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Don't forget to check this amazing Black Friday 2022 Guide!

Don't forget to check this amazing Black Friday 2022 Guide!

Nov 12, 2022, 09:00:00

It's that time of the year! Have you prepared yourself for our huge super savings party? We have staged an even more amazing Black Friday 2022 than ever before, aiming to brighten your holidays to the fullest.

Below is a preview of this epic event. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom and leave your comment for a chance to win a prize.

1、Free Gifts For EVERYONE (Friendship 2023 / iTHX / i3E Antique Bronze)

With the coming holiday season also comes Thanksgiving Day and the end of 2022. Although everyone in the world has faced different challenges in 2022, we all have made it through and are still progressing toward a brighter life. EVERYONE deserves to celebrate with a huge thank you to yourself. Here at Olight, we have prepared a special gift for EVERYONE, not only for being a beacon of light throughout this tough year but also for your continuous support. Don't forget to check your cart now.

2、New Product Launch Event

In the upcoming Black Friday event, an array of new products will bring you improved experiences while you illuminate the world. An upgraded rail-mounted light — PL-3 featuring industry-leading technology will be unveiled. A widely favored series of outdoor lights have seen an addition — Marauder Mini to its line-up with excellent performance improvements. Several new colorways of classic models also have been released to grace your holiday vibe. These new releases have provided practical tools that together will have your diversified needs covered.

For an intuitive and vivid understanding of the new products released during Black Friday 2022, don't miss the online launch event on Youtube (account: Olight World).

3、Savings Tips You Must Know — Up to 50% Off

Now comes the thrilling part — Black Friday Sale! The discounts we are offering reach up to 50% OFF site-wide! The crazy Black Friday Sale will span 6 days from 20:00 11/22 EST to 23:59 11/28 EST. Early access begins at 20:00 EST on 11/20 for Diamond level and above loyalty members, and at 20:00 EST on 11/21 for Silver level and above. Mark your calendar now and stay tuned for the grand event!

Besides the huge discounts we are offering, the following information may help you save a ton!

1、Spend just a small bit more (including $0.99, $1, $3, $5, $7.5, and $10) and you can add another product you may want (including the CR123A Battery, the Otacle Orange, the Olink Blue, the Open Mini OD Green, the Osling Pro Xmas Tree, the E-WM25, the Tactical Tripod, the i3T PLUS Ancient Bamboo, etc.).

2、With different bundles available, you can enjoy more discounts. One of these bundles with the Arkfeld put together can save more than $123!

3、DIY bundles among EDC lights, headlights, rail-mounted lights, and knives enable more discounts on the items you most desire!

What's more, megapacks, mystery boxes, and hot sellers can help you to decide which to buy. You can easily score several different mega packs, with which you can grab a set of new color variants, outdoor-related products, sought-after collection pieces, new product combo, and so much more! To your excitement, the Black Friday megapack that contains almost all the categories can save you more than $430!

4、Daily Lucky Draw to Test Your Luck

How could a highly anticipated Black Friday Sale lack the super popular lucky draw? It is available at from 20:00 EST. on 11/17 to 23:59 EST. on 11/28 with an amazing prize — Marauder Mini worth up to $199.99! EVERYONE can win a prize, including Olight's newest products, coupons, loyalty points, and Obuy's camping tent valued at $148.99! Don't forget to spin to test your luck every day during this cheerful holiday event!

5、Amazing Online Activities For Fun

As you are enjoying peace and happiness during the holiday season, don't forget to go to Facebook, where interesting online activities are underway. Starting from 11/14 at 9:00 EST., the activity with the topic #Olaunch has been held on Facebook and YouTube(account: Olight World) leading up to, during, and after the launch event. As Thanksgiving Day approaches, the activity themed with #Othanks2022 will be open for all O-Fans in the Facebook group from 21:00 on 11/17 EST. to 23:59 on 11/28 EST. Join to have fun with the huge amount O-Fans and earn chances to win coveted freebies!

Finally, Olight's sister brand Obuy will also hold their Black Friday event where you can score the best Black Friday deals related to hiking, camping, outdoor tools, etc. Also noteworthy, your O-Coins are compatible to use there and redeemed for coupons worth $10, $20, and $30 by a ratio of 200 to 1. For more info, please head there for the updates!

Are you bursting with excitement? Are you expecting to achieve a new membership level of the O-Fan club? Comment below before 23:59 on 11/22 EST. about what you would grab during this wonderful holiday season if you had $200 to spend. 20 lucky people will be chosen to award coupons valued at $20. New products (Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree) worth $49.98 will be given to the 10 winners with the most likes. We look forward to your sharing!




Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

John M

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree


Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree


Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Mike Adams

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Ralph Callender

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Jace Keller

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

John B

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Joseph Henderson

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Tammie Jackson

Obulb Pro Xmas Red + Osling Pro Xmas Tree

Cali Land

$20 Coupon


$20 Coupon

Brian Fletcher

$20 Coupon

Melissa Smith

$20 Coupon

Sandra Berry

$20 Coupon

Doc Stotts

$20 Coupon


$20 Coupon

Tammy B

$20 Coupon

Roderic Hill

$20 Coupon

Rusty Bowers

$20 Coupon

Becky Dally

$20 Coupon

Mike C

$20 Coupon

Ray Croom Jr

$20 Coupon


$20 Coupon


$20 Coupon

John Keist

$20 Coupon


$20 Coupon

Chris R

$20 Coupon

Curt Crecelius

$20 Coupon

Avery Moore

$20 Coupon

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All Reviews (726)

Olight user


Posted on: Dec 08, 2022, 03:38:24

Olight User


Posted on: Dec 08, 2022, 03:16:14

Olight User

With the Black Friday sale if I won $200 I’d buy 2 Odin mini one of each color!!

Posted on: Nov 23, 2022, 10:32:00

Yaakov Adler

Eyeing the Marauder Mini, and the Arkfeld looks nice.

Posted on: Nov 22, 2022, 19:22:30

Kevin S.

It's tempting to go for quantity, getting several lesser priced items. But I think you have to go with the Marauder. So I'd pick up a Marauder Mini in midnight blue and a Baton 3 Pro.

Posted on: Nov 22, 2022, 13:03:08

John Keiser

I am looking at the ARRAY for several of my extended family so the $ 200.00 would help in this economy towards that goal!!!!!!!

Posted on: Nov 22, 2022, 03:06:45


My favorite flashlights

Posted on: Nov 21, 2022, 22:57:21


If I had 200$, honestly it would make my Christmas, I'd be getting a least one merauder mini. Only cause it's bright enough to see Santa coming this year. And maybe a few Obulbs to add some olight cheer to my tree this year!

Posted on: Nov 21, 2022, 05:20:25


I have never owned an olight flashlight. I thought i would try one this year. I want to compare it to other brands i have owned, maybe 40 in total.

Posted on: Nov 20, 2022, 12:57:02

C Lemansky

$200 would let me grab some amazing gifts for my family!

Posted on: Nov 20, 2022, 12:23:05

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