Power and Versatility: Marauder Mini Outdoor Flashlight in Stars and Stripes & Blue Editions

Power and Versatility: Marauder Mini Outdoor Flashlight in Stars and Stripes & Blue Editions

The 4th of July is a celebration of when the American colonies formally declared their independence from Great Britain. The holiday is marked with lots of patriotic music, fireworks, parades, and family cookouts. The“Stars and Stripes” are prominently displayed as American pride is high across the nation. Olight has become a part of these celebrations by releasing many popular flashlights and knives with the Stars and Stripes design. Just in May, ahead of the Memorial Day holiday, Olight released several patriotic lights and knives that included popular models like the i3T small flashlight and the Arkfeld flat flashlight. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were more patriotic themed lights released in time for this year’s Independence Day celebrations? Well, wait no more! The Marauder Mini is the latest flashlight to be released in patriotic colors, and it is gorgeous! The new colorway, blue, is released in the summer sale.

A Quick Recap of the Marauder Mini Outdoor Flashlight Specifications

floodlight and Spotlight Flashlight

Before we get into how beautiful this flashlight is in the Stars and Stripes color scheme, let’s review some of the performance details.  The name might have “mini” in it, but it is far from miniature when it comes to performance. With 7,000 lumens of area filling light for up to 2 minutes before stepping down to 1,600 lumens for an additional 160 minutes, the Marauder Mini is a true outdoor flashlight capable of illuminating a very wide area in front of you. With the flip of the switch, you can swap to the spotlight mode and throw an impressively tight beam of light for almost 2,000 feet! That is more than enough distance to help you see just about anything.

Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light Flashlight

In addition to being able to switch between spot and flood modes, the Marauder Mini has another trick up its sleeve that the full-size Marauder 2 does not. The Marauder Mini also includes red, blue and green LEDs to enhance outdoor adventure experience. The red LED will help preserve your night vision while still allowing you to see around you. A green light is typically favored by hunters as they claim that the green light attracts deer and other wild game. Additionally, it is believed that a green light will not scare away fish and other game like a bright white light will. Blue LEDs are useful for pilots and others who need to read maps at night. Blue LEDs are also used by police, crime scene investigators, and hunters because it will make blood and other bodily fluids visible that are usually invisible to the naked eye. Blue light is the only light that can cut through fog, which is why it is widely used for fog headlights.

With all the power and features packed into this relatively small light, the Marauder Mini outdoor flashlight truly has a astonishing factor!

The Beauty that is the Stars and Stripes

Now, let’s review the stunning new color scheme being released just in time for all of our 4th of July celebrations!  The head of the Marauder Mini is in a beautiful blue with 50 (yes, there’s actually 50, I counted!) tiny white stars encircling the entire head of the light. The body of the flashlight maintains the same button and switch locations and functions, but it is now in an alternating red and white striped color scheme. There are only 12 total stripes instead of the 13 needed to represent the first 13 colonies, but in fairness, it is impossible to fit an odd number of alternating stripes around a cylindrical shape. The red stripes have a slight metallic look to it and compliments the overall patriotic look extremely well. Starting with a red stripe in the center of the body so all the control switches and knobs are contained within a red stripe was a nice touch. When we talk about attention to detail, even the rubberized grip color is in blue to maintain the overall patriotic theme. Finally, the base of the light is a solid red in the same metallic shade as the stripes on the body of the light.  

This color scheme is truly beautiful and more than compliments the previously released patriotic lights. It evokes a huge amount of pride in our country and our flag! What’s more, after the sun goes down and the fireworks show starts, you can utilize the red or blue LEDs to further enhance the patriotic feel of any outdoor party!

Comparing the Marauder Mini to the Marauder 2 Outdoor Flashlight

Marauder 2Marauder Mini
Max Output (flood)14,000 lumens7,000 lumens
Max Run Time59 hours43.5 hours
Throw Distance2,625ft1,968ft
Colored LED Options?NOYes – Red, Blue & Green
Charge & Battery TypeUSB C, built-in customized 3.6V 5000mAh 21700MCC, replaceable 24Wh 32650 lithium battery
WaterproofIPX8 IPX8
Weight w/battery26.5oz16.3oz

Body - 2.09in

Head – 3.11in

Body - 1.73in

Head – 2.58in

What’s Included

Included with the purchase of the Stars and Stripes Marauder Mini is the following:

-Stars and Stripes Marauder Mini 

-Customized 6500mAh 3.7V 24Wh 32650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

-USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC3)



-User Manual


The Marauder Mini outdoor flashlight is an awesome led flashlight that is jam-packed with features and functionality that far surpasses any other light out there. Patriotic themed lights in the Stars and Stripes color scheme are extremely popular and will only enhance the holiday celebrations as you carry and prominently display them. The new stunning blue option also offers a fresh and vibrant aesthetic. Whether getting it for your collection or as a daily user, grab this Marauder Mini outdoor flashlight as soon as you can. I promise you will be blown away by both its performance as well as its beauty.

Take advantage of the summer sale and grab the Olight Marauder Mini outdoor flashlight in the captivating colorway. Elevate your outdoor experiences and be prepared for any situation with this remarkable flashlight by your side.>>Act Now

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