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Check out Santa's gift-giving recommendations before the holiday starts——Olight Christmas Light

Check out Santa's gift-giving recommendations before the holiday starts——Olight Christmas Light

With Christmas approaching, do you have your Christmas gift lists so far? People will exchange their gifts every year at this time. It must be quite cool if you send the people around you some olights when other people are thinking of giving small Christmas trinkets as gifts. Then lets check out Olight Christmas Sale and see if you can get some gift inspirations from it.

Winter 3 (Arkfeld Ti) / Eternal 3 (Arkfeld Cu)

Winter 3 Ti is made of Titanium Alloy and its surface has been sandblasted. This process helps prevent discoloration and makes the flashlight have a more exquisite appearance. Eternal 3 Cu is made of classic copper material and adopts a design process, making the EDC flashlight more textured. They both are the limited edition of Arkfeld and are perfect as an expensive and premium gift.

Baton 3 Christmas Green

If you ask me what is the Olight Christmas recommendation, I will show you the Baton 3 Christmas Green. As a 2022 Christmas special version of Baton 3, it has a strong Christmas flavor with white and green stripes on its body. That explains why so many O-fans take it as a Christmas gift to their friends or families.

Obulb MCs + Omino

The Obulb MCs and Omino Combo can definitely add some color to your home decor. Obulb MCs is a mini LED light orb featuring warm white, RGB and color-changing lights as well as a smart motion sensor which makes it ideal for party time, night reading, kids' sleeping companion, etc. And you never worry about the power outage with Omino fast charging. It must be quite cool when you put some Obulb MCs and Omino Combo at your house when the Christmas is coming. So why not choose this combo as a Christmas gift?

Gober Kit

The GOBER KIT is a safety light combo specifically designed for outdoor activities.This compact light kit offers the choice of four different colors (red, green, blue and white) and two light modes. It can be used as a safety light or signal light, suitable for hiking, running, dog walking and more. So for those who own pets at their house, it is an surprising and insteresting Christmas gift.

iTHX Wine Red / Evergreen

As a special version of i1R 2, iTHX can be used as a keychain light or toy for your kids. ITHX = We (Olight) wants to say Thank you to all our O-Fans. You can also use it as a Christmas gift to your friends or families to express your thankfulness to them.

Hope these gift-giving recommendations can offer your some inspirations and wish you merry Christmas!

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