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The Best Oknife Pocket Knives from 2021 to 2023

The Best Oknife Pocket Knives from 2021 to 2023

Apr 12, 2023, 21:30:00

The purpose of this review post is to provide a comprehensive guide to the best pocket knives currently available in Olight and Obuy Store(sister-brand of Olight). We will look at the primary factors to consider when choosing a pocket knife, including the intended use, blade steel, blade shape and length, locking mechanisms, and handle material. We will also explore the highlight the top 5 pocket knives based on our research and analysis. If you got interested in other knives, learn more about the fixed-blade knife meaning here. 

Furthermore, we will examine the secondary factors to consider when choosing a pocket knife, such as fit and feel, size and weight, styling, pocket clip, opening methods, pivot design, safety, and ergonomics. By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the best pocket knife for your needs.

Key considerations for choosing a pocket knife

When choosing a pocket knife, there are a number of key considerations that you should keep in mind. These can be divided into primary and secondary factors:

Primary Factors

✅Intended Use: The first consideration when choosing a pocket knife is its intended use. Will you be using it for everyday tasks such as opening packages, cutting rope, or slicing food? Or will it be used for more specialized activities like hunting, fishing, or survival situations?

✅Blade Steel: Blade steel is a critical factor in determining the quality and durability of a pocket knife. Different types of steel have varying levels of hardness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.

✅Blade Shape and Length: The shape and length of the blade will depend on the intended use of the knife. A straight blade is good for slicing, while a serrated blade is better for cutting through tough materials.

✅Locking Mechanisms: A good pocket knife should have a reliable locking mechanism to keep the blade secure when in use. There are different types of locking mechanisms, such as liner locks, frame locks, and back locks.

✅Handle Material: The handle material should be durable and provide a comfortable grip. Popular handle materials include wood, G-10, titanium, and carbon fiber.

Secondary Factors

✅Fit and Feel: The knife should feel comfortable in your hand and have a good weight balance. 

✅Size and Weight: The size and weight of the knife will depend on your personal preference and intended use.

✅Styling: The appearance of the knife is a matter of personal preference, but it can also affect its resale value.

✅Pocket Clip: A pocket clip is a convenient feature that allows you to carry the knife securely and access it quickly.

✅Opening Methods: Different knives have different opening methods, such as thumb studs, flipper tabs, or nail nicks.

✅Pivots Design: Pivots are important for the smooth operation of the blade, and some knife enthusiasts consider pivot design as a factor.

✅Safety: A good pocket knife should have a safe and secure locking mechanism to prevent accidents.

✅Ergonomics: The design of the handle should be ergonomic to provide a comfortable and secure grip.

By considering these primary and secondary factors, you can choose a pocket knife that is right for you and meets your specific needs.

Top Pocket Knives We Recommend

Best Carving Pocket Knife: Oknife Heron L1 Wharncliffe blade

Best Gentleman's Pocket Knife: Oknife Borzoi Gentleman Knife 3-inch blade

Best Cleaver Pocket Knife: Oknife Gaur Cleaver 3.8-inch Blade

Best Damascus Pocket Knife: Oknife Freeze 3 Damascus Steel 3.8-inch Blade

Best Flipper Pocket Knife: Oknife Splint Stainless Steel 2.97-inch Blade


Oknife Heron L1 Wharncliffe Blade 3.67-inch(2023)

New in

Key features:

Blade length: 3.67-inch

Steel material: D2 Steel

Lock type: Liner Lock

Weight: 5.36oz

Handle: Gun-stock design G10 Handle


The Oknife Heron L1 Tactical Folding Knife is a versatile and reliable tool that boasts impressive features for a variety of cutting tasks. Its 3.67-inch Wharncliffe blade, made from D2 steel with a black titanium coating, offers exceptional cutting performance and improved corrosion resistance.


One of the standout features of the Heron L1 is its smooth action, thanks to the low-friction ball-bearing pivot system. The blade can be easily deployed using the flipper tab or thumb hole, making it quick and convenient to use in various situations.


The inset liner lock adds an extra layer of security to the blade, without adding unnecessary weight to the knife. This makes it lightweight and easy to carry, whether in your pocket or attached to your backpack with the stainless steel deep-carry pocket clip.


The gunstock-shaped G10 handle of the Heron L1 is not only visually appealing with its embossed, matrix-textured parallelogram pattern and signature Olight blue accents, but it also provides a comfortable and solid grip. This makes it easy to handle and maneuver the knife during use, especially in challenging conditions.


The compound grind of the Wharncliffe blade adds to the versatility of the knife, with a flat grind near the point for added strength in piercing cuts, and a hollow grind near the handle for enhanced sharpness in slicing cuts. This makes the Heron L1 suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks, from piercing to slicing and everything in between.


As a limited edition knife celebrating the 16th anniversary of the Olight, the Heron L1 also features a distinctive round pivot with a striking Olight blue PVD-coated collar, adding to its unique and eye-catching design.


Overall, the Oknife Heron L1 Wharncliffe Blade 3.67-inch is a high-quality folding knife that offers excellent cutting performance, durability, and ease of use. Whether for self-defense or general everyday cutting tasks, this knife is a reliable tool that stands out with its design and functionality. Available exclusively at Obuy, it's a must-have for knife enthusiasts and collectors alike.

(H3)Oknife Borzoi Gentleman’s Knife 3-inch Blade(2022)

5 Stars | 5 Reviews



Key features:

Blade length: 3-inch

Steel material: D2 Steel

Lock type: Frame lock

Weight: 2.58oz

Handle: G10 Stainless Steel


The Oknife Borzoi gentleman's pocket knife is a reliable and stylish choice for those in need of an everyday carry knife. With its 77.3mm D2 steel blade and stonewash finish, this knife offers excellent edge retention and durability. The practical drop point design is perfect for everyday tasks like opening packages and letters, making it a versatile tool to have on hand.


One of the standout features of this knife is the smooth and easy opening mechanism. The low-friction ball bearing allows for effortless one-handed opening with the front flipper or even with a nail. The robust frame lock made of stainless steel provides a solid and secure lock without any blade play, ensuring safe use.


The handle of the Borzoi is made of a combination of G10 and stainless steel, providing a comfortable grip and ease of handling. The G10 scale on one side offers optimal comfort, while the stainless steel frame lock on the other side adds stability. The jimping on the back of the blade provides additional grip for controlled cuts.


The deep-carry pocket clip is another great feature of this knife, allowing for easy and discreet transport. The slim and lightweight design of the knife easily disappears into a pocket, making it convenient for everyday carry. The matte black hardware on the non-show side, including the weight-reduced framework and the recessed deep-carry clip with hidden screws, adds to the knife's overall aesthetic appeal.


While I did notice a slight asymmetry in the grind of the blade edge and initially rough ball bearings, they smoothed out with use. The blue accents on the axle screws and backspacer add a nice touch to the knife's appearance, though a "Blackout" version could be even more elegant in my opinion.


In conclusion, the Oknife Borzoi gentleman's pocket knife is a reliable and stylish everyday carry knife that offers excellent cutting performance, easy one-handed opening, solid locking, and discreet carry. It's a practical choice for anyone in need of a functional and attractive pocket knife for their everyday tasks.


Oknife Freeze 3 Damascus Steel 3.8-inch Blade(2023)

3.5 Stars | 51 Reviews


Key features:

Blade length: 3.8-inch

Steel material: Damascus steel

Lock type: Liner lock

Weight: 5.36oz

Handle: G10 Stainless Steel


The Oknife Freeze 3 Damascus Steel 3.8-inch Blade is a beautifully designed knife that is not only stylish but also useful for everyday tasks. The blade is made of high-quality Damascus steel boasting a HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention, making it a great choice for cutting tasks. The black and blue G10 handle is both ergonomic and durable, ensuring a comfortable grip for extended use.


The knife features a flipper tab and fuller for easy deployment, and the stainless liner lock ensures a secure lockup. Additionally, the knife is portable, with an overall length of 8.8 inches and a convenient pocket clip.


Based on the reviews, customers are generally pleased with the Oknife Freeze 3. Many customers appreciate the heft of the knife, its smooth operation, and the deep clip that comes with it. The knife comes sharp out of the box and is suitable for a range of tasks, from camping and outdoor activities to everyday use in the kitchen.


A few customers expressed their desire for a side lock instead of the liner lock, and some customers wish the acid etch on the Damascus was a bit better. However, these are minor issues that do not significantly impact the knife's overall quality.


Overall, the Oknife Freeze 3 Damascus Steel 3.8-inch Blade is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and functional knife. Its unique design, high-quality materials, and affordable price make it a great addition to any collection or a reliable tool for everyday use.


Oknife Gaur Cleaver 3.8-inch Blade(2022)

4.5 Stars | 22 Reviews


Key features:

Blade length: 3.8-inch

Steel material: D2 steel

Lock type: Spring lock

Weight: 7.09oz

Handle: Paper Micarta


The Oknife Gaur Cleaver is a premium EDC pocket knife with a D2 sheep's foot blade that offers excellent edge retention and good resilience. It is designed for cutting and chopping everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and sausage. The knife is easy to open with the flipper and secure to lock with the robust locking spring. The blade swings out smoothly, and the low-friction ball bearing ensures a smooth running experience.


The knife has a unique and handy design, with a closure length of 129mm and a practical pocket clip that makes it easy to carry. The surface of the knife has a stonewash finish, which means that it doesn't show scratches or fingerprints easily. The handle is ergonomically structured and made of paper Micarta, which offers a comfortable and secure grip. The sizeable front finger recess and recesses facilitate controlled cutting.


The Oknife Gaur Cleaver has received 4.5 stars out of 22 reviews. Most of the customers have praised the knife for its smooth action and comfortable grip. Some of them have also appreciated the paper Micarta scales and the smooth swing of the blade. However, a few customers have expressed disappointment over the lack of a sharp point and the absence of a coin with this model.


Overall, the Oknife Gaur Cleaver is an excellent choice for those looking for a large and robust EDC pocket knife. The knife is well-constructed, sharp out of the box, and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, if you are looking for a knife with a sharp point, this may not be the best option. Nevertheless, the Oknife Gaur Cleaver is a great value for its price and is highly recommended for those who need a reliable and sturdy knife for their everyday use.


Oknife Splint Stainless Steel 2.97-inch Blade(2021)

4.5 Stars | 161 Reviews


Key features:

Blade length: 3.8-inch

Steel material: N690 Stainless steel

Lock type: Liner lock

Weight: 2.83oz

Handle: G10 Handle


The Oknife Splint Stainless Steel 2.97-inch Blade is a premium quality folding knife with an impressive 4.5-star rating and 161 reviews. The knife features a N690 stainless steel blade that is highly wear-resistant and has a sharp clip point for piercing, slicing, and skinning. The contoured G10 handle is sturdy and provides a comfortable grip.


The knife's intuitive flipper tab and thumb hole provide quick and easy access to the blade, and the stout stainless liner lock ensures a safe lockup. The knife is compact and portable, folding down to 3.96 inches and featuring a deep-carry pocket clip, making it perfect for daily carry and storage.


Many reviewers praised the knife's sharpness, lightweight, and excellent grip, making it stand out from other knives they have owned. The knife's deep clip and smooth action also earned high marks, with several reviewers stating that it was their new everyday carry knife.


Some reviewers noted that the knife would be even better if it were done in carbon fiber, and others mentioned that they would like to see different models or blade steel options. A few negative reviews commented on the knife's poor action, difficulty opening, or dull blade upon arrival.


Overall, the Oknife Splint Stainless Steel 2.97-inch Blade is a high-quality folding knife that delivers on its promises of durability, sharpness, and easy portability. It is highly recommended for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile everyday carry knife.



Final thoughts

Each of these knives has its unique features and advantages, and we recommend considering your intended use and personal preferences when choosing the best pocket knife for your needs.


If you have experience with any of the pocket knives discussed in this review or have a favorite pocket knife that you would like to share, we encourage you to leave a comment or share your thoughts on social media. By sharing our experiences and insights, we can help others make informed decisions and continue to appreciate the value and versatility of these essential tools.

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All Reviews (2)

Amie Mason

I would love to have this knife .

Posted on: May 01, 2023, 19:05:34

Jesse Herrmann

I still haven't taken the plunge into Oknife yet. Only the WML's & EDC lights. I've had a few knives in my cart for a long time & I think im going to start my Oknife experience with the Gaur. I'm a sucker for clever designs & I love the handle color w/ blue highlights. Plus I like a beefy knife. If I'm happy with it, then 1 of the Rubato's will be next.

Posted on: Apr 14, 2023, 11:11:35