Copper——Imprint of time & Traces of life

Copper——Imprint of time & Traces of life

Copper——Imprint of time & Traces of life




      Pure Copper/Red Copper

Copper is a rose-red metal that turns purple after a copper oxide film is formed on the surface. Pure copper is often called red copper or electrolytic copper. It is well-known for its good electrical and thermal conductivity and excellent plasticity.



Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc. Brass is often used to make valves, water pipes, and connecting pipes for internal/external air conditioners and radiators.


     Use and special material

As you know, Copper material is often used to make handicrafts, utensils, toy pieces, etc. Speaking to its surface, an oxide layer will naturally form with its contact with the air, and it will show different colors over time. In addition, it will chemically react with the sweat from the surface of your hand, forming a patina effect. It is these characteristics that allow it to be preserved for thousands of years and why copper has such a long history of application.


About Olight copper-related products


     Warrior Mini 2 Cu 

As one of our new products in April, it was created with pure copper on its surface. The beauty of pure copper on our products not only endures over time but also allows every touch to leave a personal impression. Moreover, a unique texture of the patina will grow as time lapses, which records the subtle traces of your life.

Warrior mini 2 EDC Cu, tactical flashlight

Olight EDC flashlight, tactical flashlight

Open Pro Bark Brass Pen Light

Our new penlight launching in April is unique for its bark brass material. The vivid carvings and special aging techniques capture the image of aged tree bark in brass. As we know, even if the rains and winds have gone, their traces are still founded in the tree bark. Therefore, this product also allegorically expresses hope to record the trajectory of your life.

Olight Open pro, pen light

Olight Open Pro Cu, pocket pen light

i3T Plus Ancient Bamboo EDC flashlight

Different from our previous product of the same series, each i3T plus ancient bamboo is manually aged with fire and water to make it unique and special. You can see all the fissures and knots of the weathered bamboo on its surface. Those fine fissures and sturdy bamboo knots are ingeniously made in order to give a sense of strength and integrity.

i3T Plus, EDC flashlight

Olight i3T Plus, EDC flashlight


These three products are all featured products of the copper series that will be launched for Olight’s 15th anniversary, which we hope to gain more recognition from our fans. At the same time, we also hope that this article can allow more people to have a better understanding of copper and brass.

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Joshua Nehlig

I purchased each of these and am very impressed. I am a fan of the precious metal versions and this copper and brass exceeded my expectations. Great job!

Posted on: Apr 27, 2022, 12:55:22