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Baldr S BL Tactical Light - Unique blue laser

Baldr S BL Tactical Light - Unique blue laser

The Baldr S BL tactical light is an illumination tool with blue laser sight and white LED, still features the patented rail mount to easily slide the light to your desired position, and includes two types of rail adapters to fit both Glock and Picatinny rails, which are suitable for pistols with Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913 rail) or GLOCK pistols with mounting slots.

Its white light output is as bright as 800 lumens. The newly introduced BL beam provides perceptible but not glaring aiming assistance during both day and night. The blue laser emits a beam that is clearly visible in the dark, with a small and rounded spot. Using the setting switch, you can change between the white light, BL beam, and combo settings easily without turning it off. Both sides of the switch function the same, taking into account the left and right-handed habits. The built-in 3.7V 380mAh lithium polymer battery ensures a max runtime of 140 minutes. With the quick-install system, you can attach and release the light in seconds. Delivering powerful illumination and an intense blue dot, the Baldr S BL will bring an awesome lighting and aiming experience when used with your compact or subcompact setups. This powerful, precise, compact, and adjustable WML is the perfect compact defense light source.

Baldr S blue laser tactical light adheres to the Baldr Mini's small and exquisite appearance; following the Baldr mini slide removable, magnetic charging, OLIGHT characteristics of the loading and unloading structure, easy to achieve 1-second gun light installation or separation. NYLOK processing adjustment screws, the main body of the product with aluminum alloy construction, with extremely high strength and reliability, highly compatible, fast installation, small size, and strong performance to provide professional users with quality options. Market applications of the Baldr S BL are self-defense, law enforcement, and tactical.

Baldr S  BL tactical light


Baldr S BL adopts an aviation aluminum alloy shell and stainless steel attack head, and the surface is tertiary hard anodized, and the product quality can be assured. Built-in 380mAh, 3.7V lithium polymer battery, the maximum output is 800 lumens, and the range is 130 meters. Olight also uses a light source selection switch in parallel sliding mode, which can independently select LED (white light), LASER (laser), or LED (white light) & LASER (laser). Note: LED white light, blue laser output from the same light cup mouth. Of course, as a tactical weapon light, Baldr S BL has two output modes: constant light or tactical light. The dual ambidextrous switches for smooth momentary-on or constant-on activation by either hand with ease. And when the battery low voltage indicator is working and the battery power is less than 10%, the red indicator on the side will light up.

Then, the white light high brightness is increased to 800Lm, and the brightness is increased by 33%; the battery life is 140min, which is also increased by 33%; the constant output of white light low brightness is 100Lm, and the battery life is up to 140min by using new circuit design, which improves production efficiency to extend the life. About the blue laser, class IIIa 440~460nm BL beam (<5mW), is brighter than an ordinary RL beam but not as glaring as the GL beam in close-range uses. And patented sliding rail mount makes the light custom-fit to your specific rail length, and also includes a swing arm to quickly install or release the light. The Baldr S BL comes standard with both Glock and Picatinny-sized rail inserts for superb compatibility. Compatible and reliable, passed 500 round test, and proven to accept high recoil and impact.

tactical light, blue  laser light

rechargeable tactical light

Product Performance

Baldr S BL is a small size and high performance pistol light. It has excellent performance, two-speed white light + blue laser, max 800 Lumens leading power, capable of dealing with more challenging tasks. The beam distance reaches 130m and the battery life is up to 140min, its performance is comparable to medium-sized gun light.

The light source is high performance LED(6000K~7500K), BL beam emitter (440~460nm, <5mW, Class IIIa). The dimension of the Baldr S BL is Length: 2.48in/63mm, Body Diameter: 1.42in/36mm, and the Head Diameter: 1.28in/32.5mm. The weight is 3.35oz/95g (Including Battery). Waterproof is IPX4 and the drop test is 1.0 m. It is small and compact, with an exquisite appearance, which is quick to install and comfortable to use. No hitch in putting in or pulling out of your holster.

The Baldr S BL has a patented slide rail mount, the slide rail mount makes it custom-fit for any barrel length, quick to attach and detach with a locking swing arm. And Baldr S BL adds two screws to fix the slide rail, improves the structure of the gun light, reduces the laser offset, stabilizes the aiming, and ensures that the green laser will not deviate from the aiming center under continuous impact.

Note: There are slight differences between the picture and the real item caused by light color temperature. All the pictures are for reference only.

Baldr S BL, tactical light. weapon light


The modes corresponding to the left-middle-right side of the light source selection switch are: blue laser, white light + blue laser, and white light; The two switches on the gun light are push-down, sideways, or forwards are invalid operations.

Momentary on: Press any button down and hold, the gun light will turn on when the button is pressed, and turn off when the button is released.

Constant on: Quickly click any button, and the gun light will continue to light up. Press again to power off.

When the light source selector switch is set to the LED or LED&LASER option, the following operations are valid:

Change the brightness: In the power-on state, the output brightness will be converted and memorized by quickly double-clicking (or multi-clicking) the button.

High light: In the off state, quickly double-click (or multi-click) the button, the memory brightness will be lit instantly when the button is pressed for the first time, and it will be high brightness mode when the button is pressed for the second time.

Note: Turn the light source selection switch in the power-on state, the output remains on and switches to the corresponding selected light source.

rail mount, adjustment rail

In the box

Baldr S BL (Battery Built-in) x 1               

Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) Rail Mount Adapter x 1

HM2.5*4.5 Socket Cap Screw x 2           

M3x4 Socket Set Screw x 2

H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1                             

Oval Point Set Screw x 1

Cone Point Set Screw x 1                        

MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable) Special Edition x 1

User Manual x 1

If you are choosing different models of flashlights or lasers, the Baldr S BL tactical light would be a good choice for you. Thank you for your reading.

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