Olight New Bike Lights|Gotorch X Mountain Bike Light & Wyvern Road Bike Light

Olight New Bike Lights|Gotorch X Mountain Bike Light & Wyvern Road Bike Light

Feb 03, 2023, 07:00:00

Are you looking for something to brighten up your trails for an all-nighter? Or are you just looking for a light that you can use once or twice a week on a 2-hour ride? In February, Olight released the two bicycle lights independently developed and tested by Olight🎉, whether you are mountain biking or simple road riding, you can find the right bike lights.💕 

For Example, are you more of a casual rider that rides a couple of times a week for less than a few hours each time, in dimly lit areas or during the early twilight hours? In this case, long runtimes aren't as critical as you can recharge your light between rides.  In this case, we highly recommend checking out the Olight Wyvern Road Bike Light.

However, for those that are more intense bike riders like 24-hour mountain bike racing or bike-packers, having a light that can last 8 hours on a single charge and has a spare battery becomes much more of an important factor. In this case, you may be looking for a high-powered bike light that also has extended runtimes. For this, we recommend checking out the Olight Gotorch X Mountain Bike Light.

Gotorch X 2000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light

If you're looking for a powerful mountain bike light, with versatility & long runtimes but also affordable, then the Olight Gotorch X mountain bike light is an excellent choice. The light offers great performance! Its bright hotspot crisply illuminates the trail ahead, while the beam's ample spill provides a wide-angle view of closer trail features and obstacles to the front and sides. This MTB light will help make your rides safer and let you stay out on the trail longer! With a headlamp and power supply that can be separated, this bike light is aimed more at mountain bike riders, and at this price, weight and output, it's hard to beat.

Features that make Gotorch x one of the best mountain bike lights:

The GOTORCH X mountain bike light delivers up to a maximum output of 2000 lumens and has a bright hotspot and wide spill.

In terms of versatility, the light consists of two main parts, the light head, and the battery pack. The light head is compatible with the GoPro™ mounts, so It easily mounts to handlebars, helmets, tripods, and more. At only 114g, the light head weight will virtually disappear mounted to a helmet.

The low mode, with 100 lumens, can help with safety by ensuring you are visible to those around you either on the trail or in the road.  Also, it won't unnecessarily blind oncoming pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.  The light toggles between 100 and 1,000 lumens and can provide runtimes of up to 89 hours in eco-mode.

The entire upper cover of the light head is a large switch button, so it can be easily operated with your riding gloves on. What's more, a clever feature is the “intelligent power indicator” on the switch button that tells you how much run time you've got left in the mode you're in.

The rechargeable battery pack that comes with the product supports up to 80+ hours of continuous lighting, and its USB Type-C port charges the light while also allowing the battery pack to serve as a convenient mobile power bank to charge your phone, taillight, GPS, action cameras, and more.

The light head is equipped with a long power cable, which allows the battery pack to be mounted in a multitude of locations for maximum flexibility. As an example, when camping outdoors, you can hang the headlight in the tent and use it as a camping lamp, and the rechargeable battery pack with super long battery life can be used as a mobile power supply to charge our mobile phones


MSRP: $149.99(February Flash Sale: Up to 40% off, Learn More)

Lumens: 2,000 (max output)

Runtime: 89hours at 100 Lumen

Bike light with stand:114g / 4.02oz

Mounts: Handlebars, helmets, tripods, and more.

Wyvern 300 Lumen Road Bike Light

Wyvern is a stylish, sporty and lightweight bike light specially designed for the road, urban cyclists, and commuters. It can also be mounted as a helmet light for a mountain bike setup.

Features that make Wyvern one of the best Road bike lights:

Equipped with a high-output LED emitter capable of providing up to 300 lumens, it can shine with an anti-glare light that is soft to oncoming road users. Side cutouts increase lateral visibility for safer nighttime riding.

There are three brightness levels and two modes. Long press the switch to turn the light either on or off, or simply click to change levels of brightness or modes. Constructed with a tough polycarbonate and ABS housing, in addition to a protective UV coating on the surface and PVC foam stickers (included) on both sides, the Wyvern is a sleek and stylish light, that is also extremely durable.

The 2000mAh battery with a Type-C charging port ensures 13 hours of runtime and can be recharged in only 2.5 hours for longer cycling trips. In addition, the Wyvern features an IPX4 waterproof protection rating, allowing it to stand up to heavy rain effortlessly. When it comes to mounting, the universal Garmin mount allows for a quick and easy attachment or removal from the handlebar.


MSRP: $22.99 (February Flash Sale: Up to 35% off, Learn More)

Lumens: 300 (max output)

Max Runtime: 13 hours 

Bike light with stand: 3.60 oz / 102 g

Mounts: Handlebars, helmets

Whether you have money to spend or are pinching pennies right now, you can always find something that will get you out there having fun and lighting up your trails. If you’re trying to save money, don't miss Olight's February Flash Sale.

Olight is offering a limited-time discount on Gotorch X and Wyvern:

🎊Buy Gotorch X now and save 💰$45 instantly and add 💰$1 to get a Wyvern👉👉Click Here!

🎊New Bike Light——Wyvern, only 💰$17.24 to get!👉👉Click Here!

🚩Note: Don't forget to claim the log-in gift i3E Black. Check out to get your gift through the shopping cart between⏰08:00 PM 2/7-11:59 PM 2/9 EST.

It's worth spending a bit more to get a light that works and lasts.

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Thanks for reading.

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All Reviews (64)

Travis Dillard

I really like the Gotorch X it checks all the boxes when it comes to features I look for in a light. Somthing thats bright with good coverage and long run time with the ability to charge other things in an emergency.

Posted on: Feb 10, 2023, 00:07:46

Emilie Hoffman

That gotorch looks very handy for bike rides expecially with the ability to charge my phone

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 21:38:03

Cali Land

The new Gotorch X has to be the best new product for this sale! Great design and lumens! Love it!

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 19:47:02

Alex Towery

Looks pretty cool. I like the phone charger addition.

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 17:03:55

miles story

I think the versatility of the Gotorch is great. Being able to charge other electronics along with the high 2000 lumen output, all in a easy to use and mount package.

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 07:31:46


I could use this right now I work about 7 miles from hope and there is not any form of lighting for about 6 miles.

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 04:56:25

Tommy WebsterIII

I would be honored to test and review put to the test on the stump jumper

Posted on: Feb 08, 2023, 22:50:29

Tommy WebsterIII

Very nice love the go torch especially maybe some more colors in both in the future. I like the fact that the Go Torch can be mounted up to any Go Pro impressive looks like it would light up the night. Make some riding videos I do nothing but snowboard and atv ride/ dirt bike riding trails this time of the year

Posted on: Feb 08, 2023, 22:47:44

Ben Barnett

Love the gotorch! this would be great for cave exploring! This would go great on my helmet!

Posted on: Feb 08, 2023, 21:48:21

Olight User

I like the classic look of Gotorch X, A super cool, bright, easy to use bike light.

Posted on: Feb 08, 2023, 21:42:36

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