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Arkfeld Flat Stylish Dual Light Sources EDC Flashlight-A Real Life Review!

Arkfeld Flat Stylish Dual Light Sources EDC Flashlight-A Real Life Review!

Olight Arkfeld EDC flat flashlight stands exclusive to conventional EDC flashlights with dual light sources. It has a white light and green laser beam pointer to empower users indoors and outdoors.

Arkfeld Flat Stylish Dual EDC Flashlight


It can be a great gadget to meet everyd ay emergencies during power outages, sudden disasters, and rescue operations. Furthermore, the multipurpose flashlight makes a classroom or business presentation more engaging with its green laser beam.

The new EDC flashlight looks stylish with a flat design and intuitive interface. It seems so durable with high-quality manufacturing material. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket with no hassle.

new EDC flashlight


Here is my real-life user experience to help you make a valid decision about the Olight Arkfeld flat dual EDC flashlight. So, no more words! Let’s explore more before going to a shop.

User-friendly Design that Amazes Me!

As a wildlife nature hunter, I have already used a couple of everyday carry flashlights of different brands. With its outstanding design and style, the new Arkfeld dual light EDC flashlight has offered me the most mesmerizing experience.

User-friendly Design that Amazes Me

#Unique Ultra-thin Profile: Olight has designed and developed the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight with an ultra-thin and slim profile. Therefore, it looks pretty engaging with eye-glaring graphics. Furthermore, the EDC flashlight is comfortable to hold and easy to carry, with a 3.07oz weight and 0.59-inch thickness.


#Secure Pocket Clip: I have found the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight with a stainless steel-made pocket clip. The securely mounted pocket clip helps me insert the full body into my jeans pocket.  Therefore, you don’t need to pay additional attention to the flashlight while adventuring or camping outside.


#Intuitive Operational Interface: The new Arkfeld EDC flashlight looks highly handy with a center button and selecting ring. You can easily turn on or off the flashlight and control brightness modes using the center button. The outer ring lets you select between white LED and green beam.


#Hands-free Use: I haven’t still experienced hands-free operational experience with any more flashlights except Arkfeld EDC. It comes with a magnetic tail that allows you to attach the flashlight to any metal surface. Wildlife campers, hunters, rescuers, vehicle repairers, and other outside users can rely on its hands-free application.

Fantastic Features that Make the Flashlight Different from Others!

Olight has added all-outstanding illuminating features with the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight to offer users something exceptional experience. Let's see what impressive features of the everyday carry flashlight are.

Flashlight Different from Others

#Dual Light Source: The new Arkfeld EDC is a perfect two-in-one flashlight with a white LED and green beam pointer. Two lighting modes are available with a memory function to make the favorite mode ready for any time. The white LED mode can generate 1000 lumens maximum output with 101 meters maximum beam distance, and the class 1 green beam offers 0.39mW output. Therefore, it is an ideal EDC flashlight to meet multiple lighting demands.


#5 Brightness Levels: Olight has featured the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with five white LED brightness levels (low, mid, high, turbo, and strobe). It includes a memory function to get back to any particular brightness level if needed. Thus, you can make your daily life easier and more convenient than ever.


#Convenient Magnetic Charging: The Arkfeld everyday carry flashlight includes MCC3 magnetic charging cable that makes recharging faster and easier. It easily snaps onto the magnetic tail that requires no more USB ports to empower the charger.


#Battery Power Indicator: I have found a five-level power display to check the battery power level at any time. You can understand the battery power level of the flashlight according to the following chart.

Battery Power Indicator


Battery Level                

4-Green Lights                

More than 75%                

3-Green Lights                

Between 75% and 50%                            

2-Green Lights                

Between 50% to 25%                          

1-Green Light                

Between 25% to 10%                          

Red Light                

Less than 10%                

If the battery power is less than 10%, it requires immediate recharging for further use of the flashlight. Try to recharge a battery properly to get the better outcome for a longer period.

#Waterproof: The new Arkfeld EDC flashlight is a season-around flashlight with waterproof properties. It is an IPX7 waterproof flashlight that resists rain, water, sweat, and snow-soaking damage. Therefore, I feel free to move with the flashlight at any time. 


Multipurpose EDC Flashlight: Make Everyday Life Easier and Happier!

Olight believes in compact and cost-effective lighting technology to illuminate the world. The Arkfeld EDC flashlight is such an integration to offers a unique solution to multiple lighting issues.

Multipurpose EDC Flashlight

 #Everyday Outdoor Use: The ultra-slim and powerful Arkfeld EDC flashlight provide a brighter and clearer view outside. Going through a lonely street at night can be great company. Moreover, you can use the flashlight to find anything at night.

#Everyday Emergencies: With powerful white LED light, the Arkfeld EDC flashlight is an ideal illuminating gadget to face sudden electricity outages. It helps eliminate darkness due to power off during natural disasters and other emergencies.

#Engaging Presentation: The laser green pointer empowers presenters to properly present their class or business presentations to attract the audience's attention. You feel confident and professional in delivering the key points on your slides.

#Adventuring: If you are an adventurer or nature hunter like me, you can carry the flashlight to meet your lighting demand at night. It makes you more confident to move on your way or live in your camp.

#Rescuing: The rescuers can rely on the EDC flashlight to make their challenging jobs easier at the toughest times. You can use the laser pointer to send signals to the desired and needy persons. With the white LED flashlight, you can quickly locate objects and persons in earthquake rubble.    


Technical Details & Specifications:

However, check the technical information and general data before choosing the Arkfeld EDC flashlight. Let's have a cursory view.    

General Information

  • Body Materials: Aluminum Alloy

  • Max. Output: 1000 lumens

  • Beam Distance: 331ft 

  • Max Light Intensity: 2560 Candela

  • Battery: 1050mAh Lithium Polymer

  • Charging Cable: MCC3 Magnetic

  • Light Source: High Performance (4000k-5000k) Neutral white LED and (5700k-6700k) Cool white LED

Lighting Particles

  • Turbo Lumens: 1000-300

  • Turbo Run Time: 4+110 minutes

  • High Lumens: 300-60

  • High Run Time: 12+34 minutes

  • Med Lumens: 60

  • Med Run Time: 11 hours+ 50 minutes

  • Low Lumens: 15

  • Low Run Time: 41 hours

  • Moon Lumen: 1 

  • Moon Runtime: 8 days

Technical Specifications

  • Length: 4.33-inch

  • Width: 0.98-inch

  • Height: 0.59-inch 

  • Weight: 3.07 oz

  • Waterproof: IPX7

Download the user manual from here to get more information about the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight

Things to Consider before Choosing the Arkfeld EDC Flash Light:

  • The dual-source everyday carry flashlight seems pricey compared to conventional flashlights.

  • The MCC3 magnetic charging cable is unique and rare compared to USB charging cables.

  • It seems slim but not small.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you are curious about the Arkfeld EDC flashlight, you can find answers to many relevant questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you to choose and use the flashlight. 

FAQ. Is Arkfeld’s laser beam harmful to human health?

The class 1 type laser beam of the Arkfeld EDC flashlight isn’t detrimental to pet and human health. Therefore, you can play with your kids and pets using the green laser beam pointer. 

FAQ. What is the warranty on the Arkfeld EDC flashlight?

Under some terms and conditions, you will enjoy two years of limited warranty on the Arkfeld EDC flashlight. Contact Olight or authorized sellers to get a replacement within 30 days if needed. The charging cable covers one year of repair and replacement warranty.   


Final Opinion:

When looking for a quality everyday carry a flashlight for outdoor and indoor uses, the Olight Arkfled EDC flashlight can place at the top of your choice list. It features all outstanding illuminating attributes and works well to make everyday life more accessible than ever. 

The dual-source EDC flashlight offers a real-time solution to multiple lighting demands. You can carry it anywhere with a well-structured and secure pocket clip.

However, don't mind enjoying a fun time with your pets and kids out of meeting emergencies with the flashlight. Now, it's your turn to compare and make a fair deal with the Arkfeld EDC flashlight.

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