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A Detailed Review and Comparison of the Olight Obulb ORB LED Lights

A Detailed Review and Comparison of the Olight Obulb ORB LED Lights

When the Obulb orb light was first introduced several years ago, many assumed it was just a random novelty that looked cute and fun but would not have a practical application. Then people started using them and the usefulness of these little orb lights became very apparent. Suddenly, what was originally thought of as an oddity with limited functionality and usefulness grew into a fan favorite with tons of uses and applications. 

Simply put, we couldn’t get enough of these glowing orb lights, and the ways in which they could be used grew exponentially. Along with discovering new and different ways to use the original Obulbs, fans began suggesting ways to improve them and increase functionality. Some common suggestions included making them larger and brighter, implementing more colored LEDs options and adding App controlled features. 

As Olight evolved the Obulb orb led light, we were presented with the multi-colored edition Obulb, the Obulb MC. Soon after the release of the MC orb light, Olight provided a version with motion sensing capability, the Obulb MCs orb light.  Then last year Olight released a larger version of the Obulb and introduced us to their very first App for controlling the functions of this new Obulb, the Obulb Pro orb light. Based on continued fan feedback, Olight has again listened and made updates to the Obulb Pro orb light as well as revamping the App,  introducing the Obulb Pro S orb light and an even larger version, the Obulb Plus.

Shared Functions of the Obulb Pro S and  Obulb Plus

The Obulb Pro S orb light maintains the dimensions of the previously released version, the Obulb Pro.  However, many improvements have been made to the modes as well as how it functions and is controlled.  The following features are shared between the Obulb Pro S and the larger Obulb Plus orb light. 

First, as requested by fans, both the Obulb Pro S and Obulb Plus orb light feature stepless dimming. This is a welcome improvement and should make the interaction more enjoyable and convenient. And while the original Obulb Pro orb light version included multicolored options, the Obulb Pro S as well as the Obulb Plus orb light add even more color choices, including combinations of colors and scenes.  

Finally, a new App has been launched to add better control and functionality, called the Olight Hub. In addition to turning it on or off, the App allows users to select modes, adjust brightness, select a color from a color wheel and check how much battery is remaining.  Within the App, you can group several Obulb Pro S and Obulb Plus together to enable group control such as turning them all on or off with a single tap. In addition, both the Obulb Pro S and the Obulb Plus orb light can keep rhythm to music!


Comparing the Obulb Pro S with the Obulb Plus

So, what are the differences between the Obulb Pro S and the Obulb Plus versions of the newest Obulbs?  To start with, the most obvious is size. Both are larger than the original Obulb and Obulb MC orb light, but the Obulb Plus orb light is significantly larger than the Obulb Pro S orb light. The Plus is about 25% larger in diameter and height and 68% heavier than the Obulb Pro S. With the increase in size comes improvements in output. The Obulb Plus orb light delivers a room filling 300 lumens of white light for up to 20 minutes before stepping down to 180 lumens for an additional 80 minutes of runtime, whereas the Obulb Pro S provides a full 2 and a half hours of illumination at 240 lumens without needing to step down. The Obulb Plus orb light also features significantly brighter settings for each of the color LED options when compared to the Obulb Pro S orb light.  Additionally, the Obulb Plus orb light incorporates a “touch” sensitive switch on the top of the Obulb allowing you to cycle through each of the 7 available modes as well as stepless dimming.  Finally, the Obulb Plus orb light includes a game of “whack-a-mole” which can be activated via the App.

Use Scenarios

Because of the globe shape and frosted covering, all versions of the Obulb orb light provide 360 degrees of soft, glowing light. This is perfectly suited as a nightlight at home. With the magnetic base and the included metal shield, attaching any of the Obulbs where you require light is quick and easy. For example, adding lighting to a dark cabinet using an Obulb orb light is an excellent option when hard wiring in lights is not an option or desirable. 

Obulbs also work well as under cabinet lighting. Keeping several Obulbs charged and ready is also an excellent way to ensure you have emergency lighting in the even of unexpected power loss. Obulbs are also awesome camping lights, providing adequate light inside your tent or cabin.  

With a waterproof rating of IPX7, many have used them in pools and bathtubs.  The addition of color options adds to the fun and creativity. Keeping one in your vehicle is a good idea as the flashing red mode can be a great safety beacon.  And there’s so much more!

Final Thoughts

The Obulb orb light has been a huge hit for Olight and way more useful than anyone initially expected.  With its magnetic base, 360-degree illumination and easy charging via the magnetic base, the Obulb orb light is the go anywhere and attach to anything light you never knew you needed! 

Now with the larger and much more colorful Obulb Pro S and Obulb Plus, you can have even more fun finding new and creative ways to enjoy them. With this initial release, Olight will offer the Obulb Pro S orb light in five color options: Orange, Olive Drab Green, Blue, Black, and Grey. The Obulb Plus orb light will come in three colors initially: Orange, Black and White. So, which should you choose? Why not one of each? They are both awesome and are super convenient to use and provide hours of illumination.  

The new Olight Hub App is a welcome improvement and provides a great way to group and control both versions. With the addition of multicolored LEDs, the ability to keep rhythm to background music and the addition of the “whack-a-mole” game on the Obulb Plus, they will both provide fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Thanks for reading.

💕Friendly Note: Thanks O-fan for the product comparison.

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