Fishing - A Peaceful and Leisurely Life

Fishing - A Peaceful and Leisurely Life

Getting outside and into nature is just good for the soul. The fresh air and the time to relax and recharge are extremely important. Even the physical aspects of hiking or trekking are great for the mind, body, and spirit. There are so many different activities to choose from that any excuse not to should be non-existent. Aside from the traditional camping and backpacking trips, there is also hunting, fishing, and hiking, all of which can be done within a day if you are short on time. Let us dive into a personal favorite: fishing.

There are no bad days while fishing

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There is an old saying that a “bad day of fishing beats a good day at work any day.”  There is a reason why this popular saying resonates so well with people who enjoy fishing.  Few things in life can compare with the general peace and tranquility of being outside on or next to water quietly trying to land that elusive fish.


Throwing a rod into the water, staring silently at the float. The seemingly calm lake bottom is indeed turbulent. I don't know when, the float dropped a glance, but the shrewd fish can't escape the eagle-like eyes of the fisherman. The tip of the rod is raised quickly, and the rod is bent into a beautiful arc. After a while, the fish will be caught.

The beauty of fishing is that is also accessible to everyone regardless of age or capability. It is an activity that can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends, and you can fish either sitting down or standing up. And while you can spend a tremendous amount of money on fancy equipment like boats and the latest and greatest rods and reels, the reality is you just need a line, a hook, some bait, and a little patience.  It is truly an activity that anyone anywhere can enjoy, young and old alike. 

There are few bonding opportunities like fishing where a parent and child can just sit back and chat about life in general.

Things you need

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Before heading out to your favorite fishing hole, be sure to know and understand all the rules and applicable laws for your area. First and foremost, all cities and states require one to have a current fishing license for the type of fishing you plan to partake in. For example, if you will be fishing for saltwater fish like redfish or mackerel in the Gulf of Mexico, you need to ensure you have the appropriate saltwater fishing license.

If you plan to stay on freshwater and fish within lakes or rivers for Bass or Trout, then be sure to grab a current freshwater fishing license. Nothing will ruin a trip faster than the wildlife and fisheries game warden coming up to check and find you either without the correct license or an expired one. Next, make sure you understand the rules for the type of fish you plan to pursue, which includes minimum and maximum sizes as well as quantity limits. Again, you don’t want your day ruined with a fine for breaking the rules.

Outdoor Folding Knife

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Once you have the rules down, grab your gear and head out. At a minimum, this will include your rod and reel as well as your bait and tackle. Packing a good pocket knife and multi-tool is also a great idea. The Titanium Oknife Splint would make for an excellent pocketknife to carry with you on a fishing trip. With its N690 blade steel and titanium scales, it is built to handle anything you could throw at it. It is razor-sharp right out of the box and can easily handle cutting fishing lines. It can even aid in gutting and cleaning smaller fish with the clip-point style blade. It is very compact and easily carried in a pocket at only 3.96 inches in length when folded and closed. The corrosion resistance of the titanium handles makes them ideal for wet environments.

Small Multitool

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Another fantastic tool to bring along with you is the Olight Opry multi-tool. This tool is great to have because it has multiple uses built into a single, easy to carry compact device. Also made from titanium for corrosion resistance, the Opry includes a pry edge, a bottle opener, four different screwdriver options, hex wrench options and both a metric and inch ruler. Having the Opry on hand means you are ready for a variety of challenges that you might face while enjoying the outdoors without having to carry a large number of different tools.

Outdoor Flashlight

You may also find yourself fishing in low-light conditions. The old adage, “the early bird catches the worm” often applies to fishing as well since getting out early in the morning before the sun rises might mean a better chance of landing that big fish. In the middle of the summer heat in the south, it is also preferred to avoid the blistering hot sun in the middle of the day by fishing in the morning or late afternoon hours. Having light is critically important at these times. Olight has numerous options available for hands-free lighting while fishing, but a great option is the Perun Mini. The Perun Mini provides just the right amount of light, 1,000 lumens when in turbo mode or 250 lumens on high, to be able to see what’s around you. Because of the ninety-degree head and with the head strap and Velcro patch that is included when you purchase the kit, it provides illumination where you need it most while keeping your hands free for the important task of catching fish. The magnetic base is also very handy since you can securely attach it to metallic surfaces in order to provide light while you are working.

Olight headlamp, headlight

Then, when you're done with a fun day of fishing and night falls, you need a tactical flashlight for self-defense, especially outdoors. It prevents any dangerous situation and illuminates the way ahead of you. Olight Warrior 3S delivers up to 2,300 lumens of output, reaching far into the darkness and illuminating any environment. A smoother strike bezel and two-way pocket clip make pocket carrying a breeze.

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Whether fishing from the shore, a dock, or on a boat, this time spent in the outdoors is invaluable. There’s something truly beautiful about being in the silence of the outdoors waiting for that bump or jerk of the line indicating you have a fish on and ready to set the hook. You definitely don’t need to have the most expensive equipment available nor do you need to travel a great distance to exotic locations to be able to enjoy all the benefits that fishing has to offer. If you look, you are bound to find numerous opportunities to fish in lakes, rivers, streams, or oceans close to where you are now. So, grab your favorite fishing gear and be sure to include the essential Olight tools, knives, and flashlights to make your fishing trip truly special. And don’t forget to bring along your loved ones for some quality time together making memories that will easily last a lifetime. Thanks for reading!

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