New Member of The Arkfeld Family - Best Flat EDC Flashlight

New Member of The Arkfeld Family - Best Flat EDC Flashlight

One of the sleekest and most comfortable flashlights on the market, the Arkfeld’s unique flat shape and easy to carry body, make this light and go to every day carry. This is Olights first dual light source and portable flat EDC flashlights. It has 2 color temps, 5 brightness levels as well as a memory function that’s allows you to select and customize the setting of your choice. One of the biggest hassles for me when I’m carrying a light is getting the most brightness out of the smallest footprint. Weighing only 3.07 oz, 4.3 in long, under and inch wide and just thicker than ½ inch. This light really puts the power behind it for the form factor.

I use my Arkfeld primarily for work, its extremely handy when I’m in a hard-to-get spot and I need to set it down. It wont roll on you and if you have access to metal, you can magnet it straight to whatever you need. The flat ultra-thin body really makes it unnoticeable when your carrying, which can be the primary reason someone might not carry a light in general. Perhaps one of the greatest features of the Arkfeld is its dual function of Flashlight/Green Laser. Using a switch at the top allows you to toggle back and forth between the laser and the light. I love playing with the cats or even the dogs love to chase it around. I use it at work when im pointing materials up high in the warehouse or during a presentation on the whiteboard. Its not quite bright enough to point out stars, I definitely think they should upgrade the laser so you can at least see the beam and be able to star gaze. Nonetheless, the Arkfeld is one of Olights most versatile lights right now. They have many different colors and materials including titanium and copper. The newest color variant is the Gunmetal Pinwheel color📢. The beautiful design has a darker grey with a pattern that looks similar to carbon fiber. It is very aesthetically pleasing. Performance wise, the Arkfeld boasts 1000 lumen turbo mode. Although the turbo mode will only last you up to 4 minutes on a full charge before dimming down to the next level which is 300, I have never found myself using the Arkfeld and running out of light. It never ceases to amaze me when I’m out camping or even working on the car, how long it lasts on high. I am very impressed with the Arkfeld and am really looking forward to new variants and new designs. The sleekness and build quality really do make it disappear in your pocket. 

Best Flat EDC Flashlight

Arkfeld flat flashlight functions and features

Stylish Appearance

Olight Arkfeld EDC flashlight adopts an ultra-thin and rectangular profile with only 4.33 inches in length and 0.98 inches in width. Its unique flat design makes it easy to carry in a pocket, tool kit, and so on. It is convenient for you to use it anywhere.

Arkfeld flat flashlight Stylish Appearance

Integrated Design

Most usual flashlights have traces showing two parts on the side. However, The Arkfeld flashlight, with its unique integrated processing design, has a very smooth side. You can find only two screws on its surface.

User Interface

The Arkfeld flashlight comes with a pretty simple user interface. You can turn on/off or adjust the brightness of the light with its intuitive center button, and the selector is helpful to adjust the light source.

Arkfeld flat flashlight User Interface

Multiple Brightness Light

No matter the lighting conditions, the Arkfeld flashlight provides five-level brightness light between 1000 lumen and 1 lumen to meet your visibility.

Arkfeld flat flashlight Multiple Brightness Light

Green Laser

Equipped with the built-in green laser light, the Arkfeld flashlight is also a good helper for demonstration, presentation, or pet amusement.

Magnetic Charging

The MCC3 magnetic charging cable can charge the 1050mAH lithium-ion battery faster and smoother than that of ordinary USB port. It can easily snap onto the tail of the flashlight. In addition, the battery level indicator on the surface of the Arkfeld flashlight is helpful for you the control the battery all the time. 

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All Reviews (4)

Sherri Rusch

Love the new design 🤗💕

Posted on: Feb 07, 2023, 21:55:37

Richard Corkum

Well Made as all of them are, Awesome little light for EDC, Or driving the Cat wonkie, That's always a good time.

Posted on: Feb 07, 2023, 20:38:58

Greg Taylor

I don't care what anyone says, I dig this design.

Posted on: Feb 07, 2023, 18:48:29


Yes !!Absolutely gorgeous !! I wish olight can come up with case for everyday carry. The flashlight look really cool.

Posted on: Feb 07, 2023, 16:18:19