New product|An Innovative 2 in 1 Angled Grip Light-Sigurd Gun Light

New product|An Innovative 2 in 1 Angled Grip Light-Sigurd Gun Light

An Innovative 2 in 1 Angled Grip Light

When it comes to weapon-mounted lights, Olight has a variety of reliable options that range from small pistol-mounted lights like the Baldr Mini, all the way up to longer rifle-style lights like the Odin.  Olight continues to be a leader in innovation within the weapon-mounted industry.  For example, the recently introduced Valkyrie Turbo brings LEP technology to handguns and short to mid-sized rifle set-ups.   Olight is again leading the industry in innovation with the introduction of the Sigurd, a 2-in-1 angled grip and light combination designed for rifle set-ups with either Picatinny or M-LOK rail mounts.

Until now, adding a weapon-mounted light to a rifle set-up with a forward grip required mounting on either side of the weapon since the bottom rail was occupied by the grip.  The Sigurd is unique since it integrates the light into an angled grip so you no longer need additional mounting options for the light.  The location of switches on either side of the grip allows for ambidextrous use and means you maintain control of the weapon at all times. 

Another benefit of the Sigurd is the use of Olight’s innovative magnetic charging capability.  You do not need to remove the light or battery when it is time to recharge.  Simply attach the USB magnetic cable to the built-in magnetic charging port on the light and you are good to go.  The simplicity and effectiveness of this charging solution are very much appreciated.

Advantages of a forward grip

Forward grips are commonly used on short, medium, and long rifle configurations because they aid in the stability and maneuverability of the firearm.  The natural placement of a person’s outstretched arm typically would place it just under the barrel of the weapon, near the muzzle.  The addition of a foregrip in this location allows a person a better grip and the ability to pull the weapon into their shoulder to control the recoil.  There is a huge variety of styles of foregrips, but it is important to note that an angled forward grip meets the requirements by the ATF for use on both short and mid-sized rifle set-ups, whereas a vertical foregrip may not depend on the configuration.

Having the light integrated into an angled forward grip is an innovative solution that provides the ergonomic advantages of an angled grip with the tactical advantages of light in an all-in-one solution.  The Sigurd is mounted to the bottom Picatinny rail mount placing it in a very natural and comfortable position.  Accessing the light is simple through the use of either the right or left switches.  This all-in-one solution makes for a sleek and streamlined set-up and frees up the side rails for other accessories.  Additionally, the light will be located just under the barrel of the weapon and in direct alignment with the muzzle, which means it will put light on your target every time and there should be no shadow effects from the interference of other accessories.

Typical use scenarios

The angled grip is both comfortable and secure due to the anti-slip finger grooves.  This makes it ideal for a variety of uses.  In tactical law enforcement scenarios, like the clearing of buildings, the angled grip provides maximum control and maneuverability for quick target acquisition, allowing you to move between targets with precision and speed.  Accessing the light is simple and quick and does not require readjustment of your hand placement since the switches are located on either side of the grip. 

For home defense use, the same benefits exist since the user can comfortably hold and stabilize the weapon, even under high-pressure situations.  Pressing either of the side switches will generate a burst of light at 1,450 lumens, more than enough to disorient and temporarily blind an intruder.   There’s also sufficient flood from the light to allow you to assess any threats around you fully.

The Sigurd is also well suited for outdoor use, such as on a farm or ranch when looking for and neutralizing vermin and other critters.  Once again, the angled grip allows for stability and recoil control all while allowing for easy illumination out in front of you for positive target identification.  There are two illumination modes that can be accessed using the side switch; high at 1,450 lumens and low at 290 lumens.  Using the high mode will provide up to 3 full hours of continuous illumination, stepping down from high to medium and finally down to low.  With more than 14,000 candelas, the Sigurd is also rated for more than 780 feet of the throw.  This is fantastic as you will be able to see threats and issues at a safe distance.

Max   output(lumens)2,000-1,000-760-3001,450-480-290
Low   output(lumens)300290
Grip   integrationNoYes
Magentic   ChargingYesYes
Remote   activationWired Pressure SwitchIntegrated into grip

What’s included

-        Sigurd with built-in battery

-        MCC-1A USB charging cable

-        HM4.0 Allen wrench

-        M5 0x30 screw

-        M5 screw washer

The Sigurd will also come in either black or desert tan color options.

Final thoughts

Olight is again leading the way with innovation by introducing a unique solution for short mid and long rifle set-ups.  Integrating a powerful light into a comfortable angled grip and utilizing the magnetic charging system that Olight is known for, is truly a fantastic option for those wanting or needing a forward grip in addition to a weapon-mounted light.  The Sigurd is a sleek, convenient, and cost-effective option that should be included with all rifle builds.  The space-saving design frees up the side rails for other accessories if desired.  If you have a rifle with rail mounting along the bottom you should definitely grab the Sigurd as you will be very impressed with the comfort, security, and performance.

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