As O-Fan Day comes to an end, will you be the last lucky one?

As O-Fan Day comes to an end, will you be the last lucky one?

2022 O-Fan Day came with fantastic surprises and spellbinding fun, imparting us with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. As you look back at this one-of-a-kind fan event, did you enjoy the O-Fan party to the fullest? Taking a quick look at the O-Fan Day recap, let's review the event in its entirety. By sharing your O-Fan Day scores (purchases, gifts, etc.) in the comment section, get the chance to be the final lucky one. We wish you good luck and a wonderful start to the day!


The epic 2022 Olight fan celebration event (spanning from September 7 to 24) brought surprises beyond O-Fans' expectations, including an incredible online product release event, the grand opening of a new brand website (Obuy), a memorial review of fan culture growth, a highly engaging online sports campaign, and plenty of gifts/giveaways.


O-Fan Day Officially Kicked Off


O-Fan Day kicked off on September 7 with its first online global Sports event (which was known as O-Sports), appealing to fans worldwide to share their favorite sports in the community or challenge global fans to a sport called planking. For visitors who didn't join the event, click this O-Sports recap video to get the full event information! Please also check out the truly heartwarming video about O-Fan culture development that is packed with touching moments as we reflect on the solid friendships between Olight and O-Fans.


New Product Release Online Event


For fans who are familiar with Olight's historical product launches in the past, you know that we tried something completely new. Our new product release online event was an unprecedented attempt for Olight and a totally new way for fans to grasp key details of the new products. In the video, we unveiled our newest products including the Baton 3 ProSigurdOdianceGober, and other color variants of preexisting models. We invested heavily to create the ultimate fan event experience for our loyal O-Fans, including gifts (such as the iMorse Gunmetal Grey, i3E Antique Bronze), free tier gifts (such as the i1R2 Kit in Black, Desert Tan, and Parrot Grey), and a bunch of special coupons!


Daily Lucky Draw Wheel


Next comes the Daily Lucky Wheel -- more popular than ever! Spin the wheel to learn your level of luck! This 8-day lasting event enabled customers to immerse themselves in the fun even more! Do you remember what incredible giveaways and prizes were on the wheel!? The wheel included a Baton 3 Pro NW, Odiance, Multitool, Olife sunbreeze Hammock, MCCA-1A, $30 and $10 coupons, and 50 points/O coins.



O-Fans Award Ceremony


One of the most exciting events of the year, the O-Fan Day Award Ceremony witnessed the wonderful contributions and impacts of O-Fans over the past year. On September 16, Olight announced awards for 168 members spanning 8 categories in the live broadcast. These awesome awards included: Group Contributor Award, Tester Award, Early Bird Award, The Super Fan Award, The Sharpest Award, Busy Bee Award, O-fan Club Star Award, and Helping Hand Award.


Obuy Opening


Olight thrilled O-Fans by making another big announcement: A brand-new site that includes hiking gear, camping equipment, outdoor tools, and everyday household items. Thank you to the many of you who witnessed Obuy's Grand Opening and gave us sincere feedback. We believe that Obuy will serve you better and better with your support! Besides, we know that most of you have added your favorite items to the cart! Don't forget to check your Olight and Obuy combined account from time to time, perhaps you can find more special discounts in the future!


We can't wait to say that 2022 O-Fan Day has been a huge and successful event, all because of your presence! Thank YOU sincerely for your active participation. Your witness and continuous support are essential to every achievement of Olight. We hope you enjoy every moment of being with Olight and that you are happy in the following days as you receive your new items! See you next year!


Throughout the whole O-Fan event, which part do you feel was the most memorable? What do you want to see in the next year's O-Fan Day event? We would like to hear your true opinions in the questionnaire to help us move forward and present a better O-Fan event every year! Feel free to share your ''O-Fan Day scores (purchases, gifts, etc.)'' in the comment area before September 27 at 6 PM EDT. We will pick five lucky people randomly to award a $5 Obuy coupon!! 

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All Reviews (9)


I always enjoy the lightning wheel!

Posted on: Sep 28, 2022, 03:46:19

John Barnes

Good stuff, but you have to spend so much to advance in O-Fan levels...

Posted on: Sep 26, 2022, 10:14:27

Kevin Mendelson

It's hard to believe I only discovered Olight on Apr 10, 2020 during the Covid Charity Sale. My first purchase was two of the S1R Baton II's, and two of the i1R 2 Eos's. I still have them and use them to this day along with several hundred other lights, knives and accessories. It has been an absolute joy and pleasure being a part of this community and family since that day. The company and all of the employees, support staff and volunteers are what makes Olight what it is. Ran out of room!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 18:47:50

Eric Garvansites

This brand, this family has brought joy and fun back into my life. It keeps my mind off of the war when I served in 2004 in the Marine Corps. Everything about Olight screams professionalism,, dedication, tech advancement and togetherness. Great products, addicting as heck & overall an Amazing company!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 12:22:21


Olight has been a part of my daily routine since early 2019 and i would not have it any other way. I discovered their great product from a light i was gifted, an i3tEOS in desert tan.. From there i was hooked and have steadily replaced and added more lights to use in my daily routine. Now that i am an Olight addict I gift all kinds of lights to people as the situation arises. Never experienced a company such as yours that is so in touch and involved with their customers. Thank You and congrats !

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 11:28:33


Ofan day was good to me this year! I got some Christmas gifts for friends and family (and a little something for myself while I was at it). The spinner is always an added bonus! The coins and points help and it gave me something to look forward to for my daily login. Keep up the innovation!

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 10:46:30

Olight User

Thanks Olight 👍

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 10:37:01

Kenneth Lofgren

loved it

Posted on: Sep 25, 2022, 10:32:16

Claire Haller

Ofan day was a huge success for me! I love love love the spinner, along with my purchases and daily log ins, it helped me level up 3 times! The fun definitely didn’t stop with the spinner, the contests and seeing everyone elses posts and stories were really great and I even won an i3E keychain light! The deals were unbeatable making it impossible for me to pass up the GMG Marauder bundle, I am super excited to try it out, it’s on it’s way :) ended up making 3 orders with deals to good to pass up

Posted on: Sep 24, 2022, 01:28:51