Get Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Olight in 2022

Get Great Christmas Gift Ideas from Olight in 2022

Even though you always give great gifts, it can seem more challenging to put together the perfect holiday gift for your parents, partner, friends, family, and co-workers each year. With the holidays approaching, it's time to gather some great ideas for Christmas gifts.

Olight flashlights, headlamps, and mood lights are not only great stocking stuffers, but they also make useful Christmas gifts.

The truth is, we all need reliable light for everyday situations, work, and outdoor activities. Flashlights help us to see clearly, move confidently, and work effectively. That's why we created the Olight Lights list to help early shoppers find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone on their list.

ArkfeldFor Those Who Plan Ahead

When you need light, an everyday flashlight is an essential tool - at home, at work, or both. For a "thoughtful" and "practical" gift, choose Olight Arkfeld. No matter one's lifestyle or occupation, everyone needs a quality EDC flashlight that they can carry around.

The Arkfeld EDC flashlight is the perfect sock filler. Some of its useful features include:

Flashlight with Green Beam: The output of the green beam is ≤0.39mW, level 1. It is within the safe range and will not harm the eyes of humans and animals.

Dual Light Source EDC Flashlight: Arkfled is the first dual light source and portable EDC flashlight.

High Brightness Performance: This flashlight has 2 color temperatures, 5 brightness levels, a maximum output of 1,000 lumens, and a beam distance of 101 meters.

Slim Pocket Lightweight: Flat shape, weighs only 3.2 ounces (about 87 grams), and is 0.6 inches (about 1.5 cm) thick. This handheld flashlight comes with a clip that easily clips onto your pocket.

Easy to Use: Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, just rotate or press to get lighting mode or brightness level.

Warrior 3s - For Tactical Professionals Who Prioritize Efficiency

Tactical professionals such as law enforcement, security, and military personnel need powerful flashlights to have the upper hand on the battlefield. Tactical flashlights not only project a tight beam of light to see further, but they also feature a protective design to overcome harsh environments.

Warrior 3s are ideal for tactical professionals who need an adaptable and efficient flashlight. Features of the tactical flashlight include:

Enhanced Protection: The flashlight has a built-in proximity sensor, when the torch is in high, turbo, or strobe mode, it will reduce the brightness level to prevent damage from nearby objects.

Ultimate Performance: This light flashlight is equipped with a TIR optical lens, which can provide up to 2300 lumens and a maximum range of 300 meters.

Simple IndicatorsThere are 4 power batteries around the flashlight, and the brightness indicator is clear at a glance.

Dual SwitchThe side switch can choose 6 different modes for daily use, and the double tail switch can be used for tactical operation. Additionally, the tail cap has been redesigned to support an optical two-button magnetic remote switch for mounting on long-distance mounts.

Magnetic ChargeTactical LED flashlight, use MCC3 USB magnetic charging cable, easily charge with a customized rechargeable battery.

iXV - For those who are always on the move

The Keychain Flashlight is the perfect lighting companion to take with you everywhere you go. From midnight snacks at holiday feasts to everyday errands after dark, the keychain flashlight is a useful tool.

The iXV is a reliable flashlight at an affordable price with several useful features:

HighPerformance: CSP LED paired with TIR optical lens produces a maximum output of 180 lumens at 48 meters, which is 20% higher than i1R 2.

Charging Type: Using a USB-C port instead of the old Micro-USB port makes charging easier.

LightAndCompact: Nearly imperceptible on the keychain, it measures 2 inches (about 5.1 cm) in length and weighs 0.7 ounces (about 22.1 grams).

Easy OperationJust a simple twist of the head to switch. Rotate a little to turn on 5 lumens, and 180 lumens a little more.

FastCharging: USB-C port allows a full charge in 100 minutes without removing the light or fiddling with cables.

Obulb Pro - A colorful Christmas with you

Making your home the ideal cozy atmosphere for Christmas has never been easier and can be done in just a few seconds. The simple, stylish Obulb Pro lights up your favorite Christmas decorations. Watch the colorful effects the lights create in your space.

Obulb Pro adds sparkle to Christmas with several useful features:

Obulb Pro App Control: The Obulb Pro can be controlled by the OLIGHT APP via Bluetooth. With the APP, users can change its mode, brightness and color, and check the remaining power and runtime. The APP also enables group control and data sharing.

Useful Size & Higher Performance: Measuring at 3.7oz and 2.56*2.28in, allowing up to 84 hours of runtime and 240 lumens of output.

Polychromatic & Multifunctional: Warm white light, red/green/blue light, red flash, cycle, and fade between 7 colors. Ideal for parties, nighttime reading, kids' night lights, and more (outdoors & camping).

Small but robustthe measures 2.13 in diameter and 1.94 oz/ 55 g in weight, convenient for one-handed hold and easy to carry around. magnetic bottom along with the adhesive metal badge, can attach tightly to almost anything.

Get great Christmas gift ideas from Olight

Christmas is all about spreading cheer and sharing the warmth of Olight with family and friends. Start your shopping trip early this year with great gift ideas from Olight. Whether you need a flashlight, ambient light or EDC light for the most important person in your life, we have you covered.

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