How to Choose Cool White Flashlight and Neutral White Flashlight

How to Choose Cool White Flashlight and Neutral White Flashlight

Have you ever shopped for LED bulbs? I’m sure most of you have and probably come across terms such as “cool white”, “neutral white” and “warm” lights. Most of you know what this term means, for those who don’t know, these terms represent the color temperature of lights produced by the bulb.

Similar to LED bulbs, flashlights also come in different color temperatures. It’s important to choose the right color for the right situations because the color temperature can greatly influence your visibility and safety.

What is Color Temperature? 

It’s important to note that color temperature is not a measurement of heat output, but rather it’s a measurement of color light produced from the light source.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) using a device called a colorimeter or a spectroradiometer. To calculate the color temperature of a light source, these devices measure how much light falls in various parts of the visible spectrum.

Visual assessment is another method of measuring color temperature however; these methods are less accurate and reliable than using a colorimeter or spectroradiometer.

A light source with a low color temperature (around 2700K) will have a warm, yellow-orange hue, similar to that of incandescent bulbs. A light source with a high color temperature (around 6500K) will have a cool, blue-white hue, identical to that of daylight.

There are mainly three types of color light used in a flashlight, cool white, neutral white and “warm” light. Each color is unique and can affect the way objects appear to your eyes. And there is no such thing as “best color temperature”, each serves a special purpose depending on your needs.

Here are some common ranges of color temperatures and their associated hues:

Warm White Flashlights (2700 - 3500K) 

Warm color is often associated with yellow-orange hue color. Any flashlight that uses incandescent bulbs will have a warm temperature light.

Neutral White Flashlights (3500k - 5000K) 

 As the name suggests, this color temperature is neutral; It’s neither too warm nor too cool. Most flashlight manufacturing brands use this color temperature, Olight Baton Pro 3 is one good example.

Cool White (5000 - 6500K) 

 This is another popular color temperature used by mostly all flashlight manufacturing companies. The reason for its popularity is that it provides a high level of visibility and makes it easy to distinguish colors.

Cool White Flashlights vs. Neutral White Flashlights

Both cool white and neutral white flashlights serve a specific purpose depending on the situation. It is recommended to choose the right color temperature based on the task at hand so that the user is comfortable and perceives colors correctly.

Cool White Flashlights

Cool white flashlights have a cool bluish tint color temperature similar to that of daylight. A flashlight with this color temperature is often considered to be the brightest.

Here are a few characteristics and benefits of cool white flashlights.

✅High Visibility - Due to its bright and intense light you get a high level of visibility.

Color Contrast - Cool white light also creates distinct color contrasts, making it easy to recognize colors in the dark.

Energy Efficiency - Naturally cool white lights are more energy efficient than warmer lights.

Though cool white lights are bright and offer better visibility they are not suitable for all applications. Here are a few application scenarios where this light perfectly fits in.

✅Outdoor Activities - Cool white temperature flashlights work best for camping, hiking, and hunting. It gives you better visibility of the trail and obstacles ahead.

Search and Rescue Operation - During a search and rescue operation checking every tiny detail is a part of the job. The color contrast you get from a cool white flashlight can help see objects more precisely.

Industrial and Construction - Every construction and industrial site use bright lights to help workers see fine details and perform tasks more safely and efficiently. If you’re someone who uses a flashlight in your workspace, a cool white flashlight is best for you.

✅Law Enforcement and Security - If you work in law enforcement or as security personnel, again with the help of a cool white flashlight you can identify suspects and see potential threats more easily.

Emergency Preparedness - Whether you’re walking out of a smoky building caused by fire or stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you can use the bright cool white light to navigate or send emergency signals.

Cool white flashlights are best for situations that require a high level of visibility. If you’re looking for this type of flashlight, give Baton Pro 3 a try. It won’t disappoint you!

Neutral White Flashlights

As I have mentioned above, neutral white flashlights produce a balanced color temperature. While it’s not the brightest flashlight, it still comes in handy for many indoor and close-up tasks.

Characteristics of neutral white flashlights include.

✅Natural Color - Unlike the cool white, neutral white flashlights are more balanced that closely mimic natural sunlight. This light accurately reproduces colors and shows you the true color of an object.

Less Harsh than Cool White - Neutral white lights are easy on the eyes as compared to cool white lights.

Similar to the cool white flashlight, the neutral white flashlight also doesn’t serve all application scenarios. Some of the best uses for neutral white flashlights include.

✅Indoor Activities - Neutral white flashlights are good for most types of indoor activities including reading, writing, finding your walk through a dark building, and performing close-up tasks.

General Purpose Use - As the light is less harsh and easier on the eyes, you can use it for general purposes that require color accuracy.

✅In Hospitals - All doctors and dentists use neutral white flashlights during a surgical procedure because they provide accurate color perception in close-up tasks.

There are various flashlight options that may be best suited to a specific task, but neutral white flashlights are a good all-around choice while cool white flashlights are better suited for certain environments.

Which One Is Best for You?

While it depends on personal preference! I assume this post helped you decide on the right color temperature for you. If you have made your choice and have decided to purchase either a cool white or neutral white flashlight. My recommendation would be Olight's Baton 3 Pro.

Baton 3 Pro EDC Flashlight comes in two color temperatures. You guessed it a right, cool white and neutral white.  Choose the one that better suits your needs!

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