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November | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

November | Feedback on Customer Suggestions

Dec 04, 2022, 06:00:00


● Introduction

● Sources of suggestions

● Suggestions Adopted by Olight

● Three improvements made by Olight

● Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

I. Introduction

Olight has always been committed to listening to our customers and creating the best experience for them. Starting from this month, Olight will publish a blog every month to give feedback on customer suggestions and opinions. This is the implementation of Olight's corporate philosophy and strategy of "customer-centricity". 

II、Sources of Suggestions

We collected customers’ suggestions from email, live chat, and social media platforms. After recording and analyzing them, we published the feedback in a timely manner. Here are the two surveys and feedback we posted in November.

1) September Satisfaction Survey



2) Poll on Areas You’d Like Olight to Focus on



III. Suggestions Adopted by Olight

We adopted 22 suggestions from our customers. For more details, please check the Links to Feedback in the sheet above.  

i. Product:

1. A green laser will be added to the upgraded version of the Sigurd. It is expected to be launched next year.

2. An Arkfeld UV version with anti-slip texture on both sides is expected to be launched in the first half of next year.

3. Our R&D Dept. is considering to develop a headlamp with similar function of “Angle-adjustable 2-in-1 headlamp/toollamp lighting with SOS function”.

4. We will take the suggestion of “Upgrade the i3T with memory function, so users don't need to re-adjust the brightness every time they switch it on.” into consideration for the next I3T upgraded version.There may be a further research in the future.

5. An upgraded version of the X9R is on our schedule. There will be an internal evaluation about the implementability in the near future.

6. Our R&D Dept. is considering to develop an App along with the remote control for the Haloop.

7. We are currently working on sensor with control on the next version of Obulb pro and add the secret cycle mode from the Obulb Mc/Mcs.

8. We will consider developing Neck Knife.

9. More styles/options were offered for the updated Archer is to be considered.

10. i5T Plus rechargeable is to be considered.

11.i3E and i3T AAA flashlights with low/medium/high options will be upgraded.

12. A tactical headlamp that can change color for the upgraded headlamp is to be considered.

13. Two-way clip for the upgraded Arkfeld is to be considered.

ii. Olight Store:

1.  We will strengthen the inspection of the verbiage, usage, and syntax, and check the specifications of the website.

2.  Click back to go back to the previous page instead of going back to the top page will be completed on 11/30.

3.  Add a disclaimer to each new item that shows out of stock in between early access and sale start that more will be available on XYZ date.

4.  Make the home button appear on every page. About the following suggestions, we will consider.

5.  Sort the order of items on the website by popularity ascending/descending and release date.

6.  Add a favorites section to the customer account.

7.  Banner images can be zoomed in.

iii. Logistic:

1. We are very sorry see this bad experience happened on a customer received the boxes often get damaged and sometimes the mailer is not sealed completely. we will continue to look into this and collect feedback on logistics packaging. We will combine this with the actual situation to consider whether the need to strengthen the sturdiness of the packaging to avoid packaging damage during transportation.

iv. Customer Service:

1. We will select one or two swag items for the Redemption Zone every month. And we will continue to enrich our O-Fan Club.

IV、Four improvements made by Olight

Number 1

During Olight’s 2022 Black Friday Flash Sale and Veterans Day Flash Sale in November, we have offered DIY Bundles! There are options including tactical and EDC lights, O-knife, and tools... In this way, O-fans can buy more products they want and still get attractive discounts!

Number 2

For the sake of providing the latest information about product stock to our fans, we have make Notify-Me-Email available. If the product you want is out of stock, you just need to go to the corresponding product page and click the Notify Me button. If you don't log in, there will be a pop-up window reminding you to fill up your e-mail, but if you log in, the Notify Me email will automatically be sent to you when the product you want is in stock. So when the product is available, you can receive the Notify-Me email timely.

Number 3

It is also worth noting that we add three modules to the landing page. One is the Category module which is in form of picture including Log In Gift, New Arrivals, Up to 50% off, Tactical Lights, Classic Products, and Outdoor. You should note that you can click the picture to the corresponding category.


The second is the TOP 3 Category module including Tactical Lights, DIY Bundle, and Up to 50% off. It tells you about these three categories and you can click the Learn More button on the corresponding page.


The third is the About Olight module and it gives you a brief introduction of Olight and its mission.

V. Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed


We sincerely invite all of you to join in and follow our improvements. We welcome any opinions and suggestions, simply send an email to or contact any Olight representative on Olight’s official social media platforms. We will follow up, listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.


Let’s conquer the darkness and proudly light up the world, anytime, anywhere! 

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