5 Reasons to Choose Javelot Pro 2 as Your Hunting Flashlight

5 Reasons to Choose Javelot Pro 2 as Your Hunting Flashlight

Reason#1: Ultra-Bright Long Distance Light

It’s simple. When distance and throw matter, the Javelot Pro 2 is the flashlight you want in your arsenal. Regardless of where your adventure takes you, this powerful light will lead the way. Details are important to all of us, and the Javelot Pro 2 is a clear example of the thought, planning, and testing that goes into all of these lights, especially this one. From the convenient and sturdy carry case, to the rugged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, no detail was spared in the creation of this ultra-bright long-distance light.

Reason#2: Powerful Throw, Lightweight Design

The Javelot Pro 2 delivers an impressive 2,500 lumens with an extreme throw distance of up to 1,050 meters. That’s over 3400 feet of brightness at your disposal! With a runtime of up to 12 days, this light is ready to take on the world. For as much power as it possesses, you would expect the Javelot Pro 2 to come in a much bigger package, but only weighs in at 14.92 ounces with the battery pack included. It has the perfect body diameter of 10.02 inches, which fits comfortably in your hand, or you can mount it on your long-range rifle with the optional dual-stage remote switch, providing you multiple carry options.

Reason#3: Replaceable Battery Pack and Battery Indication

The Javelot Pro 2 comes with a replaceable battery pack consisting of two 5000mAh batteries for extended usage that can easily be charged with the MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable. Visual indicators on the side of the flashlight show you just how much power you have left with just a glance, keeping your mind on the task at hand. You can also purchase optional additional battery packs, ensuring you always have one charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Reason#4: Intuitive Operation and Controls

The dual-stage tail switch allows quick and easy access to basic settings: Turbo or Low modes for tactical usage, while the side switch can be used to cycle through the four brightness levels for daily use. Along with the visual battery indicators on the side, there are also indicators to show which level of brightness you are using. When used as a WML, the optional Dual Stage remote switch gives you access to Turbo or Low modes directly without breaking your grip on your rifle.

Reason#5: Built tough to last

As stated above, the Javelot Pro 2 is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and has an IPX8 waterproof rating up to 2 meters. The sturdy build can also withstand an impact of up to 1 meter, but with the new deeper, denser body knurling, you’ll have a long-lasting firm grip. We all know times are tough and money is getting tighter, but with Olight’s 2-year warranty on the battery, and the 5-year warranty on the whole product, the Javelot Pro 2 is an investment well worth your hard-earned dollars.

Javelot Pro 2 Long Distance Light - Usage Scenarios

With its amazing brightness and unparalleled throw, the Javelot Pro 2 is perfect for a multitude of uses. Whether you’re on a Search and Rescue mission, or out looking for a missing furry friend, this bad boy is the one you want in your hand. Law Enforcement Officers won’t want to leave home without it. Literally, nothing will get past their line of sight with the Javelot Pro 2 lighting the path. Outdoor enthusiasts will love how it has just the right amount of flood to balance out the spotlight, not only illuminating far into the distance, but also allowing them to see immediately around them as well. Hunters will never miss a target with the Javelot Pro 2 mounted to their weapon. When you can see better and farther, ultimately you will be safer no matter your mission or adventure, and that is the most important thing. So when distance and safety counts, count on the Javelot Pro 2 to have your back!

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