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Lime Green Flashlight Color Matching Guide

Lime Green Flashlight Color Matching Guide

Have Fun with Colors—Flashlights Are Stylish 


💚💚💚What Color Is Lime Green?


When many people see a color that is so bright, bold, creative, and vibrant, they are unconsciously drawn to it. Lime green is a vivid green, named after the popular citrus fruit, with a spicy tone and a distinct yellow undertone. It's super fresh and has a great presence. It can be part of any color combination. Because it is different, its charm can also give life to any gathering. As Christmas approaches every year, everyone is trying to decide what color their favorite gift will be, and this year's star of the color wheel is lime green.



💚💚💚Why Do We Choose Lime Green?


Lime green has long been favored in the fashion industry, with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga having great success after referencing the color in their clothing and bag designs. And then there's Porschewho just launched the unignorably lime green Porsche 911R. As the color has become more and more popular, we've released multiple lime green lights, including the now sold-out S2R II Baton, and last monthwe released a little Halloween giveaway called I3E in a very unique color that combined lime green with red. As a very important EDC item, a flashlight’s first job is to function, but highlighting the owner’s fashion personality and being a way to play with color is also very important. We are going to launch the brand-new lime green Arkfeld in time for Christmas, and we are excited to see how a bold color can become a fashion item shaped by Arkfled’s integrated molding process. How do we go about our daily lives with Lime Green Arkfeld?


💚💚💚How to match it with other colors?


Our C (color revolution) Studio is always making bold innovations and product breakthroughs. This time, Lime Green Arkfeld not only satisfies our Ofans' demand for new colors, and we won’t only use Lime Green Arkfeld to match EDC tools of the same color, such as knives or other green flashlights, but we will also use lime green to match other colors and to create different colors.  Of course, we see lime green alongside purple, pink, orange, gray, black, white… It's a nice pairing with the lime green that brings these colors to life.


💚💚💚How to highlight the charm of Akfeld Lime Green?


🎈1) First of all, the combination of Lime Green Arkfeld with lime green, Lime Green Arkfeld with zombie green, or Lime Green Arkfeld with OD green makes for an exciting and dynamic image!


🎈2) The combination of blue and lime green can also produce unexpected reactions, such as putting Lime Green Arkfeld next to blue products. Although these two colors can be very strong together, using them in moderation can greatly enhance the visual effect and stylishness of each.


🎈3) The Lime Green Arkfeld and dark night blue combo is the ideal combination for anyone looking for a bright, preppy look, which is very trendy, yet also a touch of vintage.


🎈4) Lime green and purple products, which is a jumping match will give the product a sense of mystery, just like entering a mysterious forest.


🎈5) Lime green with orange gives a very spring and summer feeling—young and energetic.


🎈6) Lime green with gray is very clean, very neat, and elegant but bold.


🎈7) Lime green with black—the combination of lime green and black is always so harmonious, just like two old friends leaning against each other.


🎈8) How about lime green with white? This combination is mature and professional but also very eye-catching.


Your turn…👀👀👀


If you were in our shoes, how would you match this Lime Green Arkfeld? Is it trendy? Is it retro? Is it stylish? Or mature? 😁When you play with color, everything is a great experiment!👏

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All Reviews (2)

Jeremy L

Similar to the orange colors you have on your lights, the lime green is another bright color that just “pops” which goes well for any edc lineup. I think you should make more colors that are bright and “pop” lime the orange and green. I think something like a bright sky blue would do well.

Posted on: Dec 21, 2022, 10:33:14

Brandon User

I want a Bigfoot special limited edition flashlight , it needs red beam and the white light would need to be a duller almost uv light

Posted on: Dec 15, 2022, 10:31:28