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Marauder Mini: The Most Versatile Flashlight Covers Your Application

Marauder Mini: The Most Versatile Flashlight Covers Your Application

Marauder Mini, as the name suggests,  is the miniature version of Olight's Marauder series of flashlights. Smaller in size, but still with powerful energy and even more functions. Since its debut, it has attracted a lot of attention due to its super versatility. It is a mini beast with flood, spot, and RGB light to cover almost all your applications. In this article, I would clearly introduce its 5 light sources and applications. Let's take a look, I am sure you will be impressed by this Mini beast.

Powerful Spotlight and Floodlight in Your Hand 

Marauder Mini is a dual-beam LED flashlight with both flood and throw. A large LED has been added to the center to emit a 600-meter round spotlight beam.  There are also 6 LED lights surrounding the center enabling seven brightness levels that provide 100-7000 lumen floodlights. Floodlights and spotlights represent two types of lighting patterns. Do you know the difference between them and what is the suitable lighting pattern for your project? 

What Is the Spotlight?

Spotlight refers to the narrow beam of light( usually no wider than 45 degrees)  that produces intense illumination in a well-defined area. It is the light gathered by a spotlight lens or reflector. The central spot of the spotlight is small, strong, and bright, but the brightness outside the central spot is low. Spotlights have a very good long-range shooting effect.

Generally, spotlight flashlights use a mirror-reflective cup with a small core LED. The caliber and depth of the reflective cup directly affect the degree of light gathering. The curve design of the reflective cup determines the spot position and the shape of the spot. The excellent spot has a regular and round center as well as a clear boundary.

The Benefit of Spotlight Flashlight

As mentioned above, the spotlight is an ideal light to light up specific areas and objects. Therefore, it can be used in hunting, high-speed night riding, special outdoor work, and other long-distance irradiation. Spotlights are also suitable for illuminating static objects such as artwork or sculptures. If you visit a gallery or museum and want to see the details of a specific object, you can use a spotlight flashlight.

What Is the Floodlight?

As the name implies, the floodlight is to flood the broad area with light.  It produces wider and brighter beams of light to illuminate a larger amount of area with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight.

The central spot beam of the floodlight is slightly concentrated and strong, but the light in the floodlight area is weak. There is a smooth transition between the floodlight area and the central spot. The floodlight cover area has diffuse reflection rays which bring a larger viewing angle( usually anything above 90 degrees), wider irradiation range, and soft light without dazzling.

Floodlight flashlights produce highly diffused and directionless light instead of clear-cut light beams, so the lights they produce are soft and transparent. When used for illuminating, the lighting decreases much more slowly than the spotlight.

The Benefit of Floodlight Flashlight

Floodlight flashlights are often used in situations where soft and large-area illumination is needed, such as outdoor sports, camping, hiking, fishing, mountaineering, search and rescue, and so on. When we get into the darkness, no matter in the wild jungle or on the dark road, we are more eager to know the surroundings, and the broad beam of floodlight flashlights can meet the demand. It is also the best choice if you want to search for lost items in darkness.

RGB Color Light Enriches Applications

Marauder Mini has three RGB LED lights surrounding the center to offer red light, green light, and blue light. These three special color lights usually exist in flashlights so as to conduct special applications. Let's take a look at their benefits respectively.

The Benefit of Red Light 

Red light is not as bright to human eyes as white light, so it is helpful for faster focusing at night. When transitioning from darkness to light, human eyes adjust faster to red light than to white light. It helps preserve night vision and decrease the overall light signature in low-light situations. It is a good idea to use a red led flashlight to read a map or navigate your way in the dark.

Military personnel often use red light flashlights to perform their duties at night. The reason is that red light is capable for them to navigate in remote areas, and they can't be seen from far away places so as to avoid being discovered by the enemy.

Red light is also really popular among hunting enthusiasts. The reason for this is that most wildlife is particularly insensitive to red light. When hunting at night, you can use the red light to illuminate the surroundings for wildlife searching while still not disturbing wildlife. 

If you are a stargazing enthusiast, the red light flashlight is an ideal tool to reach the ideal gaze point. We usually gaze at stars in complete darkness as much as possible, but in order to reach the best observation point, we need some light. In this situation, we need red light which doesn't dazzle our eyes to quickly fix our eyes on stars and it would not cause light pollution.

The Benefit of Green Light 

Green light flashlights have particular advantages for outdoor usage. Human eyes are most sensitive to green light while many animals are insensitive to this color. Compared with other color light, such as white, red, and blue light, the green light would be more bright to human eyes with the same lumen. 

Moreover, in the leafy scene, other colors would be absorbed by the green leaves, while the green light can penetrate the jungle easily. Most animals cannot see the spectrum of green light very well. Many hunters claim that the green light will not scare fish, deer, wild boar, and other animals like a bright white light will. The green light flashlight also has a longer runtime than other color LED flashlights, which makes it suitable for hunting.

The Benefit of Blue Light 

Most white light LED flashlights actually produce white light by irradiating fluorescent powder with blue light, so the white light LED flashlight contains some blue light components.  Blue light has a high refraction and scattering rate so its throw range is short compared with other color light.

Nevertheless, blue light also has its own brilliant advantage. It is said that the blood will emit faint fluorescence under the irradiation of blue light. Therefore, the blue light flashlight is really useful for tracking blood trails of wounded animals for hunters without sacrificing night vision. Police also use it to investigate crime scenes.  

Blue light can also effectively reflect the fluorescent powder at the tail of the fish float, so blue light LED flashlight is available for fishing.

The Marauder Mini flashlight with spot, flood, and RGB light is a truly necessary flashlight in our daily life. Not only does it provide daily illumination, but it also helps with hunting, fishing, law enforcement, search and rescue. Why not grab one right away and let it serve your life? Wanna learn more information about Marauder Mini? Please click the following link to read its previous articles.

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James Martin

The Marauder Mini is full of great features, and the user interface is quite convenient. The easy switching from flood to spotlight is a useful feature. The spotlight maintains a tight spot even at a long distance. This light is perfect for our large yard in the country. The Marauder Mini will function as a good backup light in the case of a power outage with long runtimes on lower brightness levels. I recommend this light for everyone.

Posted on: Dec 25, 2022, 16:45:14