Best Mini Flashlights & Tools In the Olight 2022 Summer Sale

Best Mini Flashlights & Tools In the Olight 2022 Summer Sale

Dear Olight Fans, did you tip the scale in your favor in this Summer Sale? Have you been satisfied with your shopping list in this big sale? Do you want to add other awesome gadgets like a mini flashlight?  If you still need some more handheld flashlights in a compact size, then the following curated collection of the best mini flashlight and accessories review will introduce the details of it. Go ahead to look through it!

What’s special about a mini flashlight?

Unlike most of flashlight, mini flashlight refers to a tiny flashlight with lightweight that can be easily put into a pocket or hat brim for EDC. Whether you are working in dark environments or being an avid lover of outdoor activities, it is usually taken as essential as a pocket knife, a multi-function handheld tool, or a first aid kit. With the development of advanced technology of flashlight, this new generation of tiny flashlight has been created with remarkable performance. Powered by rechargeable or replaceable batteries, nowadays these tiny flashlights have a super-bright feature and some may even produce 1000 lumens output, gradually overtaking the pace of the traditional flashlights.

Review of Flashlights & Tools

imini EDC Keychain Flashlight (Red)

EDC flashlight, keychain flashlight, tiny flashlight

Among all these mini flashlights, this Olight new Imini EDC tiny flashlight in red should be your first option, as it has a great discount with its instant function during the summer sale. Possessed with a supermini body of 1.38-inch long and a weight of only 0.4oz, it is very easy to carry wherever you go to work or outdoor exploration. You can put it easily in your pocket or the bag & keychain. And the color of stylish red makes it easier to be recognized by many little gadgets, ideal for EDC and other common scenarios.

What makes it different from other mini flashlights is that it has an instant function, which means you can quickly release the light when you are in hurry. To activate the light, all you need to do is just pop it off the magnetic cap. Thanks to the design of this mini flashlight, you can quickly turn the instant light on or off instantly by a single output of 10 lumens. This can save your time and your force particularly when you are weak or in some emergency situations.

Another prominent feature is that it is a built-in magnetic base, which can be used to attach to the iron surface, leaving you both hands-free to do other things. Meanwhile, this magnetic function can be applied to any kind of iron material, offering you wider compatibility and greater convenience for practical use. Made from aluminum alloy with 1.5-meter drop resistance, it is as tough and durable as other conventional flashlights and can take a beating. Anyway, this mini flashlight with instant features deserves you to take a look.

I3T Small EDC Flashlight Polished Stainless Steel

small EDC flashlight,  pocket flashlight

If you favor better performance and premium beam, this i3T Small EDC flashlight polished stainless steel can meet perfectly meet your expectation. One of the important features of this mini flashlight is that it requires just a single widely available AAA battery. As we all know, its batteries can be easily used in variable tiny electronic devices, which makes it easy to be found and purchased. Once we make full use of AAA batteries, the I3T mini flashlight can reach an incredible 180 lumens, which is twice the output of our I3E AAA battery flashlight. And the included TIR optic lens can emit a quite soft and balanced beam profile, which will keep the comfortable vision. With a tactical tail switch, unique milling, premium beam, and multiple carrying options, the I3T is an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere.

Moreover, the I3T mini flashlight takes up barely any space in the pocket due to the slim body design. The most outstanding innovation is that it has a new color of this polished stainless steel, adding elegant color to its family of i3T series. If you have a collection of black of desert tan before, you can consider trying this new fashionable color, which looks exquisite. In addition, the I3T body features a double helix milling pattern resembling DNA that not only enhances grip but gives your light a unique style. You don’t need to worry about slipping out of hand easily with double helix body knurling for a solid grip. On the whole, it is a decent mini flashlight with good performance.

I1R 2 PRO Keychain Flashlight (lake blue)

Keychain flashlight, keychain light

If you value the charging port, you can take this i1R 2 Pro Keychain Flashlight. It includes the new USB-C port instead of the old Micro-USB port, which makes charging easier. You can charge it through this USB-C port without dissembling the light or worrying about losing the head of the light. And the new USB-C port can support you to get fully charged within 100 minutes.

Plus, there are two single-mode including high or low modes on this mini flashlight, which means you can easily access any lumen levels with a simple twist of the head. Built-in 130mAh Lithium-ion battery, this mini flashlight can run up to 12 hours in the low mode with 5-lumen output, longer than i1R 2 edition. If you want to make full use of its 180 lumens, you can twist it a bit more in the high mode. This upgraded version of the i1R 2 EOS mini flashlight, can generate a soft, well-balanced beam by the high-performance CSP (chip scale package) LED with TIR lens, providing you as ample bright light as other EDC tiny flashlights. Moreover, this mini flashlight comes in the latest color as lake blue, presenting you with a fresh style. With the only weight of 0.78oz, it is very easy to carry with a keychain and the new color edition can be sent as a gift to your friends. After all, it also has a good deal during the summer sale so don’t miss this great chance!

I3T Plus Titanium Damascus Slim Pocket Light

slim pocket flashlight, EDC pocket flashlight

If you prefer better performance in runtime and slim in size, then this i3T Plus Titanium Damascus Slim Pocket Light can be a great pick for you. Inherited the pros and functions of i3T plus pocket light, it features the new color of Titanium Damascus, which looks glorious and fantastic in its slim figure. This new color perfectly combines the old-world decorative techniques and modern metalsmithing, which is just like the wonderful fusion of science and art. More importantly, it is corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making ideal characteristic of EDC. In addition, its slim aluminum-alloy body is designed with non-slip knurling, which can make you easily hold it with three fingers and even use it to inspect narrow spaces.

Compared with the i3T EOS mini flashlight, it has longer runtime which can reach up to 28 hours at 15 lumens. One of the most crucial factors of its extended runtime lies in the powerful dual AAA batteries while the i3T EOS just uses a single one. These two available 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries are quite useful and environment-friendly which include a leak-free design. It is so powerful that can empower a 250-lumen beam of light from the high-performance LED source.

Opry Pro Titanium Multifunctional Tool

Opry Pro Ti Multifunctional Tool

If you want to pick a flexible tool with rich functions, the Opry Pro can be a good helper.

The new Olight Opry Pro is a multi-use TC4 titanium alloy pry bar. With a newly added whistle and Oxygen Tank Wrench, the upgraded Opry Pro is well-structured and smaller in size. Besides, combining a pry, whistle, bottle opener, hexagonal wrench, and a measuring ruler, this is one well-rounded tool. Plus, made of premium quality, it has good resistance to corrosion, high heat, and high strength, enduring extreme environments.

Opry Pro Ti Multi Use Tool

Further, the wrench and screwdriver come in different sizes or specifications to meet your specific needs. The main body, clip, and rotary knob are made from TC4 titanium alloy which looks exquisite and sturdy, making it comfortable to touch and grip after being stonewashed. In addition, with only 2.76 inches in length, 1.64 ounces in weight, and 0.46 inches in thickness, it is tiny and lightweight yet robust. And more significantly, it can be tightly clipped to book pages, shirts, and jeans, or even used as a money clip. The Opry Pro, with all its functions in such a compact size, is a must-have tool to conquer your daily needs.


Picking a suitable mini flashlight among the number of products needs energy and time, but you can get some inspiration from the above-curated collection. If you like several of them both, you can consider picking all of them in your shopping cart. Now there are other budget bundles with these products waiting for you to discover. And the bundles include different outdoor megapacks, which will provide you a good discount if you pick them both, greatly saving your money. For juicy details, come and visit it now!

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