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Christmas 2022 Olight Flashlight Value Bundle: Money Saving Guide!

Christmas 2022 Olight Flashlight Value Bundle: Money Saving Guide!

Olight 2022 Christmas sale starts now! If you've been waiting to buy a new flashlight or stock up on Christmas gifts for your family and friends, Stay with Olight to Celebrate the Christmas holiday!

Our holiday promos feature a varied selection of flashlights, headlamps, knives, work lights, and bike lights... for various activities, work, and outdoor adventures.


Value Bundle Products: Two Is Better Than One

Buy the product you like, just spend a little more money, you can get another product, give it to family or friends in need, and share the joy of the festival!

New Headlamp on Sale: Perun 2 mini and i3T Carbon Fiber Bundle👀👀

We paired the Olight Perun 2 mini lightweight headlight with the best-selling i3T carbon fiber EDC flashlight on Cyber Monday, providing twice as reliable lighting for your outdoor night running, cycling to daily commuting. Get the Perun 2 mini headlamp and i3T carbon fiber EDC flashlight now for just $65.99!


🔥🔥🔥Notable features of the Perun 2 mini flashlight include:

Perun 2 mini provides an incredible 1100 lumen light output in a compact body and weighs only 1.9 oz (54 g); with red light to improve night vision and can be used as a night emergency signal light; easy to operate UI design, allowing you to cycle between 6 modes until you have the perfect light source. The magnetic tail can be attached to any iron and can be used as a work light. In addition, the three-color power indicator on the tail is convenient for checking battery life.


🔥🔥🔥Notable features that make the i3T Carbon Fiber an excellent EDC Flashlight include:

The I3T is powered by regular AAA batteries and is capable of an output of 180 lumens. With a tactical tail switch, unique milling, premium beam, and multiple carrying options, the 13T is an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere. In addition, I3T Carbon Fiber uses a fusion of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, which not only meets the functional needs of the light's body but also gives the product a unique appearance.


New Blue Flashlight on Sale: Seeker 3 Pro Blue and i5T EDC Flashlight👀👀

If your Christmas vacation is ready for an outdoor adventure with friends, we've got the perfect flashlight on sale! We paired seeker 3 Pro with i5T EDC flashlight. For just add $5, you can take the i5TEDC flashlight as a backup light source on your adventure.>>Act Now!


🔥🔥🔥Reasons why the Seeker 3 Pro is the perfect flashlight for adventure and other extreme lighting situations include:

Compact, bright, and powerful, the Olight Seeker 3 Pro LED Flashlight gives you the illumination you need during your camping adventures or search and rescue operations. Equipped with 4 high-performance cool white LEDs to deliver a maximum output of 4200 lumens and a 250-meter beam distance. The rotary switch adopted allows you to easily switch between different brightness levels. User-friendly built-in brightness and battery level indicators. To keep light and other nearby objects safe on higher settings, it integrates proximity and heat sensors

New Lime Green Flashlights on Sale: Arkfeld Flat Flashlight and i3E Zombie Green👀👀

It's a good idea to carry a flashlight with you. A good-looking, versatile, high-quality EDC flashlight for under $100 would be even better! Arkfeld's beautiful lime green flashlight is perfect for work and play. From camping and hiking to office meeting presentations and patrols, this rechargeable flat flashlight can handle it all with reliable performance. For just $5 more, you can gift your kids the i3E Zombie Green Flashlight and they'll absolutely love it! >>Act Now!


🔥🔥🔥Notable features of the Arkfeld Flat Flashlight include:

The Arkfeld is the first dual light source and portable EDC Flashlight at Olight. 2 color temperatures, 5 brightness levels as well as a memory function that allow you to select what you like with one single click. An amazing max 1,000lumens output is able to light up every corner you can see. The green laser, a good helper when making a presentation or amusing your pets, is featured in the flashlight as well. Its intuitive interface allows you to easily control the flashlight with a center button and selector that turn the light on and off and adjust the brightness and modes. Besides, The Arkfeld is waterproof and has magnetic charging. Simply attach the included charging cord to the magnetic base for charging. Last but not least, the flashlight is flat and features a clip, so it is easy to carry (3.07oz in weight and 0.59in in thickness)—It can be clamped onto your pockets and shirts even without noticing its existence. With great design plus multiple lighting functions, Arkfeld can be a second-to-none choice for an EDC flashlight.

Rail-Mounted Light on Sale: Baldr s 800 Lumens WML and iTHX EDC Keychain Flashlight👀👀

It is certainly a good idea to keep a home defense pistol on your nightstand at home. You never know when you might find yourself in a dark or dimly lit environment, and a light can really make self-defense much easier in these situations. Not only does it provide you with a good view when you can't see, but it can also confuse attackers. the Baldr S 800-lumen tail mount light is perfect for mounting on a home pistol, plus you can add an EDC flashlight to your keychain as a daily backup light for only $1!>>Act Now!

🔥🔥🔥Notable features of Baldr s rail mounted light for home defense include:

The Baldr S is one of the most powerful compact light/green beam combos on the market. Its white light output goes up to an amazing 800 lumens and is complemented by a low 100-lumen setting. Easily switch between light only, green light only, and light plus green light with the flick of a switch. The built-in lithium polymer battery is boosted to 3.7V 380mAh, guaranteeing a maximum battery life of 140 minutes. The Baldr S still features the sliding rail mount to easily adjust the light to your desired position and includes two types of rail adapters to fit both Glock and Picatinny rails. With the Quick Mount system, you can connect and release the light for immediate activation in seconds. This powerful, precise, compact, and adjustable WML is the perfect compact defense light source.


Light Up Christmas Holiday With Olight Lights on Sale

Having a flashlight with useful features that overcome various lighting situations. Olight has free Christmas gifts for everyone, Lucky wheel, and up to 45% off deals you need to light up the holiday with friends and family. 

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