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Author: Matthew D. Magreevy (Sept. 15, 2022)

I don’t know about you, but when I first got into Every Day Carry (EDC) gear I questioned why in  the world would anyone need to carry a flashlight on their person. I mean, not only is it usually daylight  or I’m indoors where electricity exists and lights turn on at the flip of a switch, but I also have this handydandy phone in my pocket at all times and it has a light right next to the camera. Who needs that extra  weight in their pocket, right? WRONG!

I was cynical like most when I first considered the thought of an EDC flash light. But, once I  decided to give it a try, I was astonished at the number of times I found myself reach for that light in my  pocket. Whether it was looking under the couch for the remote control, searching the abyss that lies  between your driver seat and car console, a quick peek under the sink to find that specific cleaner the  wife asked for. There was an endless array of ideal situations for a pocket sized flashlight and before  long, I quickly became that weird guy that carries a flashlight during the day. Turns out, there’s a whole  EDC community out there and the majority support the notion that a flashlight is a must have for any  well-rounded EDC.  

Now that we’ve established a need and use case, let me clarify that I’ve tried and carried well  over 20 different makes and models of EDC flashlights. From the keychain model to those that require a  holster and everything in between. In all my experience, there are certain factors that I prefer and look  for now when shopping for a new EDC light and the new Olight Baton 3 Pro checks all of the boxes. So… let’s cut the chit chat here and get right into the goods and let me introduce you to this amazing light! 


The Olight Baton 3 Pro is the newest version of the Olight Baton lineup. If you’re familiar with  Olight, you’ve likely seen at least one model of the Baton lineup. They come in several shapes, sizes and  colors so there’s something for everyone. For this new model, Olight took all of the successes of  previous models, sprinkled in a few enhancements, added a dash of new technology as well and ended  up with arguably the best EDC flashlight available today. It features several modes of illumination, a twoway clip, magnetic charging, a strong magnetic base, and more.  


Inside the box of the Olight Baton 3 Pro, you get the light, charger, L-shaped bracket for docking  your light with spare adhesive strip and even a nice engraved drawstring bag to protect from scratches  or to house your accessories. 

 The light itself features an aircraft grade aluminum solid-body construction with an upgraded  knurling from previous models for an even better grip. The emitter is a high-performance LED capable of  producing 1500 Lumens and is powered by a single customized 3200mAh 18650 battery. 

There are several modes for illumination depending on your needs and in the lowest mode,  Moonlight, can last up to 120 days on a single charge. In addition, Olight managed to cram a proximity  sensor into the head of the light, although after days of searching, I still can’t find it by looking through  the lens. They also made the power switch even bigger for the largest of hands and for easily finding the  button in the dark. The light retains some of the best features of previous models too such as the two  way pocket clip and the magnetic charging base. Both of which offer their respective version of handsfree operation. The chart below gives a breakdown of the various run-times depending on your  illumination mode. 


I’m glad you asked! Aside from the enhanced output of 1,500 lumens and 7,900 candela which  gives you a 175 meter throw, and the astonishing run times that will keep the darkness at bay for as long  as you need it to, this light has several new features that make it my go-to EDC choice.  

The button, for example measures in at around 7/16” in diameter or 11.1mm. Compare that to  the button on the S1R or S2R Baton models which came in at around 5/16” or 8mm and you have  roughly 90% more surface area for all your pushing pleasure. This may seem like a miniscule amount but  hold your opinion until your fumbling around in the dark trying to find that button and I’m certain you’ll  agree that this small tweak makes a world of difference. Plus, when your wife gets tired of you pushing  her buttons, the Baton 3 Pro will be right there waiting for your attention. 

Also, the center of the button features a translucent dot which serves as the battery indicator  with green light indicating 60% or more of battery life, orange for 10%-60%, red at <10% and blinking  red at <5%. I personally don’t know that red and blinking red work on my own light because I’ve never  seen them. Again, I’ve rocked this thing for two weeks without a recharge and I just now hit the orange  indicator range.   The pocket clip also has an improved look and feel. 

This two-way clip measures 2.69” from top  to bottom and covers 67% of the overall length of the light body. In addition, the attachment point of  the clip to the light body is 3/8” wide which is triple the width of previous clips so there virtually no  chance of the clip accidentally coming off the light when in use. It’s an excellent size for clipping to the  brim of your hat for what I like to call “makeshift headlamp mode” and with the wider design there’s  less chance of experiencing pocket-clip failure which has been the cause of death for several of my previous EDC models. I can’t live without a two-way clip so these minor changes are very much  appreciated.  

Finally, let’s talk about this ghost proximity sensor. No joke, I call it a “ghost” because I’ve  inspected this thing from every possible angle and I swear the proximity sensor is not there. But, turn  the light on a higher mode and move it close to a wall, your hand or any other object and the light  immediately dims down to prevent overheating and to reduce the oversaturation of light output on the  object your trying to see. It’s like magic. In every previous Olight release with a proximity sensor, you  can see the sensor right on the edge of the lens but this one is hidden very well from view. Not only  does it make for a great party trick, but without that sensor protruding into your light beam, you get a  nice hotspot with even flood around it.  


Unlike the battery life on the Olight Baton 3 Pro which seemingly has no end, this article has to stop  somewhere. And just like the proximity sensor mentioned above, I need to make like a ghost and  disappear so let me leave you with these parting thoughts… 

If you’re that guy/gal that questions why someone would need to carry a flashlight in their  pocket/purse in broad daylight, I say “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. Carry any light on your person  for just one week consistently and I’m confident you’ll change your mind.  

When you finally do convert from the dark side, give the Olight Baton 3 Pro a chance at being your  one and only true love when it comes to your EDC. This thing packs a punch, feels great in the hand, has  excellent battery life and more. You won’t regret your decision. 

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