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Arkfeld Spring 3 Flashlight - Enhance the Senses! [O - Fan Review]

Arkfeld Spring 3 Flashlight - Enhance the Senses! [O - Fan Review]

I was excited just to see the Arkfeld Precious Metals Seasonal Series' latest box! The most amazing experience for everyone is the first time you see this artistic masterpiece!

As I removed the lid, the Arkfeld is hard boxed, and the slight pull back from air pressure helps create a slight delay in your efforts to lay eyes on the Spring 3 . But I promise, no matter who does, the exact second you see an edge become visible, working toward viewing the whole thing, everything else fades. Honesty aside, a smile forms, realizing Olight has given us "I'm going to put it back in the box to see whether it improves the experience outside in nature!

We'll test the Arkfeld Spring 3

An incredible piece of functional art technology. The shape and color combo feel like a throwback future flashlight, and with the famed Arkfeld unique design ahead of the pack, it's an instant classic.

The Arkfeld Spring 3 green laser pointer features a clear beam and a powerful, detailed pin point, unlike other goods that dilate and become fuzzy. Presentations are becoming larger, with larger rooms and venues that would benefit from a tighter and brighter laser point and an optional color choice. The laser makes this the office wizard, so variations would be encouraged in future models.

The Spring 3 can still reach 1000 lumens for 4 minutes with a double push of the button when charged above 75%. A large panoramic picture in clean, cold white.

The popular MOON option may stay on for up to eight days, enough to be seen in gloomy locations during a search and rescue. This setting is useful at home for checking messages while others are sleeping.

I like the Spring 3 emergency mode because you can roam with Arkfeld Spring 3 on HIGH for almost 30 minutes at 20%. This is a strong point and considerably more helpful than other designs with similar sizes and wattages. That number makes me happy! On a normal day, I can be at 1/5th power and have 300 lumens for 34 minutes. (The data is the actual usage data of the user)

From the touch-easy combo wheel with raised thumb tabs to the changeable color bars depending on Spring 3 usage, Arkfeld has all the usual features.

The highly anticipated redesigned and strengthened single-direction power clip, on which the engineering team focused on Olighters' demands and produced the clip that proves customer feedback has a voice, universally made this welcome and justifiable adjustment. This clip design might work for every model, which is nice. Yes, customer product advancement and easy ethics!

The strobe feature is brilliant, rapid, and easy. In fact, I discovered that the button press format to enter this strobe mode is the appropriate reaction for this setting; the sense of scrambling or panicking, which is common for many of us, brings us to this defense mode with 3 or more quick button presses.

There are also two types of memory settings. I'll keep testing these possibilities. I hope we all learn as much as we can about all the amazing goods the Arkfeld Spring 3 has provided us with for our go-to every-day carry.

Unique is each olight. This puts the Arkfeld Spring 3 Special Edition in the lead for recruiting new clients. It should also assist in bringing back existing purchasers who desire something new, distinct, and beautiful.

One idea that really intrigues me and that Arkfeld Spring 3 offers abundantly over other models (generally speaking, any Olight product at any time has a value in this, only realizing how much more effective this flashlight's aesthetics are) is the ability to be an amazing gift for any occasion. I can't conceive of a moment or someone who would regret receiving this model! This is a terrific choice for family milestones like your first apartment, driver's license, or even an icebreaker with your in-laws!

For those unfamiliar with Olight, it will turn heads; even critics will want to have a look, possibly changing their minds after seeing it reflect light and appreciate what Spring 3 is. If you're not sure what to acquire for holiday shopping in 2023, try this limited-edition offering. Arkfeld Spring 3 makes it an easy experience.

Arkfeld Spring 3 limited edition laser light combo's is a beautiful and capable flashlight for everyone, with the versatility to be a self-defense tool or rescue/survival item, the most amazing dinner or party piece, and inadvertently an inspiration for what is possible in terms of building and trying different forms. it was an instant EDC. I'm purposely going to double up for the foreseeable future with the Spring 3 , enjoying its craftsmanship, watching the expressions from everyone reacting to the rich colors, and letting them learn what Olight created in this masterpiece of form and function. Whatever comes next, history was made when the Arkfeld Spring 3 arrived.

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This is a good read, detailed and well expressed- I think the writer is on the way to becoming even better, well-versed and definitely honest and helps a decision on the fence push forward toward a buy

Posted on: May 14, 2023, 23:19:36


The Arkfeld 3 Spring Ti is absolute in its expression of a new era in office edc- its just pleasing to look at, and professional at the same time- I will be going BrassUV also, because UV is a professional beed in my glassblowing, and the magnetic tailswitchalong with the durability in brass is perfect because many of the tools I use are brass- I just need the Spring 3 in UV, so I can have the "shop work brass" and the functional art expressive Mirroring in UV for the gallery night- just a win!

Posted on: May 13, 2023, 19:04:44


I know many will love this pen, but I’m leaning more to the ODG or Brass

Posted on: May 13, 2023, 09:01:36

Chris Levendosky

Beautiful coloring on this!

Posted on: May 12, 2023, 20:56:06

Johnni Jones

The Arkfeld Spring 3 is very appealing. Love that it's made of titanium alloy with a mirror-polished finish. I also love the flat shape.

Posted on: May 12, 2023, 17:27:17

Kristopher Caples

I actually have a couple arkfeld’s and I love them all!! This one is amazing looking!!!

Posted on: May 12, 2023, 14:18:10


I love the iridescent color on this one the arkfield, is a nice little slim light that everyone should have at least one of

Posted on: May 12, 2023, 12:21:46

Janice Booth

Amazing color here! Good job!

Posted on: May 12, 2023, 07:03:46