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A Mini Version of a Popular Seeker Light with More Features!

A Mini Version of a Popular Seeker Light with More Features!

The Seeker has long been a very popular light for Olight, and rightfully so.  It is the perfect blend of size and power that makes it an excellent choice for a variety of activities both in and around the house or at the campsite.  The most recent iteration, the Seeker 3, improved upon the previous generation with higher max output, more comfortable grip, and faster charging times.  And now Olight is rewriting the script once again and releasing a miniaturized version of the Seeker with a new ability!

Small but Power-Packed

The newest addition to the Seeker line is the Seeker 4 Mini, but don’t be fooled by the name.  This little light packs some serious power into a tiny package and it even includes an ultraviolet mode.  It is initially being released in three color choices, Red, ODG, and Black.  You will have the ability to choose your preferred emitter temperature, either cool white or neutral white for the ODG and Black editions.  The Red edition will come with the cool white emitter only.

samll flashlight

Performance is impressive and fits right in with what you would expect from the Seeker line-up.  It has a maximum output of 1,200 lumens that will last a full three minutes before having to step down for heat management.  It has five standard white light modes, Turbo, High, Medium, Low, and Moonlight, and an additional UV mode.  Accessing the UV mode is easy, requiring a double tap of the side switch while the light is off.  Like all Seekers, there is only the side switch for the operation of the light which makes the user interface simple and relatively intuitive.  

mini flashlight

Design Features

The Seeker 4 Mini is made using aluminum alloy and is built like a tank with an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating and a drop test rating of 1.5 meters.  The body is scalloped on two sides, making for a more comfortable grip, and is similar to the “bamboo” styling of the Seeker 3.  The Seeker 4 Mini includes a two-way pocket clip and it comes with a lanyard that can be attached at the base of the light, giving you multiple carry options.  Powering the Seeker 4 Mini is a customized 18350, 3.6V 1100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  The included 1-amp magnetic charging cable can fully recharge the light in about an hour and a half.  The side switch includes a color-led indicator for the battery life, with green, orange, and red lights indicating how much life is remaining.

uv light

Use Scenarios

The size of the Seeker 4 Mini makes it ideal for everyday carry.  It can comfortably sit in a pocket or easily attach to a pack, bag, or purse.  The floodiness of the two white emitters is fantastic for a variety of low or no-light situations.  It’s a great light for taking the dog out for a walk at night as it illuminates a very wide area directly in front of you and your pet.  Want to check the yard around your house or the area around your campsite?  The Seeker 4 Mini is the perfect light to grab.  Because of its smaller size and relatively low weight, it is a very good choice to bring with you on a trail hike just in case you happen to be out after dark.

uv flashlight

The included UV light is powerful and provides a fairly wide area of coverage.  It is fun to search for “critters” after dark as things like centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, and a few others will glow bright blue under the UV light.  If critters aren’t your thing, searching for crystals and rocks is another fun activity using UV light.  Car mechanics routinely use UV lights to search for refrigerant leaks and the Seeker 4 Mini would be an excellent choice.  Want to check the cleanliness of your hotel room?  Grab the Seeker 4 Mini from your bag and activate the UV light.  You can even use UV to cure some epoxies, making it a nice light to have on hand for your small craft projects.  Many ID cards and US currency can be validated using UV light to illuminate symbols and special strips that would otherwise be invisible.  There are so many uses for this awesome light!                  

What’s Included Inside the Box

  • Seeker 4 Mini (Battery Included) x 1

  • MCC-1A Magnetic USB Charging Cable x 1

  • Lanyard x 1

  • User Manual x 1

Final Thoughts

The Seeker 4 Mini is an awesome multi-function light in a compact package.  Because of its small size, it is almost the perfect EDC light as it can be easily carried just about anywhere.  And the best light is the one you have with you when you need it.  Adding the UV feature to this light was brilliant and added to the functionality and use options.  I highly recommend picking one up in this sale if you can as you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading.

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All Reviews (2)

Ron Stark

I purchased the Seeker 4 Mini in the ODG and it has become my favorite EDC. It is the perfect size and the UV function knocked it out of the park. This light lasts all day and night, I use the moonlight mode quite a bit when I'm up working late and don't want to disturb family members.

Posted on: Aug 07, 2023, 00:00:45

James Martin

Good blog post. This highlights all the excellent features of the Seeker 4 Mini. My son got me the red Seeker 4 Mini and I love this light. While I enjoy the fact it's a scaled down version of previous Seekers, the UV light is a great new feature. I didn't think I would use the UV much, but after seeing what it can do, I am impressed by its usefulness. I hope to see the UV light included on more Olights soon. This flashlight quickly became one of my favorites. Please make more lights in this red

Posted on: Jun 13, 2023, 00:02:59