3 Things About Rubato 3 Drop Point Pocket Knife

3 Things About Rubato 3 Drop Point Pocket Knife

Do you know that pocket knives have many blade shapes? Each shape was developed to cut in a different way for different use. Usually, the drop point blade is one of the most common knife blade types that works well as a tactical or survival knife. In January 2023, Olight released its new pocket folding knife with a drop point blade, named Rubato 3.

What is Drop Point Blade? 

The drop point blade is a kind of knife blade that slopes on the spine of the blade from the handle of the knife to the tip of the blade. Characterized by a large belly, convex-shaped, strong tip, and plenty of edge, the drop point blade is a versatile blade shape and performs well in most situations. It is really popular in camping, hunting, and survival situations. However, there are a lot thicker down here at the point, so the tip is not going to be near as sharp and it's less suitable for piercing, especially compared to clip or spear point blades. On balance, its strong points more than make up for its weakness. The drop point blade is still the most versatile knife for everyday use.

What Are the Cool Features of Rubato 3?

The Rubato 3 is an EDC folding pocket knife with a drop point blade. Its blade is made of 154CM stainless steel with black titanium PVD coating, giving it exceptional strength, durability, wear and rust resistance. The Rubato 3 is also stylish, non-slip, and comfortable to grip by adopting a honeycomb aluminum handle. The Jimping with small notches at the back of the blade provides a better grip while working the knife.

Designed with a smooth rail rock, the knife can be operated with either hand quickly and smoothly, providing you more satisfying user experience. Rubato 3 is also pocketable with its folding design and  3.18 inches in handle length. There is also a convenient pocket clip that can be mounted on either side. You can clip the knife in your pocket, bag, or purse when using it for outdoor adventures. The Rubato 3 is really a perfect knife to perform various daily tasks.

What Are the General Usages of Drop Point Knife

Drop Point Knife for Hunting

Drop point knives are a good choice for hunting knives. They are considered strong and versatile enough due to the full width of the spine which continues until it approaches the tip of the knife.  Hunters find that the wide belly and strong tip of drop point knife excel in skinning, meat processing, and slicing. Drop point knives are an all-around great utility knife that performs rather well in cleaning game and field dressing. When they are stabbing into an animal, they're not puncturing any vital organs or anything and it is easier to clean. 

Drop Point Knife for Survival Situations

No matter if you want to explore the depths of a forest or set up camp on an island isolated from the stresses of society. Drop point knives are simply considered the best in terms of survival situations. There is no other blade design to offer you the multitude of versatility and utility like a drop point blade. With a strong tip that resists breaking, a wide belly, and plenty of edge, drop point knives are great for wood work, chopping, slicing up your veggies, cutting through ropes, cutting up meat, and general utility work. 

Drop Point Knife for Everyday Carry

In terms of EDC gadgets, drop point knives would be a necessary choice. EDC gear is not limited by activity and destination but rather defined by lifestyle. The reason for carrying a drop point knife with you is that it allows you to be prepared for whatever life may throw at you. Maybe you'll need to open up packages when receiving gifts or purchases, do any food preparation, cut bushcraft on the job or at home, and so forth. Simply put, they are excellent among pretty much almost everything in your daily life due to their versatility. A drop point knife will get the job done with relative ease and peace of mind.

End Words

Drop point blades are popular among almost all types of knives. If you want a tough, versatile, general-purpose knife that can perform a variety of common tasks well for survival, hunting, camping, cooking, tactical, rescue tasks, and more. Rubato 3 drop point knife may be your good choice. It comes in OD green color and gunmetal grey color in this new product release. If you are interested in it, don't miss up to 25% off on the January sale.

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