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6 Picks That Could Become O-Collector Favorites!

6 Picks That Could Become O-Collector Favorites!

We know that most of our O-fans have a hobby of collecting our special edition Olights. So at the request of our fans, we have selected some Olights that hit the shelves during the November Black Friday Sale and that may just become the future favorites of O-collectors.

Winter 3 (Arkfeld Ti) / Eternal 3 (Arkfeld Cu)

As the Titanium/Copper Limited Editions of Arkfeld, they can definitely add some color to your collection. We all know that Arkfeld has already been very hot-selling, let alone its limited editions! Also, it should be noted that they are both only available in limited quantities on a first come, first served basis! So why not act now and take them home!

i5R Ice Flower Periwinkle Blue

Made with Crystallized Titanium, i5R Ice Flower Periwinkle Blue can undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. It is not only its exquisite craftsmanship but also its unique styling that makes it a great collectible. Besides, due to its Ice Flower Periwinkle design, which is perfect for winter, it makes an excellent gift to keep on hand for your friends or family with Christmas approaching!

i3T Snowflake Red

What comes to mind when you think of snowflakes? As an EDC flashlight with a strong Christmas feel, i3T Snowflake Red is the perfect Christmas gift for friends or family. When other people are thinking of giving small Christmas trinkets as gifts and you choose the i3T Snowflake Red, you must be quite cool! So why not bring some home before Christmas!

i3E Zombie Green

i3E Zombie Green has been a hit since it launched during October’s Halloween Flash Sale and has been out of stock often since. To meet the needs of O-fans, we have relaunched it for our Black Friday Flash Sale. It is definitely the perfect flashlight for every Halloween! It may be a good idea to buy one to put in your collection permanently and some to prepare for next Halloween in advance.

OPen Pro Zirconium Damascus Dark Space Silver

As the Zirconium Damascus edition of OPen Pro, it is a beautiful fusion of science and art. Its solid and distinctive Zirconium construction brings you an extraordinary appearance and writing experience. It's big enough to get any writing job done, but it's small enough to slide easily into your pocket.

i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo

Crafted with the perfect balance of materials, time, and precision, each i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo is manually aged with fire and water to make every single piece unique. A flashlight unique to you? That makes it totally worth adding to your collection.

How about you? Come share your ideas for future O-collector Favorites in the comments below!

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