Cost-effective Rail Mounted Light for beginner-Olight PL-3 Valkyrie

Cost-effective Rail Mounted Light for beginner-Olight PL-3 Valkyrie

Want to identify your target in the dark? Even if you don't plan on shooting at night often or even at all, you never know when you'll need to use your gun in low-light conditions. There are a large number of rail-mounted lights on the market to choose from, and as a new shooter, the Olight PL-3 Valkyrie is a top choice for a  rail-mounted light that is extremely cost-effective. You will know which light is best for you according to your budget and purpose, here are the reasons why I highly recommend Olight PL-3 Valkyrie to you:

 Rail-mounted Light to Free Your Hands

Assuming you already have a reliable and well-functioning pistol, adding a rail-mounted light may be the best upgrade you can make to be ready for all situations. Sure, you can use a handheld tactical flashlight (check out our best tactical flashlights), but with a pistol rail-mounted light flashlight, it leaves your hands free and has a strong grip. In addition, it adds weight to the front of the pistol, which reduces muzzle flip.

Olight Brand Reliability

The first thing that pops into my mind, when choosing a  rail-mounted light is reliability. People really tend to get what they pay for, and want something with an impeccable reputation. Olight prides itself on being a brand that offers high-quality flashlights that are tried and tested and exceed expectations; For More details, check out the Olight Brand Promise.

Cost-effective price

As a beginner, you don't have to spend more than $100 to own a high-quality rail-mounted light. The Olight PL-3 Valkyrie is a great rail-mounted light for the money. Its price is so impressive! Purchased during Black Friday, its price is less than $60! The price is only $54.99! If you are looking for a budget light, I think the Olight PL-3 is a great choice.

Suitable Lumens

The second thing I value the most is lumens, which are a measure of the brightness of the light. Lately, lumens have been moving towards getting as high as possible.

Sounds good...

Many experts say that flashlights with high lumens will incapacitate bad guys instantly, but low lumens allow them to escape. Usually, people think that higher lumens are better, but I think this is only true to a certain extent and depends on your environment.

1000+ lumens may be great for outdoor open space use, but it may be too bright for close-up use. My opinion is that it may temporarily blind them ...... If it does blind the attacker ...... most likely it will blind you as well. Especially if you stay mostly in rooms with light-colored walls.

Personally, I prefer 200-800 lumens. The Olight PL-3 is in the perfect zone of 200-1300 lumens. It's bright enough for everything I need and the low setting is good enough for indoor use without blinding myself

Here are some examples:

We performed extreme reliability tests on a random sample of 10 PL-3 Valkyries. In a very high recoil (approximately 37 ft-lb or 50J) simulated fire test, all 10 prototypes were still intact and fully functional after 4,5000 consecutive rounds. Check out the video below for shooting reports from other YouTube influencers.

Flexible Activation

Following the tail button design of the PL-2, PL-3 Valkyrie takes into account both left and right-handed operation so that you can easily switch between its three output modes. A quick single press and a long press perform CONSTANT-ON/OFF and MOMENTARY respectively, and a quick double click changes the brightness level; press the buttons on both sides at the same time, and the strobe is activated.

Best Compact rail-mounted lights 

PL-3 comes standard with Glock and Picatinny rails, which can be easily installed on almost any short setup. PL-3 adheres to the loading and unloading structure of PL-2, optimizing the rail clamp locking mechanism to enhance product reliability; Olight redesigns the position of the track clamp to be adjustable flexibly locates the position of the lamp body and eliminates the structural differences of some matching guide rails. The main body of the product is constructed of aluminum alloy, including the battery is only 119g, which has extremely high strength and reliability. PL-3 has good ease of use, high brightness, and powerful performance, providing a high-quality choice for professional users, and can withstand a 1m drop.

Catch the big sale at the end of Black Friday and save money!

The best flashlight is a personal and subjective judgment, but I think it's critical to buy the best rail-mounted light that meets your needs within your budget. Olight is a tried and true brand that deserves to be given a chance, and it will give you an unexpected experience with it.

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Doc Stotts

The PL3 seems to be one of if not THE BEST weapons lights on the market! Looking forward to purchasing or if Olight finds it appropriate to allow me to have one of these in their giveaway! Either way, I’ll be getting one of these soon! AbsoFREEK’Nlutely love Olight’s products!

Posted on: Nov 29, 2022, 11:17:10

Stevie B

Best feature of PL-3 has to be its adjustable block. We can split lumens with our WMLs but not adjustability; ‘cause they don’t have it!!!

Posted on: Nov 27, 2022, 06:14:17