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Baldr S: A Glock Light that will Never Let You Down!

Baldr S: A Glock Light that will Never Let You Down!

💡Baldr S: A Glock Light That Will Never Let You Down!😊

   Mounting a Glock light can absolutely give shooters a critical advantage. It is common for self-defense shootings to occur in low light or completely dark settings.

   And in these conditions, it is obviously very difficult to fully identify your target before shooting. 

   In other words, you are increasing the chances of missing your target and potentially handing the advantage to them.

   With so much at stake, it is quite necessary to mount a Glock light on your gun. Before mounting the Glock light, it is crucial to find a suitable Glock light for your firearms. 

   To deal with this issue, let’s go through the characteristics that define a high-quality Glock light so we can choose the best one.

   👉How to choose the Glock light?

Compatibility for firearms

Brightness and range

Easy to use

Compact and Lightweight

Affordable Price

Batteries with long life


   When picking a suitable Glock light, several factors need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important factors should be the compatibility of the firearm since you need to measure whether the light works for the gun. It is highly recommended to choose a Glock light that is compatible with different firearms.

   Secondly, brightness also is highly important with regard to the effectiveness of the light. When you are looking for a Glock light, make sure to find one with a high lumen count.

   Another key point to consider before purchasing a Glock light is to ensure that it is easy to use.

   Nobody wants to get a Glock light that is hard to turn on and off because this will ruin the experience and it could also be dangerous if you use your Glock to help protect yourself.

   To get the most out of the light, it’s better to select a Glock light that is lightweight and compact.

   Moreover, an affordable price and long-life batteries will maximize the benefit you get from the light you choose.

   Finally, remember to check its durability which has a close relationship with reliability. A good Glock light should last you for many months, as it is robust and durable.

  👉Our Top Pick for the Glock Light:  Baldr S

shotgun flashlight mount    

👏 A big improvement over the Baldr Mini!

best handgun light    

   Among many Glock lights, the Baldr S can be counted as an outstanding product even compared with one of the most popular Olight products -- the Baldr Mini.

   According to the statistics above, it’s clear to see that Baldr S outperforms Baldr Mini in many ways, especially in brightness output and intensity of beam light. 

   With a slightly bigger size and heavier weight, it can boast 800 lumens of maximum output and 4400 candelas of the light beam, far more than the Baldr mini at the same distance throw. Most of all, it can last over three times the runtime as Baldr mini. 

   In terms of similarities, both of them can emit green laser beams of white light when used. And they both have two color options available, which include black and desert tan.

   Plus, they both passed the 1-meter drop test and are rated IPX 4 waterproof, making them durable enough to resist some harsh conditions.

   But as opposed to the Baldr S BL edition, which can provide blue & green beam light, the Baldr Mini only has one color beam laser light. If you are tempted by this fresh blue color light, please don’t miss the chance of buying Baldr S at once. 

   In contrast to the Baldr Mini, the Baldr S has a dual switch while the Baldr Mini has merely a side switch, which means it is more flexible.

   Additionally, the battery capacity of the Baldr S is 3.7V,380mAh, a 65% increase in capacity compared to Baldr Mini (3.7V 230mAh), which makes a max runtime up to 140 minutes

👏 Give you Power, Precision, and accuracy!

best handgun light laser combo

   If you want to own a Glock light that features greater brightness and longer runtime, the Baldr S Glock light should be your first option. 

   It can emit ultra-bright light with its laser beam, providing you with more stable performance. The combination of a highly visible Class IIIa 440~460nm BL beam (<5mW) and 800 lumens of white light makes it brighter than an ordinary RL beam. 

shotgun laser light combo

   Besides, this powerful beam combo has a low 100-lumen setting, which can run for 90 minutes. This complementary mode means that you can have a wider selection of brightness levels so you can be ready for any situation that arises. 

   The white light of the Baldr S has two modes: high and low. The laser is strong and can blind any attackers when you need to protect yourself. Many users would choose the green laser since it is easiest for the eyes to pick up and best for inflicting astigmatism upon an attacker.

Baldr s gun light

   “Bought this for my 12ga. Brighter than you might think, the laser is crisp and you can see the beam at night,” one satisfied customer said. Importantly, the Baldr S can greatly increase the accuracy of identifying an object in the dark.

   You will see everything before they see you since the light is blinding. 

   In addition, this is also the only blue laser WML among all of the quality units. The bright blue beam will give visible aiming assistance during both day and night, but it is not dazzling in close quarters. 

👏 Easy to install with a smooth operation!

tactical shotgun light

   Another brilliant advantage of this awesome Glock light is that its compact size leads to easy installation with smooth operation.

   It fits unobtrusively with compact barrels, which means you don’t need to attach or detach it repeatedly. 

   With the quick-install system, you can attach and release the light in seconds for instant activation. By activating the dual ambidextrous switches, you can access momentary-on or constant-on mode from either hand with ease. 

   The compact size of the light is perfect for shorter barrels. The Baldr S has some weight to it and reduces muzzle flip. The added set screws secure the Baldr S in place on the rail.

   “I don’t care for laser but it has an off switch so perfect. Best Olight compact weapon light yet!” commented a user on Facebook. 

   Furthermore, the sliding rail ensures the light can be adjusted back and forth to secure the best position for you.

   And you can install it easily within one second. If you need to switch weapons, it's not hard to remove, loosen the set screws and make use of the sliding adjustable mount again. 

   Additionally, the mounting of this powerful light and laser is firm and tight. The set screws secure the rail mount base to the light in the desired position, and you can simply remove the screws if you need to detach the light.

   “All the mounting is firm and with a little blue Loctite I am confident that it will hold zero.” a user said.  

👏 offers you more than you'd expect!

tactical gun lights

   With regard to its compatibility, it is suitable for plenty of types of firearms, which just perfectly meet your need for mounting options.

   There are over 50 types of guns that can be mounted with the Baldr S. You can mount this Baldr S to your Glock 19, g30, or Canik, for example.

   It also has the reliability that makes it a worthy choice. With two tightening screws added to the slide rail mount, you can keep the green beam right on the target even after intense recoil. “For the quality the price is right. I enjoy mine,” one user said. 

bicycle gun holster

   Additionally, it possesses a charging cable that snaps on instantly. In this way, you can get charging started right away.

   “I’m not a navy seal, or a delta force operator. I don’t need a light that can be submerged 50 meters or a run time of 6 hours, and most of all I don’t need to waste my time and money trying to continually source CR123a Batteries so the rechargeability of this light is a huge plus for me,” another user said. 

   In fact, the Baldr S is more versatile than you'd think. not only can it be mounted on guns for tactical use, self-defense, or law enforcement, but also it can be mounted on binoculars to illuminate your vision from a distance. 

   Putting the Baldr S on the rail projects a visible beam that you can see easily without crouching and looking along the tube of the telescope. 

   “This works brilliantly and the Baldr-S is compact enough that I can still see the red dot. It makes a great over-under sighting system.” one user who bought two Baldr S units said. 

   👉How to mount a light on the Glock 19?

   The instructions that come with your light should always be your first resource for installation guidance. 

  •      Firstly, you can remove the magazine and confirm that the chamber is empty with a chamber flag.

  •      Next, take time to clean your Glock’s rail. Apply rubbing alcohol or clean the exterior of your gun with a patch or soft rag and remove any oil or debris from the rail.

  •     To access the battery compartment, simply twist the head of the light where the bulb is. Once you’ve loaded up fresh batteries, replace the head of the light.

  •     You’ll need an Allen wrench or similar tool for this next part. 

  •     Make sure you’ve got the right wrench for the Glock 19 on your gun. Replace the screw on the side to swap out the key. 

  •     Once you’ve done that, it’s time to mount the light. Loosen the mounting bolts. Then slide the light onto the rail. 

  •     Confirm that your light is in the right position by making sure you can easily access the light’s controls while your hand is in a shooting position. 

  •     Once the light is in the position where you want it, retighten the bolts.

👉Get it now!

gun mounted light

   In summary, the Baldr S is really worth every penny and you will be impressed by its astounding features once you get it.

   Many people are contented with this Baldr S Glock light. For the price, you can’t ask for a better light like this.

   If you're dissatisfied, you can get a quality warranty which the punctual and polite Olight customer support team can assist you with.

   As an additional feature, this tiny Glock light can be mounted on your EDC pistol using laser only, which has a good enough run time.

If you desire to buy this fantastic Glock light, please grab it now! 

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