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Best LED Tactical Flashlight: What the Warrior 3S Can do For You

Best LED Tactical Flashlight: What the Warrior 3S Can do For You

I'm sure you're no stranger to tactical flashlights, as we've written many articles about them.

The tactical flashlight was originally designed for the military and the police, but its excellent performance has made it deeply loved by people and has entered people's lives.

Best LED Tactical Flashlight: What the Warrior 3S Can do For You

Why Warrior 3S is the best LED tactical flashlight

There are a lot of tactical lights on the market, how should you go about choosing one? If you have read our previous article "How to choose a tactical flashlight?", you will know how to choose, but today allow me to recommend one of the best LED tactical flashlights for you - Warrior 3S.


 Why Warrior 3S is the best LED tactical flashlight

The Warrior 3S is a dual-switch tactical flashlight with a proximity sensor and remote on/off control. The maximum brightness reaches 2300 lumens.


It has 6 output settings                    

           Turbo        : 2,300~800~250 lumens

           H        igh: 800~250 lumens

Med            :        200 lumens

Low            :        15 lumens

Moon            :        1 lumens

Strobe            :        Yes


For tactical operation, the dual-stage tail switch provides quick and easy access to the most important settings, such as turbo boost and strobe. It can fulfill all your tactical flashlight fantasies.

What can the Warrior 3S LED Tactical Flashlight do for you?

Works with firearms

Works with firearms

As an LED tactical flashlight, the Warrior 3S works with firearms as its most basic function. You can mount it on a weapon or hold the weapon in one hand and the Warrior 3S in the other. it allows you to easily spot enemies and see your surroundings in the dark.



The function of tactical lights in self-defense is often overlooked, but it is easier to carry and better to use than the usual tools. Attackers can easily conceal themselves in the dark, but using a flashlight in combat allows you to easily eliminate that danger.


And Warrior 3S has a strobe function, when an enemy pounces on you, the flashlight's strobe light can temporarily blind and disorient the enemy, giving you time to escape or further protect yourself.

Broken Window Escape

Broken Window Escape

We all know that car windows are not easy to break without a proper tool            .         Another function of the Warrior 3S is to break windows. The head of the flashlight with the attack head can exert great pressure on the window, thereby breaking the window to escape.


If you're a law enforcement officer or first responder, it can help you quickly smash through car windows or windshields to save victims in car crashes.


If you are just an ordinary person, it is also an excellent self-rescue tool that can help you get out of trouble in your car.

Night lighting

Night lighting

Warrior 3S is made of high-end aluminum body material, only 167g and 5.47 inches long. The body is compact, small and not too heavy, which means you can easily carry it around and put it in your bag or pocket.


Imagine if you were walking alone on a dark road and you couldn't see the surrounding environment clearly. Would you be afraid?


When we can't see our surroundings clearly, we are not easily aware of potential dangers around us and we will lose our sense of security. Then you can light up your tactical flashlight, which will not only give you a clear view of the road ahead, but also prevent bad road from getting you injured.

Signaling for help

The Warrior 3S has up to 2300 lumens of bright light, which means it will be very useful when signaling for help.


When you are in an emergency situation such as getting lost or your car breaks down and you need to ask for help from the driver on the road, the first thing that comes to your mind may be waving and shouting.


But at night, in a noisy environment, waving and yelling won't get you the results you want. A tactical flashlight does, however, and you can use its strobe function, or emit a strong light to get people's attention. Use a flashlight when you're stranded and rescuers will find you more easily.


Tactical flashlights have a wide range of uses. In life, you will find that you can use it many times. This is also the importance of having a tactical flashlight.

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