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Look no further than the Olantern for your camping trip!

Look no further than the Olantern for your camping trip!

Look no further than the Olantern for your camping trip!

   Camping outdoors with family or friends requires good lighting. The convenience and practicality of a capable camping lantern more than satisfy this requirement. And with the progress of technology, the camping lantern has come a long way.

   Nowadays, it’s quite common to see a variety of modern camping lanterns in the market, some of which include multi-color options and special features. For most campers, a high-quality camping lantern would be an essential item due to its irreplaceable value and functionality.

   A powerful camping lantern should be featured with good performance of brightness and runtime, strong durability, and wide compatibility. And to top it off, it should have an affordable price! If you are in search of such a premier camping lantern, the Olantern should absolutely be your first choice for your adventures!

   How to Choose a Suitable Camping Lantern?

   The first question to ask yourself when looking for a good-quality camping lantern is how much brightness you need. As we all know, the brightness is measured in lumens and there is a wide range of camping lanterns varying in output from 60 lumens to a whopping 1000lumens.

   The answer to how many lumens you need depends on the specific situation. In a tent, under 50 lumens are enough to support simple activities such as reading and sleeping.

   In campsites, at least 100 lumens or above can light up your surroundings. In the wilderness, 200 lumens or above are sufficient to identify the invisible creatures lurking in the darkness. You can choose the appropriate brightness you prefer.

   The second most important features are the runtime and the batteries. Longer runtime and your preference for batteries contribute to better usage. With the Olantern, you can choose replaceable AA/AAA batteries or a USB-rechargeable battery with a long lifespan.

   Thirdly, you’d better pick a lantern that is water-resistant and shockproof, allowing it to endure harsh conditions. Finally, it should be easily portable and small enough to leave space for your other outdoor gear.

   Our Best Overall: The New Olantern Camping Lantern 

   It would be awesome to have a camping lantern that combines all these features with good quality and flawless vintage design, which is why the new Olantern was launched this year. There are two versions of the new Olantern: one is a rechargeable version called the Olantern classic 2 Pro, and the other is the Olantern classic 2 lite version which comes with AA replaceable batteries. Except for the charging/discharging features and runtime, both Olantern versions have near-identical functions, can withstand daily activities, and are perfect for your campsites.

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   There are three color options of the Olantern classic 2 Pro, which are clay beige, forest green, and vintage copper. It is the rechargeable version of Olight's retro-style LED lantern, delivering a max output of 300 lumens and lasting for 7.5 days.

   With the rotary knob switch, you can select either warm orange light or warm white light as you wish. It has a built-in 11200mAh battery pack and features USB-C and USB magnetic charging.

   Featuring USB-A and USB-C outputs, it can also be used as an emergency power bank. Additionally, its 2-year warranty means that you will be compensated even if its durable metal surface fails to protect your Olantern.

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   As for the Olantern classic 2 lite version, it includes 4 AA batteries and 2 color options available. One is clay beige and the other is forest green. Though it has fewer options than the Pro version, it also has a lower price. The Lite version can produce up to 240 lumens and last 105 hours.

   Both versions have power indicators and a sturdy base, perfect for practical use and placement. They also both have an IPX 5 water resistance rating and 0.8-meter drop resistance, making them able to withstand some extreme weather and conditions. If you prefer lanterns with an old-style look, the Olantern classic 2 lite is certainly a suitable option, as it was designed with this style in mind.

   Easy to Place & Carry

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   Among all the good-quality camping lanterns, the new Olantern’s tempting features and qualities place it at the top. The first important point comes with its sturdy design and convenient size, making it ideal for hanging outside in nature or placing inside a tent.

   There are many places you can use the Olantern, making it versatile enough for camping. For instance, you can hang it on a hook or on a branch of a tree. You can also put it on the deck, in the tent, by the beach, on the rocks, grass, wood, shelf, table, backyard, patio, or even basement, etc.

   Its sturdy base is perfect for flat surfaces, while its smart hanging ring makes it simple to hang. The additional stainless-steel handle makes it easy to carry regardless of its slightly bulkier and heavier body compared to the original Olantern.

   More importantly, it possesses solid all-metal housing, which endows it with strong durability in rough conditions. Plus, the transparent PC plastic cover surrounding the bulb is protected by stainless steel guards, preventing any fragility in the outdoors.

   Let the Olantern enable you to explore nature without worrying about having to keep it from taking damage or shattering.

   Banish the Darkness

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   One of the impressive features of the new Olantern is its far-reaching maximum output. It can light the way on your adventures! Produced by two LED light sources, the Olantern classic 2 Pro edition can pump out a maximum output of 300 lumens while the Lite edition can reach 240 lumens, both of which do a great job illuminating the area.

   Generally, the Olantern classic 2 Pro can run up to 180 hours while the Lite version runs for 105 hours. The Olantern's lengthy runtime and powerful brightness attract many campers. Indeed, it can empower you to be courageous when confronted with unpredictable challenges.

   While collecting firewood in the wild, the warm light glow will guide you through the darkness and help you to identify wildlife without shocking them with blinding light. You can leave the wood on the ground and start cutting it while surrounded by ambient light, which makes you feel safe and keeps your spirit up.

   Moreover, it has a wider application for your camping trips which exceeds your expectations. You can use it for endless possibilities such as party decoration, night lamps to read and chat, taking photos, catching an insect, etc. Some people may even store it inside a big pumpkin as a Jack O'Lantern on Halloween. Only your creativity can define what the Olantern can do.  

   Give You Power and Energy

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   The new Olantern model is great leaps and bounds better than earlier models as it offers multi-mode options which consist of warm orange and warm white LED light. The main build has multiple brightness levels for whatever your use may require.

   Just by a single twist of the rotary switch labeled with the Olight Logo, you can access any brightness you prefer. While camping outside, you can easily light up your dinner table by adjusting the knob switch to the brightness that works best. You can choose between two modes of color output.

   If you need brighter light, you can select the warm white LEDs which make better output performance. If you are celebrating with friends, you may prefer the warm orange light which can create a warmer or cozier atmosphere.

   One of the benefits of the new Olantern is that its warm brightness won’t hurt your eyes or blind you like other camping lanterns. You can use it in more situations than you might expect.

   While having a barbecue together, it delivers an even 360-degree light distribution with stepless dimming to light up the campsite. Then under the stimulation of the warm light, you will be appetized to taste a nice stake and drink by the sea, greatly increasing your satiety. 

   Endure Harsh Conditions

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   Another advantage of the new Olantern is its IPX5 water resistance rating, which ensures it can survive in some tough scenarios such as rainy weather, water splash, and damp conditions.

   If the power goes out, you could still use the Olantern as a bath light. If you play nightly camp games and forget to bring the Olantern inside, you don’t need to worry about whether it will be corroded if it starts to rain.

   For those who live in hurricane or tornado territory, the robust Olantern can recharge your phone and light up your room until the storm passes. To full-time campers, the new Olantern means a lot. “It is an awesome Lantern because it can take a downpour and it won’t hurt it!” said an experienced camper.

   A higher water-resistance rating means a greater ability to go on outdoor adventures, and the Olanter's IPX5 rating means it is more than capable of this. Additionally, its 0.8-meter drop resistance can also make it withstand a fall to some extent.

   Unlike gas lanterns which are noisy and fragile, the Olantern will keep silent and won’t disturb your activities at all. When you go fishing by the lake, you can remain focused since it won’t make any sound with its gentle glow. 

   Offer Emergency Assistance With Power Bank

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   Still think it's overpriced? Then you may be neglecting one of the most crucial features of the new Olantern classic 2 Pro, which is that it can charge your devices in case of an emergency power outage.

   The new Olantern offers up to 18 W charging for phones, Obulbs, small speakers, etc. Powered by its 11200mAh battery, you can use the Olantern classic 2 Pro edition to charge the iPhone 13 pro up to 3 times in half an hour.

   That aside, you can check its power in real-time anytime as it features a simple indicator light. What’s more, you can also simultaneously charge two devices using its dual USB ports (one each, USB-A and USB-C). Above all, once charged, it can be used for nearly a week.

   For those who like to live off the grid, the Olantern can provide steady lighting for a little over a week on a full charge! The rechargeable Olantern classic 2 Pro edition takes only 4 hours to fully charge via the 18W USB-C fast charging.

   You can also use the convenient magnetic charging system like with many other Olight products. In addition, if you want to replace the batteries more conveniently, you can select the Olantern classic 2 lite Edition which provides 4 AA replaceable batteries inside.

   With these options available, you can choose to avoid being dependent on store-bought batteries or you can instead choose to avoid being dependent on having the power to charge your Olantern.

   Get It Now! 

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   All in all, the Olantern is a highly recommended camping lantern that deserves you to buy now. You can choose either of the version you like. Whether you are setting fire to the wood or enjoying the sunset with your families, it is a good addition to your camping trip. And it has a good deal on sale from time to time.

   Many of the dedicated Olight zealots out there have already ordered their Olanterns.

   Let the Olantern illuminate the path of your adventure!

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