Small Pocket-sized Flashlight: i5R Valentine's Day Edit and i3T Pinwheel Blue

Small Pocket-sized Flashlight: i5R Valentine's Day Edit and i3T Pinwheel Blue

We have evolved to need light, that's what "seeing" is all about. Due to the limited sight in the darkness, the light tool becomes necessary. Have you ever wanted a reliable flashlight with you for everyday carry but realized you couldn't put it in your pocket? 

Love walking at night but don't like the weight that comes with a bright flashlight?  Olight small pocket-sized EOS flashlights are just what you need! This time, I will introduce you to the i5R and the i3T small flashlight. They both come in a new cool color in February Flash Sale, 2023.

I5R EOS Flashlight Red

Beautifully Curated and Ready to Gift

The Valentine's Edit to Spoil Your Loved One

The i5R EOS pocket-sized flashlight looks like its older sibling, the i5T EOS.  But it is actually a new light. It is a rechargeable flashlight powered by Olight customized 2.4V 1420mAh 14500 lithium-ion battery with an integrated USB Type-C interface for charging. Its high-performance LED, paired with a PMMA lens, delivers a soft and balance beam of up to 350 lumens. 

There is only a tail switch. When you half-press the switch, the light will turn on. When you repeat the half press, you'll switch the light brightness between the 2 modes. The high mode provides 350 lumens of cool white light and its low mode provides 15 lumens. 

In terms of carrying, the i5R small flashlight features only 2.12 ounces in weight and 95.4mm in length. Its compact and slim size makes it pretty easy to carry and doesn't add bulk to your pocket or backpack. In addition, the small flashlight comes with a pre-attached two-way pocket clip. It is attached just below the tail-cap, you can clip it on your hat brim, or backpack strap. It also serves as an anti-roll feature, so it won't roll of the table. The clip has a 1.5mm lanyard hole, that you can use to attach a lanyard to carry around your wrist, bag, etc.

The i5R small flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Its double helix body knurling is designed for an attractive appearance, unique style, excellent ventilation, and solid grip.  Coming in red color, Valentine's day edit, the i5R flashlight would be the best gift to spoil your lovers.

⚫Max output: 350 Lumens

⚫Max runtime: 37 Hours

⚫Max throw: 64 Meters

⚫Drop test: 1.5 Meters

⚫Water resistance: IPX8

I3T EOS Flashlight Pinwheel Blue 

Slide It in Your Pocket and Forget About It

The i3T EOS is a slim pocket-sized flashlight powered by a single AAA battery. Its excellent LED paired with a TIR optic lens producing a soft and balanced beam for comfortable use.

It has a single forward-clicky tail switch. Half-pressing the switch will give you momentary light. When you repeat the half-pressing, you'll switch the high mode with 180 lumens and the low mode with 5 lumens. When you fully press the switch, your mode is set. 

The i3T small pocket-sized flashlight is pretty easy to carry. With only 3.5 inches in length and 1.4 ounces in weight, you can slide it into thicker pants. It is also equipped with a two-way pocket clip that has an even broader and sturdier arm for a firm attachment and multiple carrying options. 

The i3T flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. It features a double helix milling pattern that not only enhances grip but gives your light a unique style. It is an incredibly convenient illumination experience to take with you everywhere. 

⚫Max output: 180 lumens

⚫Max runtime: 16 hours

⚫Max throw: 60 meters

⚫Beam intensity: 900 CD

⚫Drop test: 1.5 meters

⚫Water resistance: IPX8

Having an i5R or i3T small pocket-sized flashlight in your hand is a great idea. If you want to enjoy performing activities at night, these two small flashlights will surely improve your experience. Their light and runtime are enough for you to walk at night, and work on repairs for hours. They won't break your budget. Olight also offers special discounts on its flash sale. 

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Cali Land

I don't have the i5R yet and really like that it can be charged. The blue prism is a lovely color. Tough choice

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 19:48:30

panda man

cool light love the colour to it would make a great addition to my collection

Posted on: Feb 09, 2023, 17:07:28