Never Have You Ever Know How Obulb Pro Color Your Life

Never Have You Ever Know How Obulb Pro Color Your Life

What is the brightest moment of your life? Do you want to color your life? Would you like to try something fantastic? If your answer is yes, you should carefully consider living your life with a multi-color light via app control--Olight new Obulb Pro. This is the new blood of the Olight Obulb family which features Bluetooth app control. Moreover, It will have an affordable price in this summer sale, which can help you reduce your budget for shopping. Let’s explore Olight first new Obulb Pro Multi-color light with Bluetooth control.

Obulb Pro’s powerful performance

The Olight new Obulb Pro is the first magnetic multi-color light with Olight App Control, which can blast 240-lumen output from the high-performance white led or RGB led source, and reach up to 84 hours on the low light mode. With a lightweight of 3.7oz and a height of 2.28 inches, it has variable modes available including Warm white light, red/green/blue light, red flash, fade between 7 colors, cycle between 7 colors, suitable for EDC and other different scenes.

The core feature of this fabulous product lies in the Bluetooth control inside, providing you with easy access to your mobile phone to complete group control and data sharing via QR code. And by pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you can easily select a suitable model for illumination, ambient light, or decoration. With the magnetic bottom, it can be conveniently attached around your house when paired with the adhesive metal badge. Besides, the waterproof IPX 7 and 1.5-m drop makes a sturdy quality for itself, assuring it can work under rainy days and endure the fall. 

What Makes Obulb Pro Different?

Vs. Obulb MC

Bulb light, multi-color light

Compared to Obulb MC, this is the first Olight new upgraded version that possesses Bluetooth control, permitting you to access your favorite color light instantly by your mobile phone. Plus, this smart control allows it more than just on and off, which enables you to adjust the brightness, color, and so on. Only with a bigger size, it can outshine the performance of Obulb MC and reach twice its runtime. Just with a few costs, you can take a higher-performance product, which is stronger, brighter, and keeps longer life. More significantly, it has wider applications in the reality and is favored by both adults, teenagers, and children due to the Bluetooth control function. Pretty much deserve you to pick it, doesn’t it? 

What Can Obulb Pro Do In Your Life?

Family: Give You Security and Happiness

Bulb light, multi-color light

If you think this new Olight Obulb Pro only fits specific people, then you may go wrong with it. It can also be ideal for spending quality time with your family, especially some infants, children, and teenagers. Thanks to its reliable quality and multi-color light mode, it can entertain children indoors or outdoors at night. For example, you can use it to play interesting games with your child at home by adjusting different colors or hiding them in some places to lead your child to look for them. On the family day or on weekends at night, you can make it as a mystery gift to your children, which will be useful and funny for them. They can touch it as long as they want the time not only because of its long runtime, but also its safety. Though the parts of Obulb pro are simple, the design of it is very secure. There is a heat dispassion design that enables it to prevent distortion caused by overheating. When they fall asleep, this Obulb pro will be switched off and give them a peaceful and comfortable sleep under your remote control. Almost every kid will love it as long as they get in touch with Obulb Pro. 

Home: Decorate Your House

Bulb light, multi-color light, mood light

If you don’t have a particular purpose, you can decorate your house by using this Obulb Pro. Its magnetic base, combined with the included adhesive metal badge, allows easy attachment to any smooth surface. And the water-resistant of it endows it with strong durability for any wet conditions. In other words, you can put it anywhere you want including kitchen cabinet, living room, dining room, bathroom, hallways, corridor, etc. Some people like to put it under the cabinet as this Obulb Pro can provide a brighter version by the maximum output of 250 lumens and looks sweet to whoever turns on it. If you want to color your shower moment, you can put it on the bath, which will give you the cozy feeling under the soft and gentle light of bulb pro. And when you have dinner with your wife or husband, it can be put on the table to increase the warmness through the light between each other. What you can be certain of is that it can be placed more than you can expect it. Those who have a backyard or patio, can adjust the suitable light mode for each corner and upgrade their house as soon as they want. Emitted by 4.5-lumen light, it can light up your room for more than 48 hours. With app control enabled, the Obulb Pro marks our new start in smart home lighting. 

Leisure&Work: Bring Fun & Convenience

Bulb light, multi-color light, mood light

With five colors and seven modes, the Obulb Pro is more than just an ordinary lighting tool - it also deserves to be called the right-hand man of life and work. Not only can you use it for outdoor camping or hiking, but you can also use it at night work for it can last for 84 hours with only fully charged in 3 hours via a magnetic charging cable. In some readings organizations, they will use it to hold meaningful meetings in groups, linking each other by controlling the multiple modes. And the ultra-compact size makes it tiny enough to be carried in bags or backpacks. You can take it and move it wherever you want even in an emergency. When your car or truck is broken by the roadside, you can attach it to the car and it can represent a prominent signal to anyone by the road. Just by a single click and easy connection, you can cycle through the multi-color light model as you want. In speaking of familiar Festivals & outdoor activities, many people would hang it on the flat or put it on the dinner table. With this powerful blackout helper, you don’t need to fumble in the dark and enjoy your dishes with your friends and family. And the colorful light with the sturdy build can support you to sing and dance together with your friends at the outdoor birthday party, concert, and group gathering. 

Other Scenes: Offer You Wider Use Than Expected

Bulb light, multi-color light, mood light

In terms of business enterprise and some city streets, Obulb Pro can be also a good choice as it has Bluetooth control and wonderful light, easily drawing attention to tourists and passers-by. If you want to renovate your shop, especially for some bars, this light will be a good decoration to appeal to many customers. And for some professional photographers, will love this little multi-color bulb light as it provides good vision and background material. And its multi-functions make it flexible in different scenes. Whether you are reading or sleeping, you can use it as you wish. For some people who love raising pets, they will attach it to the dog's collar with the provided silicone cover. Any of the light colors show up very good whether it’s the white light or the flashing red light of them and be seen from a long distance at night. Your imagination is only the limit of uses for this neat little light. 

Propose Marriage: Spark Romance for Your Love

Bulb light, multi-color light, mood light

When it comes to practical application, you may never think about this powerful multi-color Obulb Pro can help you finish one of the biggest events of your life---the proposed marriage. Actually, with the mini size and the lightweight, it looks exquisite and easy to carry, which can be picked for many numbers in your baubles besides the valuable ring. As we all know, a warming-heart proposal should be full of surprise and happiness. So you need to prepare and purchase some relevant baubles for it such as rings, flowers, Obulb Pro multi-color light, etc. To make the best use of your baubles, you can prepare these things in your rules such as putting Obulb Pro in a certain pattern of the heart representing your love for her or him. And what you need to do is just practice the function of its Bluetooth control, which makes the whole operation quick and simple. Once you connect it through your mobile phone, you can choose any favorite color and activate it in groups of Obulb Pro at the same time, creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Under the support of a warming color light, you can value and record each moment with your lover, which can increase your intimacy with each other. 

Come To Catch It Now!

Bulb light, multi-color light, mood light

All in all, this awesome Obulb Pro can offer you multiple uses with its Olight app control. No matter whether you are working or playing, it can be your ideal life partner that brings magic effects to light up your road. And I believe that no one would want to lose a good chance of picking such good stuff. In addition, it has a bundle that can save your budget more during the Summer Sale. If you want to catch this chance, please grab it now!

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