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3 Best Keychain Flashlights for Kids 2023

3 Best Keychain Flashlights for Kids 2023

Flashlights might seem normal lighting devices for most adults but for kids, it's more than that. Kids are fascinated by flashlights for some reason.

I am sure you remember playing with flashlights as a kid. Some childhood memories include exploring the camping site with a flashlight, reading under the sheets when the lights are out, star gazing, and many other after-dark activities.

But today's kids are more indulged in mobile games than flashlights. Nevertheless, you can still use keychain flashlights to play with your kids. Some child welfare organizations even today use torchlight play to encourage children with disability or autism to use their imaginations and explore their senses.

Flashlights for children can be both useful and fun. Buying one for them will not only keep them safe but also help them overcome Nyctophobia.

What kind of flashlight is suitable for children

Before we look at the 3 best keychain flashlights for kids, let's look at what makes a good flashlight for children.

✅Type of Flashlight - The best flashlight for kids is the one they can wear. For example, headlamps, keychain flashlights, and flashlights with wrist straps are some of the best flashlights you should consider for your kids. These lighting devices stay attached to bags or clothing and are less likely to get lost.

✅Durability - Kids don't care about how costly or cheap the flashlights are, they will play tough on them. If you give them a cheap plastic-designed torch it won't even last a day. So make sure the body is made of metal for better durability. Additionally, it should also be waterproof and should withstand drops for at least 1 meter.

✅Battery Power - There is a high chance that your kids will leave the flashlights on (knowingly or unknowingly). To cope with this you have to choose between rechargeable and non-rechargeable flashlights. Both work great depending on how you going to let your kids use them.

✅Size and Design - The flashlight should fit in your child's small hand and the design should consist of something that appeals to your kids. Instead of going with a plain color, go for a colorful design pattern. Your kids will treat it as a piece of treasure.

✅Brightness - This is the most important part you should keep in mind while buying the best keychain flashlights for your kids. High-lumen output flashlights can temporarily blind and cause damage to the eyes. For that reason, you should aim to keep the brightness between 30 -150 lumen depending on how old and young your kids are.

Olight Flashlights for Kids

1. iTHX Keychain Flashlight

This is a USB rechargeable flashlight that weighs only 0.53 oz and is as small as your pinky finger and one of the best keychain flashlights for kids with two output modes. With just a twist you can turn the lights on or off or cycle between two output modes (150 and 5 lumens output mode).

2. i3E Keychain Flashlight

Intuitive to carry and powerful, the i3E can generate  90 lumens from one AAA battery. Features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens that focuses the light to reach out up to 44 meters. As small as your pinky finger, weighing only 0.68 oz, measuring 2.38 in.

3. i3E Zombie Green

This is a mono-output LED keychain flashlight, meaning it features a high-performance Philips LUXEON TX LED and a PMMA TIR lens. The maximum output you get from this flashlight is 90 lumens and light throws up to 44 meters. It is powered by an AAA battery, weighs only 0.68 oz, and measures 2.38 in.

Why We Don't Recommend Smartphone Flashlights over a Keychain Light

Many parents would opt for a smartphone instead of keychain flashlights. But there are few things that make flashlights better than smartphones.

✅When compared to flashlights, smartphone batteries tend to run out much more quickly.

✅Smartphone flashlight's lumens are not even close to some of the best keychain flashlights.

✅Whether it is a keychain flashlight or expensive tactical flashlights, all of them can take some abuse, but your phone can't. Your kids can break the glass and other parts of your phone.

✅Smartphone flashlights have limited functionality when compared to normal flashlights. Moreover, flashlights are also much easier to use.

✅Flashlights such as keychain flashlights are easier to carry and fit in any part of your bag or pocket. Phones on the other hand are heavier and can only fit in bigger pockets.

✅Flashlights are more water-resistant and impact-resistant than smartphones.

Conquering Fear of the Dark with Keychain Flashlights

The best way to make your kids overcome Nyctophobia and keep them busy when the lights cut out is to buy them the best keychain flashlights.

Flashlights are tools that add humor to the dark for your kids. As a parent, you can also games with your kids, such as treasure hunt, flashlight tag, shadow puppet, and many more with the help of a flashlight.

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