Obulb Pro Multi Color Mood Light - Have A Fun Life

Obulb Pro Multi Color Mood Light - Have A Fun Life

With the Summer Sale kicking off this month, there is no doubt that Olight has come through with some absolutely fantastic products. One of my favorites is the new Obulb Pro. Coming in a bit larger and more powerful than its older model the Obulb MC, Olight has really outdone themselves when it comes to this incredible piece of illumination technology. From a lot brighter and larger platform to an updated Bluetooth capable app. The Obulb Pro multi color mood light is just the beginning of yet another one of Olights great new additions. It’s really a testament to where Olight started and to see how they advance and take on the ideas of the user. The Obulb Pro is truly a game changer for Olight, so let’s jump in and see what all it has to offer.

camping light, multi color light, mood light

Obulb Pro Size

The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is that the Obulb Pro is bigger than the older MC version, almost a half inch larger in diameter at 2.56 in (65 mm) and 2.28 in (58 mm) in height. It’s a little bit smaller than the size of a standard baseball in your hand, and it weighs in at 3.7 oz including the battery, about 1.6 oz more than its predecessor. Size is important here; it can mean a few different things depending on the application in which you choose to use it. For example, if you decide to use it for an emergency light, then a larger size is important as you will want everyone to be able to see it. However, if you want to use it for say, a nightlight, or reading light, then you might prefer it to be a little bit smaller. Olight has done a fantastic job at really hitting that sweet spot with the size of the Obulb Pro. It’s not too large and bulky but it's also not too small. One thing is for sure though, when it comes to lights and the application, size does matter.

Obulb Pro Performance and Uses

Now the older Obulb MC edition was a great light. My kids really enjoyed using them as nightlights when they slept. Having the included badge that you can stick to the wall really made it easy for them to put it almost anywhere they wanted. The max lumens for the original MC is only 75. Now, this wasn’t a bad amount of light. In the applications that we used it for such as camping, nightlights, outdoor dining, or even just hanging around the house, 75 lumens did the trick. Since Olight increased the size, they also increased the output. 240 Lumens! That’s a 220% increase in power! I have no doubts that at max brightness anyone would be able to see this light from a distance. I love keeping a couple in my car just in case we are ever in a situation where I might need to use the red strobe feature for emergencies. Imagine all the places you could use these, in the attic, the basement, back patio, and kitchen cabinets, the options are endless. Even if you don’t have a metal surface to put it on, the adhesive badge allows you to attach it to almost any smooth surface.

camping light, multi color light, mood light

Most recently, I attached mine to the guy line stakes on my tent. It gave everyone a sense of their surroundings and made sure no one would trip over the guy lines and or step on stakes. It also provides an atmosphere for any occasion which just makes you feel relaxed and have a really nice sense of security. On the fun side of things, the Obulb Pro offers up to 7 different color combinations. Ideal for parties, night time fun activities, outdoor ambiance, and all but great outdoor fun and camping.

New App & Controllability

camping light, multi color light, mood light

When it comes to security, everyone should be able to have something they can rely on. Whether it's in your home, out in the woods camping, or even on the side of the road in an emergency. Olight has developed a new app that allows you to connect to 8 Obulb Pros using Bluetooth. The capability to be able to control the brightness level, color changes, and even turn off and on one or all the lights at the same time.

This is the game changer for Olight as it opens the door for so much more to come. Having the extra sense of security while being able to turn on your lights from your mobile device is incredible. One of the best features of the app is being able to see the longevity of the battery life. As you are able to control not just the colors and the mode, but also the percentage of brightness you desire. In the app for example, if you have the brightness set to 50% power, it will tell you how many hours of power you have left at that brightness!

The Obulb Pro multi color mood light can last up to 84 hours on low, that’s over 3 days straight! If your power goes out and you need the extra light, you can get on your mobile phone and set the brightness up and know just how long it will last and be able to save energy as needed, because when the power is out, you never know how long it will be before you have power again. But with the Obulb Pro, you will always have light. One of the big things I teach my kids is how to be safe, teaching them the fundamentals they need to do to be prepared for any event. When I can have tools such as the Obulb Pro, they can use it without any problems, with or without the app. That not only gives me a piece of mind but also teaches my kids that they can have a sense of security and responsibility. These lights are really easy to use, and everyone loves using them.

camping light, multi color light, mood light

Olight has truly given me another tool to bring my family closer together and feel connected. Reading at night as a group is a great activity and may not have been as entertaining without an Obulb. Dinner with friends and family only using Obulb Pros has turned a standard dinner night into something relaxing and fun. Setting the tone for any occasion can really be a mood changer, and camping is one of those for me. I bought a bunch of metal stakes to put in the ground around the perimeter of out campsite. It really changed the dynamic and set a tone of comfort for everyone. Not only from a protection standpoint from wildlife and people but allowing everyone to be able to see their surroundings and make sure we are in a safe space.

Obulb Pro Key Features

camping light, multi color light, mood light

Obviously, the new Obulb pro is a game changer. But the basics of Olights lights still have a fundamental role in even the newest of innovations. The Obulb Pro has a 1650 mAH 3.7V Battery, which can boost up to 84-hour runtime. It has a max output of 240 lumens which will by far light up any dark space needed. 1.5 Meter drop resistance, and IPX7 Waterproof. So, whether you drop it in the tub, or use it outside in the rain, you can pretty much use the Obulb Pro anywhere you go. Wireless charging has been one of Olights key features, and with the Obulb Pro, it comes standard. Always have a charger with you in the car, in the office, or at home. It gives you the ability to charge with absolute ease. The Obulb Pro comes with an adhesive metal badge, allowing you to stick it to almost any smooth surface and attach the Obulb anywhere you need.

camping light, multi color light, mood light

Another excellent feature of the Obulb Pro is the 7 different light modes, making it a great option for parties or fun outdoor activities. Changing and adjusting the light has never been easier than with the new app. The blinking red light isn’t a new feature to the Obulb series, but with the size and brightness upgrade, it really does make a big difference in roadside emergency situations.

In the end, I’m absolutely ecstatic about the Obulb Pro. It really has changed the way I look and use lights. Even if you are the kind of person that doesn’t use flashlights or doesn’t carry a light every day. Know that sometimes it’s not all about the light, it’s not all about the cool new things that are coming next. It’s about connecting and finding just another reason we can come together and share the light with each other. My kids come up with some of the silliest and honestly best ways to use them. With the summer sale going on now, it is by far the best sale I have ever seen Olight do. So, whether it's lighting for your job, lighting for your house, or even lighting for camping and outdoor fun. Let the Obulb show you all the great possibilities it can bring to you and your family. They make great gifts and great fun and I really can’t wait to see what Olight comes out with next.

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