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What's the Application of Arkfeld's Dual Light Source?

What's the Application of Arkfeld's Dual Light Source?

When it comes to flashlights, generally, people's first impression of them is illuminating. However, have you ever imagined that the flashlight in your hand is more than illuminating? Recently, Olight released its first dual-light source flashlight, named Arkfeld. It is a flat EDC flashlight with white light and a green laser beam. Actually, the icon on Arkfeld's body clearly shows two light sources for choice. The light selector that looks like the steering wheel of a car is for light switching.  With the flashlight turned on, turning the selector to the left would be a green laser beam, and to the right would be white light. The free switching between white light and green beam laser greatly increases the application of this flashlight. 

5 Brightness Level White Light

Firstly, let's look at the white light mode. Users who have a high demand for brightness are often resistant to small-sized flashlights because the lights are not bright enough. Arkfeld is a portable EDC flashlight with 87g in weight and 110*25*15mm ( 4.33*0.98*0.59in) in size. It can be called a rather small-sized flashlight, however, its brightness is not diminished.

Arkfeld, equipped with OSRAM P9 lamp beads, has five-level brightness options, up to 1000 lumen, and a range of 101 meters. When walking in darkness at night, Arkfeld with a max 1000 lumen is available to make the surroundings bright as day, which is helpful for you to capture the surrounding things and potential threats at night clearly and quickly, so as to take further action. The details of the 5 brightness levels are as the following table.



























4+110 minutes                





1h+50 minutes                


41 hours                


8 days                


Beam Distance                


101 meters                


56 meters                


25 meters                


12 meters                


3 meters                




2560 cd                


790 cd                


156 cd                


37 cd                


2.7 cd                

With the 5-level brightness, the Arkfeld flashlight greatly meets the needs in most scenes. In the white light mode, you can press the center button twice quickly to start turbo mode. The turbo is similar to the high beam of a car, and it is available to broaden the field of observation. You can use it when an extremely bright light is needed in darkness. 

In the white light mode, press and hold the center button, and the white light mode will shift cyclically in the order of low, medium, and high. You can choose the appropriate brightness according to the environment and your needs or preferences.

Under the turned-off state of the device, you can press and hold the center button to enter the moon mode. As the name implies, the brightness of mood mode is like the afterglow of the moonlight, which is very weak. Generally, if you get up at night to go to the washroom or read books at night, you can turn on the moon mode with weak light without affecting your roommate.

Two Color Temperature

Arkfeld flashlight has two color temperatures for choice. One is the neutral white light with 4000k~5000k, the other is the cool white light with 5700k~6700k. Each Arkfeld flashlight has only one color temperature, so users can choose one that best suits the application.

The neutral white light is similar to the sunlight, the most comfortable light color for the eyes. It accords with the visual experience of human eyes, so the eyes don't need to take time to adapt. In general, people prefer neutral white light in outdoor sports due to its satisfying color rendering and penetration ability.

Cool white light appears brighter, cleaner, and fresher. However, research has also shown that cool white light with high Kelvin values makes people more alert. It can be better for concentrating or seeing details. Cool white light reminds us of the treatment rooms of dentists. The color temperature of light in the treatment room is approximately 6500K so as to increase the dentist's concentration and create a certain freshness during the examination process. Many people prefer cool white light in garages, laundries, and offices.

Strobe Light

In addition to 5 brightness level white light, Arkfeld also has a strobe mode. The strobe light can be used for self-defense when you encounter unexpected threats. According to the theory of the Bucha Effect noticed by Dr.Bucha in the 1950s. The strobe light is available to make people feel dizzy and disoriented so that they experience an inability to see or recognize the target. Disorientation occurs as specific light frequencies affect the brain and the light cycles through those frequencies too fast for the brain to adjust. Therefore, the strobe light can be used as self-defense to allow users moments to take additional safety steps.

In addition, strobe lights are also available for signal or location applications. It is said that the flashy light is much more noticeable than the constant light of similar intensity. In case of disaster or emergency, you can turn on the strobe light to attract others' attention. For example, when a fire happens, with thick smoke, it is difficult for rescue personnel to locate the people trapped in the fire. If you have a flashlight with a strobe in your hand, it would be helpful for rescue personnel to locate your position. 

The strobe light is usually used in some unexpected or emergency situations. In urgent situations, time is life. Therefore, the first thing we should pay attention to is whether the opening mode of the strobe light is convenient.

The Arkfeld EDC flashlight, without complicated and diverse buttons to figure out which one is for turning on strobe mode, you just need to press the center button three times or more continuously in any unlocked mode so as to enter strobe mode. It is really helpful for you to turn on the strobe mode quickly and accurately when self-defense is needed.

Green Laser Beam

With the portable Arkfeld flashlight turned on, you can turn the selector to the left to start the green laser beam. The green laser has a 510~530nm wavelength, and the max output power is 0.39mW. According to the mark of LASER 1 on the side of Arkfeld's body, the green laser beam meets the Class 1 safety standard, which means that it is really safe for human use.

Green light is also a kind of high-quality light source. Human eyes are sensitive to green light. Compared with the same power of red light, green light looks obviously brighter. Due to its bright beam and strong resistance to a stray light interface, green light is more and more used for pointing. 



Here are some of the green laser beam frequent applications :

  1. For teachers or lecturers:It is like an infinitely extended pointer so that you can easily point the target on a blackboard or projector for students or audiences in any corner of the room. It is definitely a good helper for teachers and lecturers.

  2. For businessmen: It can be used in product demonstration, especially for the product with fine details. The green laser is available to point out the details of the product clearly and intuitively so that audiences can chase the details. It is also frequently used to direct attention during a presentation. It can be directly pointed toward words or pictures on a screen so an audience can follow along while someone is speaking.

  3. For construction workers or explorers: construction workers and explorers usually work in a dangerous environment. The green laser pointer is a good helper for them to indicate objects from a long distance, avoiding getting close to dangerous areas.

  4. For pet cat owners: Cats are naturally fond of capturing things. If you let the green laser land in a pinpoint on the floor, they would pounce on the laser immediately. It is entertaining to watch and also it is entertaining for cats.

Certainly, the application of green laser beams goes far beyond the above applications. It can be used to direct people's attention in any scene.

Points for Attention

  1. Please don't look directly at the light source, which may cause blindness in a short time and damage the retina.

  2. Please don't block the light outlet at a close distance, the energy radiated by light may cause objects to burn.


Olight has been committed to the user experience, constantly innovating in illuminating tools, and well meeting the diversified needs of users. Arkfeld is the first dual light source flashlight in Olight. With the five-level brightness, two color temperatures, strobe light, and green laser beam, it greatly enriched its applications. It is not only for illumination but also for pointing and entertainment. No matter what you use it for, the Arkfeld EDC flashlight would definitely make your life and work handy.

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Looking forward for new stuff

Posted on: Nov 16, 2022, 16:10:34

Todd Pruett

Just recieved the Arkfeld recently and although thats not what I was intending to order but I love the Orange color and have a few other of your lights in Orange so I thought I would pick it up and I'm really glad that I did. It has become my EDC because of the size and because of the knife style clip so it looks like a knive in my pocket. I love how bright it is and also the fact that it has the strobe.The lazer is a nice addition for indoor pointing.

Posted on: Nov 13, 2022, 06:02:38