Precautions for caravan outdoor camping

Precautions for caravan outdoor camping

As self-drive tours become more and more popular, many people choose RV travel, when we drive the RV all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, camping at night and close contact with nature, experiencing the novelty, and excitement of outdoor camping. So outdoor camping is also a discipline, we will talk about what we need to pay attention to in outdoor RV camping today.

Route Planning

For a successful camping trip, planning the route is the most basic. Do a good route strategy in advance and determine a good camping site, so that you can play with peace of mind!

Camping Equipment(depending on the driving route and personal preference)

1. Headlamp or Flashlight

Tactical light, EDC flashlight

If you are stationed in the field camp, the night is very dangerous, you need some lighting to get a view. Then you need these lighting tools when you go out walking at night.

First of all, EDC flashlight, outdoor flashlight, and tactical flashlight can provide you with lighting in the field. We just usually choose an EDC flashlight because it can be easy to carry. Headlamps are also a very convenient lighting tool, which allows your hands to be completely free to do other things and can always light up your side.

Of course, if you will also do some hunting activities, then tactical lights will also be a necessity for you. Because tactical lights are generally equipped with accurate laser aiming and bright white light, they can provide a lot of convenience for your hunting life, which will allow you to have a great hunting experience.

2. Tents, Sleeping bags, Inflatable pillows, Moisture-proof mats

outdoor camping

Do you want to have closer contact with nature? Take these with you and you can really experience sleeping in nature!


The key role of a tent is to protect against wind, rain, and snow, and also to prevent three environmental elements: wet, cold, and wind. So tents with the skeletal structure of poles are definitely more windproof than tents with tower shapes.  Also be sure to pay attention to the tent that can not be sealed, always keep the tent internal ventilation.

Regarding sleeping bags, we want to choose sleeping bags made of down and insulated from water. If you want to feel warm in your sleeping bag, then the best way is to fill a few more hot water bags.

The role of the moisture-proof mat should not be ignored, the higher the thermal value of the mat, the better the warmth will be. Camping professionals would recommend choosing a double mat model with inflatable and non-inflatable mats.

3. Other Tools

Lighting fixtures, folding tables and chairs, gas stoves, gas cans, cooking utensils, water utensils (water bottles, water bags, etc.), barbecue grills, disposable tableware, multifunctional knives, windproof lighters or moisture-proof matches, etc. 

These tools for outdoor camping are also perfect for barbecues, you can have a party with nature with your partners! Of course, you must also always pay attention to the storage of tools to avoid causing some dangerous events.

4. Powerful Insect Repellent

In the wild, we may encounter some dangerous and aggressive animals, and may also suffer from mosquito bites. So you must remember to bring insect repellent for protection, otherwise, the bite of mosquitoes and insects will also affect your health seriously and camping experience.

Campsite Selection

1. Caravan Campgrounds

RV campgrounds serve as a place for people to rest and resupply during their journey. The campground will provide facilities such as water and electricity in the RV, so you don't have to worry about the RV water and electricity problems.

Larger RV campsites will be divided into RV camping area, tent camping area, sports and leisure grounds area, stores, restaurants, bathing and other daily life areas, cabin cottage accommodation area, etc. Stationed in the campground, we can enjoy the pleasure of camping in the campground without any worries!

2. Tourist Attractions Around The City

Many tourist attractions allow access by car, although they may charge some fees. A scenic area is a rare place for RVs to stay, with its beautiful surroundings, clean air, and exclusive access to the beautiful scenery in the morning. Owners should also remember to pay attention to the management policy of the scenic spot for self-driving vehicles.


The tourist attractions around the city will let you get away from the bustle of the city for a while, you can enjoy a great time of nature quietly and the journey will not be very far and tiring.

3. No Man's Land or Wilderness Adventure

If you are choosing to go wilderness camping, you need to consider the following points.

1. Try not to choose camping in areas that are off the beaten path or undeveloped to prevent danger and accidents.

2. Don't have rolling rocks, rolling logs, and weathered rocks above your campsite, especially the closer you get to the rock wall. Do not choose a campsite that is too close to a mudslide channel.

3. When choosing a campsite, you could choose a place with good drainage. You also need to pay attention to the water flow and turbidity and the sound of running water from time to time. Once you feel abnormal, you should run away quickly.

4. Do not drive the RV to park on sand or dirt. Always check the ground conditions and consider the weight of the vehicle when parking.

5. Don't destroy the vegetation in the wild. It is a gift from nature to mankind and we are here to see the landscape, so we also have a responsibility to protect it.

The above is the outdoor camping precautions, what other kind of RV outdoor camping good advice do you have? Welcome to tell us in the comments section!

Drive the caravan gallop on the highway, tired to return to the caravan, lying on the soft bed, watching movies, drinking a little wine ...... A beautiful caravan life begins! 

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