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[Giveaway] Obulb MC, One of the Best Life Companion

[Giveaway] Obulb MC, One of the Best Life Companion

Olight is always thinking to give its bulb light, Obulb, more fun through some special functions. And now the new Obulb MC is finally released with polychrome lights and other upgrades. Comment below in the review section to tell us what important role you think the Obulb MC can play in life! And 10 lucky winners who have commented will get a Free Obulb MC(Choose your favorite color from white, black, and red). Come to enjoy the fun brought by the Obulb MC, and comment below to try your luck.

obulb, multicolor mini bulbBy pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can select from 8 light modes for different kinds of application scenarios. The atmosphere can be changed with this 8-mode light for a festival, family dinner, party, etc. For Christmas, you can hang some Obulb MC on the Christmas tree or anywhere in your house with the appropriate mode. Except for the original accessory, adhesive metal shield badge for hanging the Obulb MC, and the free Osling for storage and carrying, we highly recommended the OLink which can help you easily decorate the scene of a festival or party.

Olight OlinkLike its predecessor, its magnetic charging helps a lot in waterproof, and its unique design makes it all-in-one. So the waterproof of Obulb MC can reach IPX7. It is workable in some pool party which can bring the party more fun, or in bad weather like rain, thunderstorm indoors and outdoors to become your stable light source.

olight obulb, small waterproof flashlightFor its charging, we provide some amazing ways to make it more effective and convenient. We now have the Omino with its new color, white. And the class 2 magnetic charger, MCA, is a new-released unique charging tool. It is compatible with Obulb Series, Baton 3, Perun Mini, S2R Baton II, S2R Baton, S1R Baton II, S1R Baton, H1R. Charging has never been so easy.

Olight MCA, the class 2 magnetic charger, a new-released unique charging tool for your flashlightTake these amazing items home, and bring you a colorful life. And Don't forget to comment below to join this giveaway. The Obulb MC is waiting for you. Good Luck! This event will expire at 9/06/2021 00:00:00. And we will release the winners soon after that.

Aug 29, 2021, 22:50:00
【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

【OKnife】Drever, Your Best EDC Choice

The Drever is a premium and tough daily carry folding knife. It features a 3.49-inch N690 stainless steel sheepsfoot blade and a contoured G10 handle. The practical sheepsfoot blade shape, with full-flat grind and reinforced hardness, promises reliable edge retention and smooth slicing for everyday tasks. The beefy handle is ergonomically machined and perfectly textured for a comfortable and firm grip. Inside the handle is a stout liner lock running on a low-friction ball-bearing system, allowing users to open and lock the blade with the flipper tab or thumb studs with ease. Lightweight and versatile, the Drever is a well thought out and practical cutting tool to always have with you.


DREVER is a precision cutting tool. To experience its best performance,

please use and maintain it properly:

1. Use the correct method to keep the blade sharp;

2. Keep the knife lubricated and clean;

3. Check the knife regularly to remove impurities that affect the use.

Sep 12, 2021, 00:00:00
Hurricane Season Incoming? An Essential Preparedness For You

Hurricane Season Incoming? An Essential Preparedness For You

What supplies do you need to prepare for a hurricane? Foods, water and first aid kit for sure. But if you only remember one thing from this list, make sure you have a flashlight.

Here I recommend you our Warrior Mini 2 who is strong but small enough to be stored where you can get to it easily when and where you might need it. Because it's lightweight but tough (Rugged enough to survive being dropped.), and it has a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that can light up a 10-foot radius from 21 feet away. It also features a smart proximity sensor protecting from overheating, can automatically dim the light, and turns it off after 1 minute of lens obstruction to prevent overheating. It is, of course, an IPX8 waterproof tactical EDC, perfect to help you to survive in any harsh emergency.

Besides well-prepared suppliers, you should at least make a disaster plan for your family. Always be prepared to evacuate if an evacuation order is issued. Pay attention to local information on updated evacuation and shelter arrangements, including pet-friendly shelters. Protect the elderly: Recognize the health and medical issues of elderly adults.

Jun 29, 2021, 13:48:25
Is a phone flashlight good enough?

Is a phone flashlight good enough?

Is a phone flashlight good enough?

Smartphone has provided a new source of needed light at a night, and this recent invention has been a game-changer for random encounters with darkness. Despite permitting installed flashlight apps to know your location by using GPS data (particularly true of phones running Android as the operating system), phone flashlight is no match for even the dedicated keychain flashlight.

The maximum brightness of your smartphone flashlight is about 50 lumens, which is not in the same league as those thumb-sized keychain flashlights such as i1R 2, which has 150 lumens of brightness. If you wanna spice things up a bit, try our fresh Mountain Sky Color: i3T EOS MTS to refresh your gear.


Also, with very limited performance, you’ll only receive a few feet of beam lighting at best using a smartphone. A phone light can be more suitable when you get close to shelves and cabinets without having the reflective glare of a handheld light potentially blind you. But when it comes to outdoor exploration, the phone flashlight is pale in comparison to the handheld flashlight.

(i1R EOS Pink)

Our Seeker 2 Pro is a powerful tool to help you cope with any circumstances. 3200 lumens comes in handy for searching in the dark and featuring 820 ft beam distance. Attics, nasty crawlspaces, checking walls, just about anything. It is definitely an absolute must-have for any outdoor enthusiast, hunting, fishing, camping, trail walking, vehicle light, emergency light for when the power goes out.

(Seeker 2 Pro Black)

Not to mention there is no reflector on the phone flashlight. With a reflector, the beam is more concentrated and reaches greater distances with a larger reflector. Because the phone's small surface area limits heat dissipation, a phone flashlight can't be utilized at maximum brightness for lengthy periods or your phone may overheat. 

(Baton 3 Orange)

Besides, for any emergency, your phone's battery is far too valuable to be squandered by using a flashlight. What if you have both the light and the charging case? However, not every chargeable flashlight comes with a charging case, but check out Olight’s best-seller on portable EDC——Baton 3 Premium EditionNo more fiddling with magnetic charging cables. It charges using USB C, and the charging process appears in the same way that wireless earplugs do. It is convenient that keeping the charging case in a bag or at home and take the light with you for easier portability; then, you can even from the battery case, switch it off.

(Baton 3 Purple Gradient

When completing specific jobs or trying to using both hands, phones can be uncomfortable and cumbersome. The design of a flashlight is significantly more adaptable. Meet i5T EOS , perfect for a lapel light or clipped to the brim of a ball cap. It is slightly larger than i3t, which is fantastic and comfy. The dual direction pocket clip is perfect for clipping it to your hat for hands-on situations. 

(Warrior Mini 2)

Finally, ,don’t forget the phone light can't never be applied in tactical use. Our new-released Warrior Mini 2 (Mountain Sky Color is available) special designed in smart proximity sensor, can automatically dim the light and turns it off after 1 minute of lens obstruction to prevent overheating. Its compact size, dual switches, and carabiner-style ring make it versatile for both EDC and tactical use.

So, ignoring the convenience bought by smartphones, we’d urge you to forego using the LED light on your phone as a flashlight and try some REAL flashlight. For more to shop, click here to check out our EDC.

Jun 22, 2021, 00:00:00
We Pick 4 Practical EDC Lights and Tool for You

We Pick 4 Practical EDC Lights and Tool for You

Key-chain multi-tool

It will be one of the most practical tools that are on behalf of our faith to you. It’s easy to be used as a bottle opener or a screwdriver. For its compact size and lightweight, taking it as a keychain will be the best choice. Log in or register in to get this multi-tool, and don’t miss it or you will feel pity!

Olantern Mini

The Olantern Mini is a compact outdoor light that features a balanced 360-degree beam. It is so small that you can fit it in one of your palms. Its handle also works as a hook, making it easy to carry and position. Its body is mainly made of zinc alloy, allowing it to be tough yet lightweight. The Olantern Mini provides a dimmable white light and a night-vision preserving red light, great for camping or emergency use. The tornado-shaped light diffuser softens the light output, reducing strain on your eyes during long-time use. When the included motion sensor feels a shake, the indicator around the button will light up, allowing you to read the battery level and locate the button in the darkness. It also features a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly using the included USB magnetic charging cable. The Olantern Mini is a refined product to light your home and adventures.

Baton 3 Premium Edition

The Baton 3 Premium Edition is the perfect do-it-all compact flashlight kit. Including the new 1,200 lumens powerful Baton 3 and portable wireless charger, never worry about battery life again! The Baton 3 is the brand new upgraded version of our most popular pocket flashlight, the S1R Baton II. Equipped with a high-performance LED and TIR lens, this extremely compact light delivers an incredible maximum output of 1,200 lumens and a 166-meter beam distance. The tailor-made charging case includes a built-in 3500mAh 18650 battery, allowing you to fully charge the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times. With upgraded performance and an included charging case, the new Baton 3 Premium Edition is the perfect flashlight companion everywhere you go.


The Obulb is easily one of our most popular recent releases, but we need more colors! Add a new Obulb to your lineup now in this mysterious purple with a blue stripe. The included magnetic coin matches too! With a max 56-hour runtime, set an Obulb in every room for ambient light and power outages!

Jun 17, 2021, 17:09:24
Olight Obulb Torture Test

Olight Obulb Torture Test

The Obulb is a lightweight and compact LED light with both warm white and red light. With the soft rubber-coating button, you can quickly change between warm white light (3.5 / 55 lumens) and 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing). These 4 modes come in handy for various situations, like camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, signaling, ambiance lighting, and party decoration. Now, let’s recap one of the most insane torture tests we’ve ever done on our Obulb, don’t click away to check out how it goes!

Test One: Drop Test

we are going to throwing it in the air having it slammed down onto the pavement to check whether it still works or not. After three times drop test the Obulb still works and could change between different modes, it's really robust.

Test Two: Waterproof Test

We are going to drop the Obulb in the little bucket of water when it turns on. As we can see in the picture it is waterproof but also floating around. Because the heavy battery pack is in the bottom, it can automatically flip around and the light is still on.

Test Three: Bowling Test

Obulb looks like a ball, so it is supposed to roll we are going bowling with it. After letting the bulb roll on the floor twice and throw it on the wall three times, it still turns on.

Test Four: Smash Test

This time, we beat it hard with a hammer several times, and it still does a great job. Finally, we broke it case, but his battery pack still works.

As you can see, you don’t have to baby the light and they will be just fine because it passed the hardest test. It is small and robust, believing it can always light by your side, shines for a good family time.

Jun 15, 2021, 14:22:21
Obulb—Perfect for so many homes uses, great in power cuts or emergencies!

Obulb—Perfect for so many homes uses, great in power cuts or emergencies!

Mini Size, Great Use

The Obulb has a max of 55 lumens. Powered by a 630mAh rechargeable battery, it can run up to 56 hours. The Obulb measures at a 2.13 in. diameter and a 1.94oz/55g weight, making it perfect for one-handed use, so you can carry it during a night walk. It has a 1.5-meter impact resistance IPX7 dust and waterproof rating and has a two-year warranty so that is enough of the quick features. It has four different modes: a high low white mode, a steady red mode, and a flashing red mode. The operating system was pretty simple it’s just a single button that’s located right dead center on the bottom of the obulb and it’s just a single press on and a single press off.


Attach Wherever You Want

It is charged magnetically with olight’s magnetic charger and it takes about two hours to fully charge and because it has a magnetic bottom you can stick this on any piece of metal or it comes packaged with an adhesive metal badge. To keep one around the house just for emergency power situations which would be perfect for just put that little adhesive metal badge stick it on your wall and put this right into a closet. If you don’t have any lamps in your house you can have them around for ambient lighting.

Hang at your campsite

The Obulb would be pretty great for camping if you have a power outage in your house. You can just have one of these fully charged standings by.

Emergency Lighting

The red-light mode is perfect for breakdowns or uses the flashing red like a beacon. It has that nice 360 degrees light so you can put this right in the center of a room. Set an Obulb in every room for ambient light and power outages!

Create A Good Mood

The Obulb uses for a party or holiday decoration, shines for a good family time, and explores more fun. Enjoy a happy family time and worry less!

May 12, 2021, 20:31:35
Seeker 2 Pro, One of the Most Popular Products of Olight

Seeker 2 Pro, One of the Most Popular Products of Olight

Seeker 2 Pro, the updating version of seeker 2, is specially designed for everyday convenience using the Timer function multifunctional side switch and two different charging ways.

Multifunctional Side Switch

There are two different indicators on its side switch. The right one with a battery signal is for displaying the battery status, and the left one with a sun signal is for displaying the lumen level you using this flashlight, which will directly show the basic condition of the flashlight. Considering the safety problem, the included lock system will help prevent false triggering with ease by a few operating steps.

Compact body, large capacity

Powered by a single, maximum capacity, (5000mAh) 21700 customized lithium rechargeable battery, it can release max brightness up to 3200 lumens. Standing on the shoulder of Seeker 2, the Seeker 2 Pro is more brighter and professional.

Creative and humanized

The timer function gives Seeker 2 Pro more flexible Maneuverability. Setting it up through the side switch ahead of time, you will be hand-free for 3 minutes or 9 minutes, which makes your daily using handier. Apart from Olight normal magnetic charging, Seeker 2 Pro is equipped with an L-dock Charging, an extremely practical charging tool as you can grab the flashlight down when you need and put it back when you’re done. By the way, the L-dock Charging is compatible with most other Olight magnetic rechargeable flashlights.

Exterior and Color Revolution

With milled finger grooves, Dermatoglyphics silicone covers about two-thirds of the surface of the Seeker 2 Pro middle body. This not only looks modest luxury but also help user hold it more comfortable. Furthermore, the color of Seeker 2 Pro is diverse, such as lack, blue, orange, mint green, and so on, but now black is the only choice in the online store. So get one, if you are fond of the Seeker 2 Pro and never miss it.

May 08, 2021, 15:10:00
Baton 3 Premium Edition, Olight New Generation Rechargeable Portable EDC Flashlight

Baton 3 Premium Edition, Olight New Generation Rechargeable Portable EDC Flashlight

The Upgraded Version

As the upgraded version of S1R Baton II, Baton 3 has a max 1,200-lumen output and a 166-meter beam distance, which increased by 20% and 14% compared to the previous S1R Baton II. 

More Brilliant and Practical Outside Design

The Baton 3 has the same compact body as the S1R Baton II, but with a new anti-slip body texture for a more refined look and enhanced grip. Besides, the flat magnetic tail cap, as well as the dual-direction pocket clip, can be attached in different circumstances for hands-free work. For everyday-carryBaton 3 will be one of the best flashlights with no doubt.

Powerful Hardware

Equipped with SST40(5A) LED and TIR Optic Lens, Baton 3 can output soft and balanced beam with max 1,200-lumen output and max 166-meter beam distance. Powered by Customized 550mAh 3.7V 10C Rechargeable Battery, the battery life of Baton 3 lasts up to 20 days. And once the light is turned on, the power indicator located in the center of the side switch shows the power level in three colors (Green: Power>60%, Yellow: Power is between 10% and 60%; Red: Power<10%).

Humanized Design and the Practical Function

When Baton 3 starting up or shutting down, it is applied to the settings of gradually brightening and gradually extinguishing to the Turbo mode to reduce the sudden change of light to cause strong irritation to the eyes. The timer function also gives Baton 3 more flexible Maneuverability. Setting it up through the side switch ahead of time, you will be hand-free for 3 minutes or 9 minutes, which makes your daily using handier, and no need to operate the flashlight when you are resting.

Traditional Safety Settings

To prevent overheating, its Turbo mode(1,200 lumens) will last for 1.5 minutes and then drop to 300 lumens in 30 seconds. In consideration of unintended activation, the included lock system will help to solve this problem with ease by a few operating steps.

Significant Breakthrough—The Groundbreaking Portable Flashlight Wireless Charging Case

This time, Olight makes a difference! The wireless charging case, designed for Baton 3, comes out first in Flashlight World attracting everyone's attention. With the wireless charger, the battery life can reach 94 days with the wireless charging case charging the Baton 3 up to 3.7 times, as the wireless charger includes a 3500mah built-in battery. Never worry about the battery life again! 

Its inner design can help to prevent unintended activation absolutely when you put the Baton 3 (with the pocket clip) into this charging case.

It has a function of auto power-off, in which you put the lighting Baton 3 into the charger, close the lid of the charging case, and the Baton 3 will be automatically turned off. The charger is also fit for S1R Baton II, but the auto power-off function is only designed for Baton 3.

Mar 12, 2021, 11:17:07
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