New UV Flashlight: Fans Spoke and Olight Listened!【Giveaway】

New UV Flashlight: Fans Spoke and Olight Listened!【Giveaway】

Olight released the unique Arkfeld back in August of last year and it was well received for its innovative size, shape and function. With its rectangular shape and thin profile, it easily disappeared into a pocket. The ability to quickly switch between a bright light and a class one laser pointer made for a very functional and useful light for everyday carry, even in an office environment.  Despite its popularity, there were a fair number of fans that requested modifications and upgrades. Chiefly among those requests was swapping the laser pointer for an ultraviolet light. There were also several suggestions for improving or changing the design of the clip. Well, Olight listened to all the feedback and is now releasing the next version of the Arkfeld - Arkfeld UV Flashlight!

Changes and Upgrades

This new version of the Arkfeld swaps the laser pointer out for a 365nm Ultraviolet light. It has 580mW of optical power output and up to 4 hours of continuous runtime thanks to the internal 1050mAh lithium ion battery. But the changes did not stop there.

The new Arkfeld UV flashlight has a slimmer tail end for charging thanks to a design modification that reduces the thickness by nearly a quarter of an inch. This is a great update as it makes it “disappear” even more within a pocket.

The clip was also redesigned based on customer feedback and requests. The new Arkfeld UV as a reversible pocket clip now to allow for more carry options. And while the screws are not counter sunk as requested, the new clip sits above the screws and helps to protect them.

Finally, Olight has added diagonal knurling to the sides of the Arkfeld UV, thus improving grip and the overall feel and comfort of holding the light. This change also improves the overall aesthetics of the Arkfeld UV and is a nice upgrade, adding a premium feel and look to the Arkfeld UV.

The Function of the Light

The functions and output options for the light remain identical to the previous version of the Arkfeld, which is great. It has six total modes including turbo, high, medium, low, strobe and moonlight. Accessing each mode remains the same as before. With a double tap of the center button you will activate the light in turbo mode, delivering an amazing 1,000 lumens for up to 4 minutes of continuous runtime before stepping down to 300 lumens for an additional 110 minutes of runtime. As before, accessing the other modes is simple and very intuitive. Simply tap the center button once for the light to come on. Once on, tap and hold the center button to cycle through the modes – high, medium, low and moonlight. And as before, the Arkfeld UV includes a lockout function for safety.

In keeping with recent releases, Olight is offering the ability to choose the type of emitter you prefer. The Arkfeld will come with either a cool white (CW) option, CCT: 5700-6700K, or a neutral white (NW) option, CCT: 4000-5000K.

Typical Use Scenarios

The green laser of the original Arkfeld was both fun and functional. It offered hours of entertainment with pets at home chasing the green light all throughout the house and yard. However, it was perfectly suited in the office or at school as a very functional laser pointer for presentations and meetings. So, what could the UV light be used for?

Well, the addition of the UV light in place of the laser pointer adds a new set of use scenarios. If you have pets, you must be wondering why the house often smells. That's most likely the smell of pet urine. The Arkfeld UV flashlight can reveal urine stains caused by all household pets. So when you're cleaning, all it takes is a quick scan of your floors and furniture to find any hidden stains.

Also, It is great for verifying paper money as US bill all contain a strip that will glow under direct UV light. For antique hunters, there is a type of glassware called Uranium Glass that was very popular from the late 1800s until the 1920s. This glass will glow under a UV light.

In addition to the typical use for identifying fluids and stains, UV light can also be used to locate certain critters at night. If you’ve ever been camping and wanted to double check for scorpions at night, a UV flashlight can be used as they will glow brightly when illuminated.  Additionally, other critters will glow as well such as millipedes.

It is also an excellent tool for searching for rocks and crystals as certain minerals will glow under direct UV light.

What’s included

Included with the purchase of the Arkfeld UV is the following:

- Arkfeld flashlight

- USB Magnetic Charging Cable (MCC)

- User Manual


It is truly fantastic that Olight has not only listened to the feedback from customers and fans, but they responded quickly, giving us what we truly wanted. The Arkfeld UV is an awesome addition to a truly innovative and very useful device. The original Arkfeld is a great EDC light that brought us multifunctional options with a powerful light and a green laser pointer. This new UV version expands the use and functionality to other applications and should delight fans and customer. If you have been wanting a UV flashlight, grab the Arkfeld UV as you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading.

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All Reviews (127)

Tyrel Hoffman

Thank you olight. I'm

Posted on: Mar 18, 2023, 03:38:07

John B

Excellent idea to add the style-lines/texture to the sides! The improved clip is a nice touch but not as significant in my mind; the light was just fine as it was. And the addition of the UV option was a smart move. Upgrades are an B+/A- compelling enough to add one to my existing collection of 4 (black, OD, FDE, & Titanium)!!!

Posted on: Mar 17, 2023, 00:54:11

Kristin Ingram

I like the uv light and reversible clip. Cool light

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 22:43:14

Kelsey Burnett

I love the sleek design of the arkfeld and would love to try uv rockhounding with my kiddos

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 22:05:40

Dorbonia Stevens

I think it is wonderful that Olight came out with another UV light for their fans. I love the sleek design of this one and look forward to even newer innovative ideas in the future.

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 20:49:15


This is great design upgrade, especially the thinner back. How about the next version containing both UV and laser?

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 20:09:09

Robert Hollandsworth

Looks awesome!

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 19:31:37

Justin Rothfuss

Seems great, especially when you're looking for leaking refrigerant under a car!

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 14:56:02


It looks great, but you didn't mention one of its possible uses. Charging up the lume on your watch! Say you're heading out at night but your watch has been in a dark room all day. You give it a blast of UV with the Arkfeld and now you can see your watch in low light, all night.

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 12:07:05

Joe Arcuri

I think the Arkfeld UV flashlight is one of your best products yet! I am a big fan of every feature it has. Definitely needed in my life!

Posted on: Mar 16, 2023, 10:17:09

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