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Arkfeld Dual-Light Source EDC Flashlight - Why Do People Love It?

Arkfeld Dual-Light Source EDC Flashlight - Why Do People Love It?

Olight has enriched its product list with the new Arkfeld dual-light source stylish EDC flashlight. It has remarkably received positive feedback and reliable rating from thousands of customers on the Olight store, Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. But why are people crazy about the EDC flashlight?

As an Arkfeld user, I will share the secrets behind such popularity of the flashlight with you. Firstly, it comes with a unique and stylish flat design for a handy grip. Secondly, the Arkfeld flashlight is ideal for multiple applications with dual-light sources, including white LED and green laser pointer. 

Thus, the flashlight is people’s choice with all-amazing features and functions. Like me, you can also love the EDC flashlight for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Let’s explore more about light. 

Olight Arkfeld EDC Flashlight-Features that People Love More!  

The new Arkfeld flat flashlight has fantastic features that people love more than traditional flashlights. It has a uniquely intuitive interface that makes every day operations faster and smoother. Here are some selective features of the Arkfeld flashlight that you must love like thousand users. 

Dual-Light Source: People love the Arkfeld flashlight for two different light sources in one device. It has 1000 lumen white LED light and a green laser beam pointer. Therefore, users enjoy multifunctional applications of flashlight investing once. The white LED light meets flashlight demands, and the laser pointer is ideal for sending signals and locating something or someone from far. 

Five More Brightness Levels: Your daily life will be easier and more convenient with the five more brightness levels of the flashlight, including strobe, turbo, high, mid, low, and moon. Unlike conventional flashlights, it has a memory function to automatically get back to the last lighting levels. Therefore, you can set your preferred brightness level as your lighting urgency.

Battery Level Indicator:  The battery level indicator with five level indications displays the remaining power to recharge the battery. It shows four green signals when the battery power is more than 75% and three green signals for battery power between 75% and 50%. You will get two green lights when the remaining power is between 50% and 25%; one signal is for the power level between 25% and 10%. If it shows a red signal, you should recharge the battery immediately. 

MCC3 Magnetic Charging: The Arkfeld flashlight includes an MCC3 magnetic charging cable instead of a regular USB charging port. It easily snaps on the light's tail for faster and smoother charging anywhere. The magnetic charging cable is pretty convenient for smarter charging. 

Hands-free Work: Professional car repairers, disaster rescuers, and other handypersons prefer the Arkfeld flashlight with a magnetic tail for hands-free application. It lets users attach the flashlight to any metallic surface for hands-free working. You will miss this particular feature with a conventional EDC flashlight.

Olight Arkfeld EDC Flashlight-Indoor Applications that Amaze People More!

The new Arkfeld stylish flashlight is a multifunctional light that works many in one. It is a useful lighting tool for indoor activities. Two lighting modes, including white LED light and laser green beam pointer, make everything convenient in personal and household performances.   

Perfect for Power Outage: You can manage a quick lighting solution to a sudden power outage with the Arkfeld flat flashlight. It is easy to store and carry anywhere, even attachable on any metal surface with a magnetic tail. Here, you can switch to the med brightness level with 60-lumen intensity for around 12 hours of lighting backup in one go.

Playing with Pets: Don't miss playing with your cute kitten using the green laser beam pointer. Place the laser pointer back and forth on your pet and let it jump over the pointer. Playing with pets and kids using the green laser looks so funny. Moreover, you can use the laser pointer to train your pets to be more vigilant in catching something. 

Everyday Indoor Emergencies: The white LED flashlight lets you reach dark pimping places to find lost something. Moreover, it helps you make everything visible with low mode during sudden electricity outages due to rain, storm, and cyclone. So your kids and pets feel secure in dark rooms.

Undisturbed Reading Environment: If you love reading novels, newspapers, and others late at night, the Arkfeld multi-mode flashlight can help create a serene ambiance. Turn on the med or low mode of the flashlight and continue peaceful reading for hours without disturbing your roommates.

Moonlight Sleeping Mode: Using the moon mode of the flashlight, you can create a heavenly sleeping environment for the whole night. The moon mode lasts eight days maximum with 1 lumen at every full charge. Therefore, you can offer your kids a peaceful moonlight sleeping ambiance surrounding the room. It protects them from the horrific experience of hallucination and dark shadows at night.

Powerful Presentation: You can turn your flashlight into a presentation tool only with the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight. The green laser pointer promotes your presentation skills with more confidence in front of teachers, students, and other audiences. It lets you highlight the key points from afar.

Olight Arkfeld EDC Flashlight-Outdoor Functions that Flash Everyone!

People choose the new Arkfeld flashlight as a reliable lighting source for outdoor emergencies like focusing around, finding something, deterring miscreants, wildlife camping, urgent rescuing, and more. Let's see how worthy the flashlight is for your daily outdoor activities. 

Lighting Around: The 1000-lumen flashlight confirms a brighter and clearer view of everything outside. Therefore, you can make everything visible while walking through a lonely street. Moreover, it lets you ensure security-tight surveillance around your house. 

Tactical Defense: With the green laser beam pointer, the Arkfeld dual-light source flashlight gives enough time to distract any attacker from possible attacks. Therefore, you get a chance to hide or prepare yourself to prevent the miscreants from deadly invasions. 

Wildlife Camping: Nothing can be so good as an EDC flashlight for wildlife campers to secure them from unwanted threats from wild animals or something else. It makes them confident to move through wild ways and stay at their camps. Moreover, the flashlight works great for nighttime fishing and hunting. 

Car Repairing: If you are a DIY car repairer, you need a hands-free lighting tool to fix the faults inside. In this regard, the Arkfeld flashlight is ideal with its magnetic-tailed attachment on any metal surface. It lets you locate the wrongdoings of the dark inside without anyone's assistance. 

Rescuing: As a rescuer, you must send signals to locate the destitute people stuck in rocks and rubble. The green laser beam pointer can be a great signaling source for such a challenging rescuing mission. So, you should carry this benevolent gadget to prepare for unwelcoming rescue missions caused by earthquakes, floods, cyclones, or more. 

Olight Arkfeld EDC Flashlight-Handy Hacks Helps Users A Lot!

Unlike regular flashlights, the new Arkfeld flat flashlight is handy to carry and use with many useful attributes. Olight has consciously added some unparalleled features with the EDC flashlight.  

  • A secure stainless-steel pocket clip to slip the Arkfeld into a jeans pocket

  • Flat and ultra-slim design for comfortable storage and carry anywhere

  • An intuitive interface for a faster and smoother operation 

  • IPX7 waterproof property to resist sweat, water, and rain contamination

Therefore, the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight is a user-friendly lighting tool to carry and use anywhere the users want. It is a durable device to operate in unfavorable environments like rain, snow, and storm. 

Let’s Wrap the Writing!

Olight believes in user-friendly and eco-adaptive innovations to illuminate the world. The new Arkfeld flat EDC flashlight is an addition to Olight’s store to offer users incredible lighting experience with all-exciting performances. It is a dual-source flashlight that works well indoors and outdoors. 

Thousands of users are happy with the Arkfeld flashlight to meet their daily lighting demands within their budget. It makes life convenient and more accessible than ever with multifunctional lighting properties. 

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All Reviews (4)

Brian U

I have the UV version of this light and carry it about the house. The laser would send the cats into a frenzy.

Posted on: Apr 13, 2023, 20:40:49


Love it because for its dual purpose and portability we are heading to Israel this April 18 for pilgrimage and we have something we can use to make sure that our accomodations are safe and clean i can use the arkfeld to check for germs and the flashlights in case of power outages especially in Israel where theres always something going on better be safe and sorry olight flashlights can be trusted in case of anyhting!

Posted on: Apr 07, 2023, 17:35:39

Neill Cowles

Absolutely love my Arkfeld!

Posted on: Apr 06, 2023, 14:25:24


The most versatile light in the industry

Posted on: Apr 06, 2023, 11:05:56