Bring your flashlight and go on a camping trip

Bring your flashlight and go on a camping trip

When we decide we are going to be going camping, it’s generally not a quick thing. With 6 kids, 2 dogs, and my wife, we have a lot to pack. it’s important to pack according to where you are going, but at the same time to have a general set of supplies that will allow you to be prepared for anything that may arise. Living in the Pacific Northwest you can never be too careful when it comes to packing rain gear. One day the weather will say it’s going to be sunny and 80 degrees. But before you know it, it’s 50 degrees and pouring down rain.

All depending on how long we are staying is what determines how much supplies we bring. Also, how close are we to civilization? Are we going to have an opportunity to go into town to get supplies when we run out? These are all factors we take into account when we pack.

Pack before outdoor camping

Packing & Prep

in general, we will always pack two tents, sleeping bags for the kids, air mattresses, a fire pit, food and water, and flashlights, lots and lots of flashlights. I have found that you can’t have too many lights when you’re camping. Even the dogs get lights as we don’t want them lost at night. The two primary lights we keep while camping is the Baton 3 Premium rechargeable EDC flashlight, and the Perun Mini Headlamp. The Baton 3 Premium allows us to have 1200 lumens in a very small compact package. I clip it to my hat or have it on my wrist hanging from the lanyard. it’s one of the best compact and bright lights you can get on the market today, and with the charger case that comes with the premium, it allows you to charge up to 3.7 times. it’s just so practical.

EDC flashlight, rechargeable flashlight

The Perun Mini puts out a solid 1000 lumens and can double as a handheld or a headlamp. it’s great if you need hands free for food prep or even just attach it to your backpack. I like to clip on the dog’s collar and put it on moon mode. it will last 4.5 days on the moon mode, and even at 2 lumens, you can still see it very well at night. One of the more important things we bring is our Ostation. With a 110V AC Output, 3 UBS, 1 UBS – C, and DC Output. This really makes it easy to keep everything charged when we need it. Cameras, Phones, lights, and to be able to pump up our air mattresses without having to string a cord from the car.

Setup and Camping

Now it’s important to note that we always want to try to pack and have everything prepped the day before we actually leave. Getting out the door early is really important especially if you have to go somewhere that’s far away. Now we aren’t all perfect and with 6 kids, it can be a pain to get out the door on time. Getting to the campsite in the dark is never fun, but it is always easier when we have good light. With everyone wearing the Perun Mini or holding the Baton 3 Premium. it’s like having 7000 lumens of light while setting up camp! it’s just incredible to have that amount of light in your hands. They work so well.

if we happen to get to the site in the dark then we usually just set up the tents and call it good, we will set up everything else in the morning when there is light outside. We set up the canopy and tables for the “kitchen” area. Depending on the time of day we will get the fire going early, this can help keep away the bugs and deter other animals from wandering into our campsite. in the Pacific Northwest, we are known to have bears, cougars, and other small critters that like to steal your food and see what you are doing. Once we have everything set up, now it’s time to make some food. For dinner, we love to make what we call Hobo Meals. it’s basically a conglomeration of a few ingredients that are wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on the fire. Cutting and prepping all the food beforehand is the key to making this easy. Usually, we have ground beef, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, beans, rice, and usually seasonings such as salt and pepper, garlic, and onion powder. I put a pad of butter on the top of mine and drizzle it with a little vegetable oil and wrap it up tight to make sure nothing leaks out. Now keep in mind, we are doing this all in the dark. Even with our Olanterns up it can be hard to see. Having the Perun Mini on my head allows me to make sure I don’t accidentally cut myself and am able to get all the ingredients prepped.

Outdoor camping, outdoor life

Now the hard part, waiting for your delicious meal to cook. Make sure the fire is going well before, so you have a nice base of coals to set your meal on. At this point, it’s acting like an oven and cooks the meal in the foil.

When Nature Calls

Now my family has camped in just about every environment and with and without bathrooms. But what’s worse than not having a bathroom while camping?

Not having a bathroom while camping and having to go when it’s dark out. Making sure you have good, reliable light can make or break the task at hand. I always use the Perun Mini, this allows you to have both hands available for however it is the deed is done. Whether it’s digging a hole in the woods, or if it’s a quick setup tent with a portable toilet. if it’s dark out, you’re going to need light.

If I have to take the kids out in the dark, they will have their Perun Mini on, but I also will usually carry the Warrior Mini 2 EDC tactical light with me and give them a little extra light and the comfort of not being alone. The Warrior Mini 2 comes with a charging cable, this makes it really nice when going to bed, as I can keep it in the pouch on the side of our tent. This keeps it charging all night, so when you do inevitably have to get up, you will always have the confidence of knowing it will be charged. There is nothing worse than having a dead flashlight when you need it the most. 

Night Hikes/Star Gazing

One of the best things you can do when camping is star gazing. in today’s world of lights, I believe it’s really important to take a break and connect with nature. Now I know this may sound hypocritical but hear me out. Once your eyes get used to the darkness, you are actually able to see really well without any lights. But being prepared and always looking out for my family I don’t want to be put in a situation where I don’t have light when I need it. One thing I really love about the Perun Mini is the SOS function. When you tap the power button 3 times, the Perun Mini will go into SOS mode. this flashes SOS in morse code to signal for help if you need it.

headlamp, headlight

So, when we do hike up to a clearing and lay under the stars, it allows us to take in just how beautiful nature is and try to grasp the sheer overwhelming truth of just how vast and large our world is. One of the reasons we go camping is because we like to get outdoors and away from the everyday grind of today’s society. Bringing along with a few amenities with us along the way.

Olight does a great job at really keeping their lights sleek and simple but also packing in some really great features. Such as the portable charging of the Baton 3 Premium, always having your light charged and ready is just a must. The 1000 lumens in such a small package of the Perun Mini. This is a headlamp that surprises everyone with how bright it is for such a small light. Olight has really helped us to escape but with peace of mind.

Basic Camping List

• Tent(s)

• Sleeping Bags

• Tables

• Chairs

• Firepit

• Kitchen Totes (we like to put all our kitchen stuff into totes, so it is easily packable)

• Cooler – ice, Drinks, Cold Food

• Hiking packs – I have my kids put all their EDC Gear into their packs, including Olights and chargers.

• Canopy

• Fishing equipment

• Hammock

• Firewood

• Hatchet/Oknife Zilla

• Clothes/Extra Shoes

• Olanterns

• Ostation

• Air Mattresses

• Flashlights with extra chargers (Baton 3, Perun Mini, Warrior Mini 2)

Camping Trip

Outdoor tools, outdoor lighting

No matter what kind of camping you and your family like, whether it be tent camping, trailer camping, or even Cowboy Camping. You can never be overprepared, and some may say you bring too much stuff, but bring whatever feels right for you. Minimalist camping is always great, but if you have the room, make sure you aren’t forgetting something that could leave you in an upset condition. A flashlight can always be one of those essential tools. We love the Pacific Northwest and cannot wait to explore other areas and experience nature at its finest.

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