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Marauder Mini VS Marauder 2, Which Powerful Flashlight Do You Like?

Marauder Mini VS Marauder 2, Which Powerful Flashlight Do You Like?

Marauder 2 and the newly released Marauder Mini are both powerful flashlights in Olight's Marauder series. Marauder 2 is an upgraded version of the X7R Marauder, and Marauder Mini, as the name suggests, is the miniature version of the Marauder series of flashlights. At first glance, there is no difference between these two Led flashlights in appearance. 

But if you learn the details of these two led flashlights, you will find their difference. This article will make a comparison between these two powerful flashlights.

Size and Weight

Compared with the Marauder 2 flashlight, the Marauder Mini powerful flashlight is smaller in size and lighter in weight. The size of Marauder 2 is 5.5in in length, 2.09 in body diameter,  3.11 in head diameter, and weighs 26.5oz. However,  the size of the Marauder Mini is 5.12in in length, 1.73in in body diameter, 2.58in in head diameter, and weighs only 16.3oz. Marauder Mini flashlight would be more comfortable in hand and easier to carry. 

Light Source and Brightness

Both Marauder 2 and Marauder Mini powerful flashlights have dual beams of flood and throw.  Marauder 2 has 12 small LEDs circling the edge to create a 14,000 lumen floodlight beam and a large LED in the center of the head to emit an 800-meter spotlight beam. The head diameter of the Marauder Mini powerful flashlight is smaller than Marauder 2, so it is composed of 9 LEDs surrounding the center. Among nine LEDs are 6 LEDs to provide a 7000-lumen bright floodlight and another three LEDs to provide RGB color light respectively. A large round LED in the center creates a 600-meter spotlight. They are also different in the shape of the spotlight. Marauder 2 provides a square spotlight, while Mini provides a round spotlight. It is said that the square spotlight is an ideal choice for projecting square objects and the round spotlight is more common in our life.

Light Color

Marauder 2 powerful flashlight only has white light. However, Marauder Mini, in addition to white light,  has three RGB color LEDs uniformly distributed around the covering lens to provide red light, green light, and blue light. Red light is not as bright to human eyes as white light, so it helps to preserve night vision. It is a good idea to use a red led flashlight to read a map or navigate your way in the dark.  Green light is the light that human eyes are most sensitive to, while many animals are insensitive to this light color, which makes it play an important role in hunting. Blue light is really useful in tracking blood trails and fish, so it is available in hunting, crime scene, and fishing. RGB color lights greatly improve the application of the Marauder Mini powerful flashlight.

Battery and Charging

Marauder 2 is a rechargeable flashlight powered by a built-in 54Wh battery pack, and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and enjoys Max 59 hours of runtime. Its upgraded USB-C charging port allows fast 30W charging and 30W reverse charging.  In other words, the built-in battery pack can also be used as a power bank to charge your phone, a pad, or other devices that use a USB-C power source. The USB-C port also equips an ingenious port cover that looks like aperture blades for dust-proof.

The Marauder Mini is powered by a customized 24Wh 32560 lithium battery and offers a Max 43.5 hours of runtime. The battery is rechargeable with Olight's signature MCC3 magnetic charging cable for easy and quick charging. Importantly, the battery is replaceable, which makes it even better. Carrying spare batteries, you don't need to worry about battery usage anymore.

Handle and Carry

Both of them have a silicone surface and hidden lanyard hold design for ease of storage and carrying. Marauder Mini powerful flashlight has an extra holster that fully considered you use flashlight of various conventions. Your belt loops are also located to accommodate the placement of the holster. The bottom of the holster is hollowed out, which makes it available for you to charge the flashlight without taking it out of the holster.

Indicator and User Interface

No matter the lighting conditions, Marauder 2 and Marauder Mini have 7 brightness level lighting settings to meet versatile lighting demands with a simple circle of the rotary knob. Surrounding the rotary knob switch of Marauder 2 are indicators to reveal the brightness level, battery level, and charging status. Compared with the Marauder 2, the Marauder Mini has added RGB light color indicators and the highest & lowest brightness vibrating indicators, but without charging status. The rotary knob teeth of Mini are larger than Marauder 2 flashlight, so it is easier to rotate the knob when wearing gloves.

Smart Lockout

Marauder 2 powerful flashlight will be locked out automatically after 30 seconds of non-operation when the light is already off, while the Marauder Mini will be locked out after 10 seconds of non-operation. The auto-locking helps to prevent accidental press of the knob switch of the flashlight to emit the light, so as to ensure safety and save battery power. If you want to unlock the flashlight,  you can rotate the knob switch over 90 degrees quickly.

Comparisons You Might Be Cared About 

Parameter              Marauder 2             Marauder Mini            
Max Output            14,000 lumens             7,000 lumens            
Max Runtime            59 hours            43.5 hours            
Max Throw             800 meters            600 meters            
Waterproof             IPX 8            IPX 8            
Drop Test            1 meter            1.5 meter            
Strobe            Yes (Floodlight); No (Spotlight)            Yes (Floodlight); No (Spotlight)            
Max Light Intensity            

50,600 candela (Floodlight)                

160,000 candela (Spotlight)                

90,000 candela            
Material            Aluminum Alloy            Aluminum Alloy            


Marauder 2 and Marauder Mini powerful flashlight look similar, but both of them have their own unique advantages that cannot be replaced by another. It is hard to say which flashlight is better, but the one that suits your application is better for you. So which powerful flashlight do you like?

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Posted on: Dec 07, 2022, 05:00:03

Corey Cummings

The mini is easier to hold and fits better in your hand. The mini's RBG is a nice added feature and being able to adjust the brightness of the RBG is a plus. Much rather have the mini then the full size.

Posted on: Nov 26, 2022, 16:33:35