton 3 Ti/Cu Premium Edition.

Those who place an order for more than $499 but less than $649 get a Free Baldr IR + Gober Kit Orange.

Those who place an order for more than $649 get a Free Ostation.

Lucky Wheel Giveaway

Participation Rules

1. Click the "Get free spin chance today" button to spin the Lucky Wheel during the Black Friday Sale promotional period. Once you log in, you will get one chance to spin the wheel each day.

2. Winners' prizes will be added to their shopping carts or personal accounts automatically.

3. Lucky Wheel activity will end at 11:59:59 PM EST on 11/28/2022. All prizes will also expire after the event ends, so please claim your prize(s) as soon as possible.

The prizes on the Black Friday Lucky Wheel include top new-released products like PL-3 Valkyrie and Marauder Mini, Obuy-sponsored product like Archeos 3P Tent, and other surprise gifts such as Gober, Osling Blue, Olink Blue, $10 coupons, and 50 points. Let’s see who is the luckiest!

Facebook Post Prizes

During OTHANKS 2022 Giveaway, there are 3 rounds of Facebook Group activities in total, each with a different theme. At the end, we will choose 90 lucky winners!

Round 1: 11/17 21:00 - 11/20 21:00 EST

Theme: I THX 

Use Olights to make a shape of "Thx","Thank you","Thanks","Thanksgiving" or anything with the meaning of THX. Or take a photo of your Olight with something means THX.

Golden Prize: Marauder Mini Orange * 3 Winners

Silver Prize: I3T Snowflake Red * 6 Winners

Lucky Prize: Obulb Grey * 21 Winners

Round 2: 11/20 21:00-11/23 21:00 EST

Theme: Share Holiday Carry

We would love to invite you to share your Olight carry in the upcoming holidays in this winter with the hashtag.

Glden Prize: Arkfeld Ti * 3

Silver Prize: Obulb Pro Christmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree * 6

Lucky Prize: Gober Kit ODG * 21

Round 3: 11/23 21:00 - 11/26 21:00 EST

Theme: Thanksgiving Celebration

Share your ways of celebrating thanksgiving. Such as your thanksgiving decorations, your food table, your family gathering, etc.

Golden Prize: I5R Ti Ice Flower Periwinkle * 3

Silver Prize: Baton 3 Pro Purple * 6

Lucky Prize: I5T Plus Blue * 21

Note: If the number of our group members reaches 130K during this giveaway, we will add 40 pieces of the prize (a grand prize included) to make it 130 winners in total!

Blog Comment Gifts

Perhaps some O-fans have no idea about getting gifts by leaving a comment on Blog! So, to be fair, we will live update the information about the blog so you can get gifts. So far, there are Four blogs with comment gifts.

1. Don't forget to check out this amazing Black Friday 2022 Guide! (Giveaways!)

2. Olight's 2022 Black Friday biggest Sale - Up to 50% Off and 18 new Product Releases! [Giveaway!]

3. The Best New Finds for Olight Weapon Mounted Lights, Only $54.99 Now! Up to 45% off the bundles!

4. 6 reasons why you need the Olight Marauder Mini

During our Black Friday Flash Sale, we offer a variety of gifts and prizes to our O-fans. Let's find out who is lucky enough to one!

6 reasons why you need the Olight Marauder Mini
The Best New Finds for Olight Valkyrie,Only $54.99 Now!Up to 45% off !



All Reviews (5)

Olight User

The best lights period!

Posted on: Jan 16, 2023, 13:49:11

Dan Canitz

There are a lot of good things going on here! I’ll definitely take advantage of the Black Friday deals, but hope to be a lucky winner too, of course.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2022, 03:26:25


Congrats Olight on passing 130k group members!

Posted on: Nov 19, 2022, 12:48:03

Mike G

This company has contant innovation and interested in customer thoughts. Thanks Olight!

Posted on: Nov 19, 2022, 09:26:49


I hope I am Lucky enough to get the Seasons pins set that is the best thing about the sale it is awesomeeeee.

Posted on: Nov 19, 2022, 06:57:37