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Is a Small Flashlight Good For EDC Use?

Is a Small Flashlight Good For EDC Use?

Yes, small flashlights are good for every use. In fact, they are far better than bulkier size flashlights. You can’t carry a bulky or heavy-weight flashlight everywhere you go. But a small flashlight will fit anywhere in your pocket, bag, and even wallet. Today’s modern-day small flashlights are not only powerful but some come with an impressive amount of features for their size. For everyday use, small flashlights are great but there are some exceptions. Keep reading to learn more about how a small flashlight is a great every-use tool.

Types of Mini Flashlights

There are mainly three types of flashlights that fall into the mini-flashlight category.

Keychain Lights

Keychain flashlight, keychain light

As the name suggests, keychain lights are small enough to attach to your key ring. This small flashlight is made to be carried anywhere and everywhere. Though keychain lights are not as bright as other EDC or tactical lights, they sometimes produce an impressive light with an output of often more than 100-350 lumens.


EDC Pen light

This type of flashlight is the size of your pen and is often considered the slimmest and sleekest mini flashlight. Most small flashlight light comes with an added feature to hold ink and write. If you’re a tradesperson this could be the best flashlight for you as it fits into shirt pockets and in your tool bag easily. Penlight won’t give you the highest light output but still many manage to reach 100 lumens or more on a full charge.

EDC Flashlight

EDC flashlight, small flashlight

If you’re looking for a durable, tough and at the same time small flashlight this one's for you. Most EDC flashlight comes with a convenient clip that you attached to your hats, shoulder straps, belts, and bags.

Don’t be fooled by the size of this flashlight. Though they are small, they are designed to survive anything and everything. Most are made of premium quality material that is not only strong but also lightweight.

Talking about the light output, most small-size EDC light lumens are 100 lumens and above. These types of small flashlights can be used for camping, everyday carry, and during tactical situations.

What Size Flashlight Is Small?

The flashlight comes in different shapes and sizes. The size of the flashlight is determined as per the user's need and choice. For day-to-day or holily use a flashlight that is 5cm in length is considered to be the best small size flashlight. For outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, a 10cm flashlight can be considered a small flashlight. You see, the size of a flashlight differs as per the need and situation. A flashlight that is small for one person could be large for you and vice versa.  

If you ask me, what size is a  small flashlight? For me a flashlight that measures around 5cm in length is perfect. Most manufacturers consider any flashlight under 5cm in length to be the best small flashlight. There are also flashlights with a measurement of as small as two inches or less. Keyring flashlights and penlights are two notable exceptions.

I am sure you have heard the quote, “ Don’t judge the book by its cover,” this quote also applies to small flashlights. Some small flashlights from branded manufacturers like Olight can produce up to 500 lumens. Don’t underestimate small size light before you know its features.

Advantages of Owning a Small Flashlight

small flashlight, EDC flashlight

So, what are the advantages of a small flashlight over a medium-size and full-size flashlight? First things, the compactness is one advantage that makes the mini-flashlight unique from the rest.

Other than the compact size, you can carry a small flashlight anywhere you go. They can fit into your pocket, bag, and some even in your keyring and purse. A small flashlight can also be used in emergency situations or even for self-defense when needed. It gives you a readily available source of light without having to fight with an app on your phone.

Mini-flashlight is capable of doing all the things that a normal medium-size or large-size flashlight is capable of. The only compromise would be with the light output but some small flashlights can produce 500 to 1000 lumens which is much brighter than your phone's flashlight.

Things To Look for When Choosing the Best Small Flashlight

There are a few things that you should take into consideration while choosing a small flashlight. 

Battery Type

Small flashlights tend to have smaller batteries. Smaller batteries lead to shorter charging capability. Here is a difference between using a rechargeable battery and a disposable battery.

Rechargeable Batteries: I will give you a straight answer. Always go for a rechargeable battery.  They might be a little expensive initially but in the long run, you’ll get back your investment. When you have a rechargeable battery in your small flashlight you don’t worry about paying to replace a new battery every time it runs out. You can recharge it with a USB port on your computer or on a power bank or plug it into the wall directly for a quick recharge.

Disposable Batteries: This type of battery costs less initially but you will have to spend on buying new batteries over and again as the batteries die out. A small flashlight with disposable batteries is only good for emergencies.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, disposable batteries last longer than rechargeable batteries. While choosing battery type and battery life, you will have to determine how you intend to use the flashlight. For hiking and camping, a rechargeable battery flashlight could be a better option because you can recharge it whenever the battery is down. For EDC home use, disposable batteries flashlight is a good option because you can purchase a new set of batteries every time it dies.


The brighter the better! But understand that brighter flashlights tend to have shorter battery life. For everyday use a flashlight with 100 to 400 lumens is great. For a fishing trip, camping trip, hiking, or jogging at night, get a small flashlight that produces between 500 to 1000 lumens.

Intended Use

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly flashlight you should determine the intended use of your flashlight. For general purposes, you don’t need a high lumen output and a long-lasting battery torch. When you cut down the lumen and choose a less expensive battery the cost will automatically go down.

Modes & Controls

Today's modern flashlight comes with multiple modes and setting options. Choose a flashlight that gives you the option to change the brightness level. This option helps the battery to last longer and gives you the option to use it in many situations. Also, if you can find a small flashlight that has a strobe light option, go for it. It will serve as a self-defense option to stun and deter attackers.


Always check the IP rating to make sure your flashlight can withstand different weather conditions. The higher the value of the IP rating, the better your flashlight will be able to survive water and dust.

Our Tops Recommendation

If you don’t want to go through the hustle and bustle, here are our top 5 small flashlight recommendations.

i3T EOS Small Flashlight

small flashlight, EDC flashlight

If you’re looking for a small flashlight that has a tail switch, unique milling, premium beam, and multiple carrying options this one is for you. i3T small EDC flashlight is powered by a single AAA battery and produces up to 180 lumens maximum. It has a TIR optic lens that produces a soft and balanced beam profile for comfortable vision. The tail switch light makes it easy to operate and gives the option to change the light mode from 5 lumens to 180 lumens. Other than that It’s easy to carry in a pocket, clipped to a hat brim, or keep anywhere in your bag.

i1R2 Pro Keychain Flashlight

keychain flashlight, keychain light

The best thing about this keychain flashlight is it has a built-in 130mAh Lithium-ion battery. i1R2 Pro keychain flashlight can produce 180 lumens output, has a throw of 48m, and can run up to 12 hours.

The twist of the head switch option makes it easy to turn the light on/off instantly. The flashlight is only 51.3mm/2.02in long with a weight of only 22g/0.78oz, almost unnoticeable on your keychain.

OPen Pro EDC penlight

Open Pro, pen light

Whether you're writing, reading, or in a presentation, the OPen Pro's innovative 3-in-1 design including a pen, green laser, and a light will have you covered.

Open Pro EDC Penlight has an easy L-type bolt action switch. You can activate the light with a single upward push. This penlight makes it easy to read and write at night. With a built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery this small flashlight is not only powerful but also has a reassuring runtime.

Should You Buy a Small Flashlight?

If you’re looking for a compact light that you can use every day, yes you should buy a small flashlight. Throughout the article, we mention the need to understand the intended use of a flashlight. That’s the major call when choosing a flashlight. For plumbers and electricians, there’s nothing better than a smaller flashlight.

To sum up, the best small flashlight should be compact, should have a rechargeable battery, should produce enough light, should be durable, and produce enough light. Thank you for your reading!

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