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Best table lamp with RGB LEDs——Perfect for enhancing your home decor

Best table lamp with RGB LEDs——Perfect for enhancing your home decor

Dec 16, 2022, 20:00:00

Table lamps, as the name suggests, are light shades used either on a table, desk, or near a bedside. It is much smaller than a ceiling light and a floor lamp but serves its purpose of lighting a room in a very subtle way. One of the main advantages of table lamps is having a soft light that is directed only at a specific area of the bed, which makes it less invasive. This way, if someone needs to get up at night and turn on the light to get something from the bedroom nightstand they will not wake anyone up. Certainly, it is also bright and soft enough when you study or work at the table. And all these make it perfect for your indoor life. Then, let’s see how the Olight table lamp——Nightour gets ahead of the game.

The new Nightour is an aluminum table lamp that combines a multi-color light stem and a detachable lamp head. The perforated stem houses a set of warm white LEDs that range from 8 to 60 lumens and a set of RGB LEDs that create colorful ambient lighting.


Warm White Light: 12 white LEDs inside, producing a cozy warm white light from 8 to 60 lumens. Set the ideal brightness to illuminate your home space.

Vibrant Color Lights: 12 RGB LEDs inside, delivering fantastic 256-color rotation besides the normal red, green, and blue rotation. You can also freeze the color rotation when you find your favorite.

Extended Runtime: With a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable battery, the light stem can run for up to 31 hours when unplugged.


Two-way Toggle Switch: Stepless-adjust or change the output of the light stem by flipping up/down the toggle switch at the bottom.




Reading Light: You can attach it to the top magnetic charging port for reading. With the max 90 lumens and uniform hot spot, the details and colors are vividly clear. The deep, concaved shade also makes it easy on the eyes.


Shake-control Flashlight: When used as a handheld flashlight, the built-in acceleration sensor lets you turn the lamp head on/off with double shakes.


Handy Top Button: The button at the top of the magnetic charging port allows for quick on/off and stepless dimming of the lamp head, without detaching it. (The top button works only while the Nightour is charging.)


90° Adjustable: When attached to the top magnetic charging port, it can be tilted 90 degrees by turning the charging port for the best angle of illumination.

Rechargeable Battery: Built-in 3.7V 100mAh lithium polymer battery, which is rechargeable through the Nightour (while connected to a power source), MCC 1A charging cable, or the Omino extension socket.




USB-C Charging: Both the light stem and lamp head can be recharged when the Nightour is connected to a USB power source by a USB-C charging cable.

Easy to Place Around: The lightweight aluminum body and space-saving suction pad base make this mobile and flexible lamp a natural fit in any part of your home.

Compatibility: The integrated magnetic charging port can charge many compatible Olight products. The top button is also able to control the Baton 3, Obulb MC, Obulb MCs, and more to come. (The top button works only while the Nightour is charging.

It is worth noting that Nightour and its bundle have an attractive discount at Olight Christmas Flash Sale. So why not take it home before Christmas?

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