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Baldr Pro R Gun Light - Why People Love It?

Baldr Pro R Gun Light - Why People Love It?

Olight has added a new dimension to the gun lighting series with the Baldr Pro R rechargeable combo flashlight. It is an updated version of the Bald Pro for both short and long setups. People love the defensive lighting device for leading performance to cope with challenging tactical tasks.


Unlike traditional gun lights, the Baldr Pro R offers quick and accurate aiming at targets. It is a professional self-protective flashlight with a powerful white LED and intense green beam. Therefore, users prefer the gun light for multiple functions in their daily outdoor and indoor demands.


If you are looking for a high-performing gun light within your budget, the Baldr Pro R fits better with all-exciting features. Here, I will share what exceptional features and functions have made the gun light different from the regular stuff.

Features of the Baldr Pro R Rechargeable Gun Light

The Olight research & development team has made the Baldr Pro R rechargeable flashlight market-competitive with all the latest features. Let's look at the fantastic features of the user-friendly flashlight.


Dual-Light Source: The Baldr Pro R is a versatile weapon light with 1350 lumens white LED output and an intense <5mW green laser pointer. It is a great compact gun light for outdoor carry, indoor safety, and self-defense. You will get a leading performance from the dual-source combo flashlight.

Multiple Mode Selector: You can switch between three different lighting modes with the help of a selector ring. It lets you turn white LED only, green laser pointer only, and white LED and GL modes together.

Twist the selector ring left for white LED, move right for GL, and get back middle for both white light and green laser pointer. You can shift from one mode to another within no time.


Rechargeable: Unlike Baldr Pro, the Baldr Pro R is a rechargeable gun light for the most convenient use. It has a built-in 3.6V 1000mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery for a better energy-saving experience. A full-recharged battery offers you powerful performance for personal safety everywhere.

Magnetic Charging: You can ensure instant recharging of the 1000mAh lithium polymer battery through a 2-in-1 magnetic charging port. The USB magnetic charging cable instantly snaps on the charging port for the fastest recharging. It doesn’t require the removal of the battery for recharging.


Remote Pressure Switch: There is an optional magnetic remote pressure switch (RPL-7) for short and long setups. The magnetic charging port supports the optional pressure switch for long-range rifles. So, you can customize the light as your defensive demand, whether in shorter or larger setups.

Instant Installation: Olight has made the light compatible with Glock and Picatinny 1913 rails for reliable setup. The locking swing arm and switch ensure quick attachment and detachment of the light anytime. Moreover, it withstands high recoil and impact while installing the light for short or long setups.


Ambidextrous Rear Switches: The Baldr Pro R is more user-friendly than conventional flashlights with dual ambidextrous rear switches. It offers smooth momentary-on and constant-on activation with either hand. You can push both sides simultaneously to get quick access to the strobe.


Easy to Carry: You can carry the light anywhere in your pocket, purse, or backpack. The 3.74-inch long, 1.44-inch wide, and 1.34-inch-high flashlight weighs only 4.44 oz (126g), including the battery. Therefore, you can go with the light anywhere without any hassle. 

Technical Information: 

Functions to Favor of the Baldr Pro R Gun Light:

The Baldr Pro R is a multi-functional flashlight for indoor and outdoor lighting or surveilling purposes. It is a great lighting gadget that makes your life easier and safer. Here are some stunning functions of the flashlight to favor.


Daily Illumination: You can use the high-performance CW LED light source for your daily illumination. The gun light lets you illuminate your home or way for up to 93 minutes with white LED only at 300 lumens. So, it can be a useful lighting source during a sudden power outage due to a storm or rain.


Self-Defense: If you usually get back home at night through the lonely street, you can fall into attacks by hijackers, snatchers, or other miscreants anytime. Here, the Baldr Pro R gun light can be your best friend to tackle tough times. It lets you locate and deter the attackers earlier.


Law Enforcement:  The Baldr Pro R fits well with shotguns, pistols, and big rifles with Glock or Picatinny 1913 rails. So, law enforcers can utilize lighting weapons to trace attackers from a longer distance. The green laser beam pointer helps them fix their targets and settle security threats.


Tactical Tasks: You can carry the flashlight for your daily tactical tasks at home or outside. It lets you find lost objects from hard-to-reach corners with a powerful LED. You can use the green beam pointer to send surviving signals during wildlife camping or natural catastrophes. Moreover, it helps you fix faults inside your car's engine or anywhere.


Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

You may have many to ask me while switching to Baldr Pro R from regular flashlights. Here are some more to get about the Olight’s latest release of the gun light series.


What are the different lighting levels of the Baldr Pro R gun light?

The Baldr Pro R is a powerful gun light with different lighting levels at particular lumen ranges. It determines the runtime of the light that you need to meet your lighting demand.

You can turn on any lighting level anytime to adjust your work. The mode selector ring lets you choose your desired mode by twisting the left, right, and middle itself.

What should I do to use the light for the first time?

The Baldr Pro R gun light comes in lockout mode during the shipment. You must press and hold both switches for two seconds before the first use. Release the switches when the high white light and green beam pointer turn on, and the lockout mode gets off.

Final Words:

The Baldr Pro R is a true gun light with amazing features and useful functions. Unlike traditional gun lights, it comes with a white LED and green light combo for convenient use. A built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery powers the gun light for longer runtime.

You can carry the light for daily lighting, tactical tasks, self-defense, and more. Law enforcement officers can make their operations more meaningful at night with the gun light.

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This light is on my list as I own a rifle that would benefit from it.

Posted on: May 13, 2023, 09:08:31